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* What is the difference between distilling 13 souls to make angelwine and consuming 13 (or more) soul pearls? Jack Caulker consumes an unknown (but huge) amount of soul pearls and then [[spoiler: is killed by Menoa's forces]]. Shouldn't that have been impossible? Also why don't the other soul pearls, which are supposedly worse than the one he took initially, cause him to experience a torrent of visions of their deaths? * When Dill [[spoiler: has his soul displaced and Silister Trench takes his body, his wings are burned by poison and Rachel is forced to cut them off]]. She doesn't bother to hold on to them though, despite knowing, or at least having no reason not to believe, that once Dill is returned, his angelwine-powered healing will take over and they can be reattached.
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