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* Some of the interactions between the Storyteller and the Dog could become these. From "The Soldier and Death", we get this exchange.
-->'''Dog:''' ''[sniff, sniff]'' What's in that bag? I can smell biscuits!\\
'''Storyteller:''' Imagination.\\
'''Dog:''' Let me see!\\
'''Storyteller:''' Certainly not! ''[grabs bag, while the Dog grabs it with his teeth and yanks on it]'' There are many important things in this bag! And besides, I need those biscuits for my story!\\
'''Dog:''' ''[lets go of bag]'' Well, tell your story! [[SkewedPriorities Then we can eat them!]] Is it an old story?\\
'''Storyteller:''' Ancient. Antique.\\
'''Dog:''' Oh. [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Stale biscuits.]]
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