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* The "Lower Half" incident. [[ItMakesSenseInContext It'll make sense when you come to it]].
* Any time the TV shows a report of a man being arrested for running around town "stark naked." Then revealed to be Dr. Akiba chasing after his latest creation.
* Yuria Model 3.
* Yuria meets Yurin's "kidnapper", Ippei.
--->'''Yurin:''' Let me introduce you, this is my kidnapper, Ippei-oniichan.\\
'''Ippei:''' '''N-NO! I...I?'''\\
'''Yuria:''' Ah, nice to meet you. I hope Yurin hasn't been too much of a handful. Yurin! Don't you go causing trouble for your kidnapper!\\
'''Yurin:''' Okaaaay~!
* The Volume 5 {{omake}} features the ''Yuria 100 Shiki'' {{eroge}}. Every option immediately leads to a sex scene. Except [[TokenMiniMoe Yurin's]], which all lead to the player immediately getting arrested.
--->* '''Introduce Yourself'''\\
'''Yuria, I'd like to know a little more about you'''\\
''Yuria puts your penis in her mouth.''
* Cups of ramen will never be looked at the same.
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