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* Smith conks one of the mooks by shooting the back of a filing cabinet and smashes it into his head. Even Oliver seems to find it amusing. It's made funnier by the music stopping for a second.
* Also, Hertz' failed baby-snipe attempt, which contains an ActorAllusion.
--->'''Hertz:''' ''[deadpan]'' Fuck me Film/{{sideways}}.
* The rooftop shoot-out in ''Film/ShootEmUp'', that ends with the letters of a large glowing sign being shot out by Mr. Smith to spell "Fuck You." Then an annoyed Hertz shoots out the last word of the sign to read "Fuck You Too." ''Priceless.''
* Somewhat meta. But on IMFDB (Internet Movie Firearms Database) Smith's Hand is listed as a separate firearm, with typical arguments over unrealistic portrayal of capacity/loading etc which are common to the site.
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