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* Why do Ascoeur and Q-Feuille hardly ever let Dia charge them ''before'' they enter action? It would have made them much more useful, especially since Dia follows them around everywhere. It's not that it would wear Dia out or something, since she cheerfully offers to do it for rather mundane purposes.

* So in the first series the protagonists were Really700YearsOld, but how in the hell are we supposed cheer for GOTT when they're fielding seven-year-old child operatives?
** We're not. GOTT has a rather ambiguous morality, which already became evident in ''Anime/KiddyGrade''.

* What bugs more than anything else is the [[RetCon retconning]] of Éclair and Lumière's abilities between the two series -- Lumière doesn't have time-stopping abilities and Éclair can't teleport.
** That could be justified by the fact that Éclair and Lumière are recovering from being frozen in the midst of an explosion for half a century.
*** Not even close. The exposition flashback shows them having the abilities before the time freeze. Not to mention the clones having those powers. It looks more like a convenient way to get the technically immortal characters out of the way while reducing fan outrage.

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