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18th Jul '15 10:47:33 PM Philweasel
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** Unlike the I-Jin, Joker is her boss and someone close to her personally. She doesn't want to have to kill him if she doesn't have too.
11th Nov '14 4:21:54 PM garshara
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----** Like a person with an eating disorder 'must' buy hundreds of dollars worth of groceries a week. I think it is a viewer's observation, which is mostly agreeable when you watch the way she GUSHES over books in stores, and walks around reading, oblivious to danger as well as potentially putting others in danger through her carelessness. The 'rivals drugs' line is somebody being dramatic about how much she loves books, but the analogy is not totally unjustified. Yomiko is a functioning addict IMO - even if that word has some negative connotation.
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