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* Gilbert attempts to get a disenchanted Sullivan interested in his new libretto:
-->'''Gilbert''': Now, the local alchemist is killed in an explosion, and there, amongst his effects, a chorus of villagers discover a potion.
-->'''Sullivan''': Magic, no doubt.
-->'''Gilbert''': Indeed.
-->'''Sullivan''': I thought as much.
-->'''Gilbert''': The effect of this magic potion is to transform the character who takes it into whatever he or she is pretending to be.
-->'''Sullivan''': ''[good-humoured, but exasperated]'' Oh, Gilbert! You and your world of topsy-turvydom. In 1881 it was a magic coin, and before that it was a magic lozenge, and in 1877 it was an elixir.
-->'''Gilbert''': ''[beat]'' [[ComicallyMissingThePoint ...In this instance, it is a magic potion.]]
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