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--> "Please keep all hands and feet inside the port-a-potty as you...TAKE A DRINK, BITCH!!"


--> "Please keep all hands and feet inside the port-a-potty as you... TAKE A DRINK, BITCH!!"

* Bam scaring Eric Sparrow in ''[=THUG2=]'':


* Bam scaring Eric Sparrow in ''[=THUG2=]'':''[=THUG2=]''. After all the crap he put you through in the previous game, it kinda feels karmic:
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* In ''American Wasteland'', on your first ride around Hollywood, your final objective is to make combos big enough to bring down the dinosaur prop at the top of an abandoned museum. When you do, the dino falls on the street right over a speeding bus that proceeds to rip its head off and drive on with it straight into an AnimalWrongsGroup of protesters... The best part is when the dino's head crashes into one of the hapless protesters, mouth-first:
--> '''Mindy:''' [[GoshDangItToHeck Holy sheep]]! I guess this proves that T-Rex ''was'' a carnivore.
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** It's then revealed that Sparrow was scared so bad, that [[BringMyBrownPants he wet AND soiled himself.]]


** It's then revealed that Sparrow was scared so bad, that [[BringMyBrownPants he wet pissed AND soiled shit himself.]]
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[[folder:The Games]]
* The secret skaters are one big, long, Crowning Moment of Funny, from Marvel Comics characters like Franchise/SpiderMan and Franchise/IronMan, to movie characters like [[Franchise/StarWars Darth Maul]] and WesternAnimation/{{Shrek}}, to musicians like [[Music/{{KISS}} Gene Simmons]].
* Many of Bam Margera's voice clips.
--> "WHYYYY?!"
--> "Oh, that's some BULL--[bleep]"
--> [constant bleeps]
* The whole "Darren Thorne's Pro Ping-Pong" RunningGag hidden inside the earlier titles. ''THUG Pro'' then brings back said gag as a billboard advertisement for a game, being sold at [=GameScam=].
* Canada in ''Pro Skater 3'' has a goal in which you have to "Get Chuck Unstuck". "Chuck" is a child whose tongue is stuck to a pole, while being endlessly harassed by bullies. The solution? Grind on his tongue. Afterwards, he goes running around, holding his tongue in pain.
* The song [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrV8C7Dc-FU "Drunken Lullabies"]] turns just about any mission in ''Pro Skater 4'' into a [=CMoF=], especially Bam Margera's Pro Challenge.
* The scene in ''THUG'' where Bam is mesmerized by the Russian tanks.
--> '''Bam''': Mmmmm, tanks... Aww, tank--look at these tanks. Damn, look at these tanks.
** And then, after Sparrow apologizes to you, and Todd orders the both of you to get going:
--> '''Bam''': It's sooo good... We can't go skating right now, look at these tanks! ''Damn!''
* Every scene in ''[=THUG2=]'' with Paulie "Wheels of Fury" Ryan.
--> "Oh, you want some of me? [spins around and hits you in the knee] BRING IT ON, BITCH!!"
--> "Please keep all hands and feet inside the port-a-potty as you...TAKE A DRINK, BITCH!!"
--> "Me grande chorizo es el jefe mamacita!" ([[BilingualBonus Rough translation: "My large sausage is the head mama!"]])
--> "Hey lady, let's see them sweater pickles! OPEN UP SHOP!"
--> [[TheStinger "Yeah, that's cool, but come back and see me when you're ready to race me again... WHEN YOU DON'T SUCK! OH!"]]
* Bam scaring Eric Sparrow in ''[=THUG2=]'':
--> '''Bam''': [pointing a chainsaw at Sparrow] Did you ever think the last words you would hear would be...
--> [Sparrow ScreamsLikeALittleGirl]
--> '''Bam''': [takes off mask] ...Hello, butt-nuggets!
** It's then revealed that Sparrow was scared so bad, that [[BringMyBrownPants he wet AND soiled himself.]]
--> '''Bam''': Like that: 50 points if you can get someone to hose their pants.
--> [close-up of Sparrow's crotch, soaked in urine]
--> '''Sparrow''': Come on, that's sweat!
--> '''Bam''': Whooo...and 20 points if there's any luggage in the trunk.
--> [you back your chair away from Sparrow]
--> '''Sparrow''': What? I had a fruit salad, all right?
* "You like it? It's my BMW: My [[FunWithAcronyms Boozed-up Moron Wagon]]!"
* Eric Sparrow attempting to do a trick off a high ledge, only to crash into a wiener cart instead.
--> '''Sparrow''': Check me out! I'm goin' BIG! OH SH--[bleep]!!
--> '''Mike V''': Dude, could he suck any more?
--> '''Muska''': Yo, it's kind of ironic, man. [picks up a wiener and waves it in front of Mike] [[StealthPun Him nailing a wiener cart...get it?]]
* At the end of ''[=THUG2=]'', Nigel Beaverhausen being given what he believes to be the World Destruction Tour highlight tape. What he ends up getting is [[spoiler:Phil Margera defecating, yelling to his wife that there's no more toilet paper, [[{{Squick}} and then proceeding to wipe with a towel.]]]] Nigel's reaction is ''priceless''. And the best part? ''This was on live television.''
** Afterwards:
--> '''Tony''': Thank you, world, for tuning in! But before we go, we'd like to leave you with one little thing...
--> [Bam sneaks in and pulls down Nigel's pants, as Nigel emits a high-pitched shriek]
* The "real" World Destruction Tour montage shows footage of the pro skaters...but once it gets to Bam Margera, most of the clips are of him bailing.

[[folder:The Soundtracks]]
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjDAV6BmN6E It's important to practice good hygiene, at least if you wanna run with my team, I'm about to get into some shit that I've seen, this fool's breath is so bad it'll melt your ice cream!]]

* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpsGHj26nh8 "Now everyone thinks they can skate like Tony."]]
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CX5hiqGZ6GQ "No. No. Uh-uh. Nooo... YOU. Get in the van."]]
* The ''American Wasteland'' commercial, in which Tony slams into a glass wall with a loading screen.
* ''Proving Ground'''s [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOwjcjT9zZo "Hecklers" commercial.]]
--> '''Pigeon Bam''': [reacting to a person in the game being punched] Oh man, that's too bad... Hey, we should go crap in someone's soup.
--> [sound of pigeons taking flight]
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_isBnk5lwDY "...Really?"]]
* The Neversoft logo for ''Project 8'' begins as NightmareFuel like many of their other logos, but it quickly turns into NightmareRetardant when the alien picks up a skateboard, and begins dancing to "Chase the Devil" as disco lights shine down.

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