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* Funny/PokemonSunAndMoon
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* Somebody did some research on Magikarp. If the Pokedex entry about it being able to Splash over a mountain is true, taking into account terminal velocity and its average weight of 22lbs (10kg), [[AnvilOnHead anybody standing in the landing zone would be killed on impact.]]
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* Funny/PokemonSuperMysteryDungeon
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** Likewise, there's the scenario where the enemy Pokémon is ''far'' weaker than yours, but it uses a move with a [[ElementalRockPaperScissors type advantage]]. You'll see the standard "It's super effective!" message each time, even though it only does ScratchDamage.
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-->'''Wild (Pokémon) used Healing Pulse! Golurk's HP was restored!'''


-->'''Wild (Pokémon) used Healing Pulse! Golurk's (Own Pokémon)'s HP was restored!'''
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* Anytime you make a move that knocks out the enemy Pokemon, especially in one hit, and the game tells you "[[http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Damage#Not_very_effective It's not very effective...]]"
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** Let's be honest: [[MakingASpectacleOfYourself Choice Specs]] on ''anything'' generates a hilarious mental image.
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For tropes related to the [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} anime]], please go [[Funny/PokemonAnime here]].

[[folder: The main games]]


[[folder: The main games]]Games]]

!!Main Series
* Funny/PokemonRedAndBlue
* Funny/PokemonGoldAndSilver
* Funny/PokemonRubyAndSapphire
* Funny/PokemonDiamondAndPearl
* Funny/PokemonBlackAndWhite
** Funny/PokemonBlack2AndWhite2
* Funny/PokemonXAndY

* Funny/HeyYouPikachu
* Funny/PokemonChannel
* Funny/PokemonColosseum
* Funny/PokemonXDGaleOfDarkness
* Funny/PokemonConquest
* Funny/PokemonMysteryDungeon
* Funny/PokemonMysteryDungeonExplorers
* Funny/PokemonMysteryDungeonGatesToInfinity
* Funny/PokemonRanger
* Funny/PokemonSnap
* Funny/PokeParkWii
* Funny/PokkenTournament

!!In General

[[folder: The anime]]
!!Indigo League
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8L_yvIVvb7s He's gonna shock us!]]
* In the episode "The Challenge Of The Samurai", Samurai and Ash, after battling with other Pokemon, wind up getting into something of a Metapod-based freudian pissing contest where they both have Metapods out and do nothing but order them to use harden, for what's implied to be ''several hours on end''. And both of them take it ''completely seriously''. What seals it is Misty's reaction: sunbathing with Pikachu.
-->'''Samurai''': Metapod! Harden like his!\\
'''Ash''': Maximum hardness, Metapod!\\
''[cut to the sunbathing]''\\
'''Ash''': More power, Metapod! Samurai's is weakening!\\
'''Samurai''': Harder! You're the stronger Metapod!\\
'''Ash''': A little more!\\
''[By this point, Misty and Pikachu have finished their sunbathing]''\\
'''Misty''': We could be stuck in this forest for the rest of our lives. Boys can be so stubborn.\\
'''Ash''': Don't... give... up...\\
'''Misty''': You two are more hardheaded than your Metapods!
* The episode where James is trying to avoid being dragged back to his mansion home by Jessie and Meowth. He stalls with a tragic story about running away in his childhood, in the winter, with only his faithful Growlithe by his side. [[DidYouDie Somehow, it ends with him]] [[SnowMeansDeath freezing to death]]. [[spoiler:Dog of Flanders, anyone?]] Cue the heartwrenching music and [[OcularGushers waterfall tears]].
-->'''Jessie''': That's such a sad ending!
-->'''Meowth''': That poor kid!
-->'''[[EyesAlwaysShut Brock]]''': I can't believe James is gone!
-->'''Ash''': I miss him!
-->'''Misty''': (the [[OnlySaneMan only one]] not crying) Grrr....JAMES IS STANDING RIGHT HERE!!
** Add to that [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVFRxflI7Is James' scream]] when we see that Jessiebelle [[IdenticalStranger looks just like Jessie]].
** Then, when Jessibelle reveals her [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar kinky torture room]], Misty can be seen blushing profusely. Blushing over what?!
** A moment later, Jessiebelle is chasing James around the room with a bullwhip. His parents are calmly sitting at a garden table in the middle of the room, ''drinking [[SpotOfTea tea.]]'' And the twerps are also watching this spectacle, providing this gem of a line.
--->'''Ash:''' Shouldn't we try to help him?
--->'''Brock:''' Nah, I don't like to get involved in these little family squabbles.
** In the episode's beginning, as Team Rocket read the sign with James' picture on it:
-->'''Jessie''': Hmmm...this kid looks a lot like you.
-->'''James''': You think so? He looks pathetic.
-->'''Meowth''': That's what she means, James.
* [[http://30.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lxwq91lNEi1qc2jhfo1_500.gif Ash getting hit by the door opened by Gary]] from "Here Comes the Squirtle Squad".
* "If they built a temple to honor Psyduck, they weren't hidden -- they were ''lost''." - Brock, "[[http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/EP072 The Ancient Puzzle of Pokémopolis]]"
* In ''Electric Shock Showdown'', apart from Lt. Surge's ''priceless'' FlatWhat upon Pikachu avoiding Raichu's attack by grinding its tail against the ground, there's also Team Rocket and their snarky commentary.
-->'''Brock''': ''(on Pikachu)'' It used its tail as a ground, and dodged the electric shock!
-->'''Jessie''': ''(from outside)'' What a ''shocking'' story.
-->'''James''': That was quite a.. ''tail''.
-->'''Meowth''': ''(slaps them both over the head)'' [[HurricaneOfPuns And now you've both been ''pun-ished''.]]
** Brock, after seeing Team Rocket's cheer:
-->'''Brock''': That was really disturbing.
* From "The Water Flowers of Cerulean City" where Jenny theatens to arrest Ash and Brock.
-->'''Ash''': I've never been to jail!
-->'''Brock''': Neither have I, ma'am!
* During the Kanto Pokémon League...
-->'''Misty''': "You can stuff your greedy little face ''after'' we find a Pokémon Center!"
-->'''Ash''': "[[ITakeOffenseToThatLastOne My face is little]]?"
* Meowth biting Sandshrew in "The Path to the Pokémon League" only to break his teeth:
-->'''Jessie''': Stop pussyfooting around!
-->'''Meowth''': Just ''biting'' my time!\\\
'''Meowth''': OW! [[HurricaneOfPuns The moment of tooth!]]
* Despite it not being the punchline, Misty's fake name from episode 42 of the Swedish dub:
-->'''Brock''': Caesar Salad.
-->'''Misty''': [[IncrediblyLamePun Ann Ananas]]. (Anne Pineapple, also a possible reference to Anna Book, the voice actress.)
-->'''Ash''': Tom Atsås. (Tom Atosauce.)
** It's even funnier in the English dub, where Misty's name is "Ann Chovie".
---> '''"Thank you for your wisdom and advice, Tom Ato!"'''
* During the preparations for the Kanto Pokémon League, Team Rocket tries to capture a Mr. Mime, and they realized they actually captured Ash, who was wearing a Mr. Mime suit, and he steals their balloon.
* Jessie and James doing their introduction speech while talking to Giovanni on the phone in ''Island of the Giant Pokémon''.
** This episode is FULL of hilarious moments, one of which is clearly a case of GettingCrapPastTheRadar.
*** First you have [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ik6sndlYmNw Squirtle]] suggesting the "fate" of his trainer and Charmander and Pikachu telling him off.
*** Then later on, everyone's at an "Oden" stand lamenting their fate. Pikachu is comforting Ekans and Koffing (who are pretty upset) while Charmander looks on. What are Meowth, Squirtle and Bulbasaur doing? Well, both of them have clearly been drinking alcohol as Meowth's passed out and a very red-faced Bulbasaur is going off at Squirtle! (typically red around their nose/mouth is a sign that they're drunk in anime)
* "Primeape Goes Bananas" is pretty much a crowning episode of funny, with Manky beating Ash up when he's about to reach for his hat, throwing a riceball(not donut!) into Ash's Pokéball when he tries to catch it, and mimicking his signature "turn cap and toss ball" move just to tick him off, but the funniest example probably happens right after it evolves. After somehow forgetting they were terrified a second ago, Jessie commands the Pokémon to attack the twerps. Primeape does NOT take kindly to this dismissal, and punches her so hard she flies into a hedge, and gets buried to the neck.
** The look on Ash's face before he sics Primeape on Team Rocket is ''priceless'.
* "Pikachu is unwilling to battle!"
** Pikachu also refused to fight Misty during Ash's Cerulean gym battle. The humor is not so much the refusal as how Ash was about to throw him into the arena overhand, like a Pokéball.
** Misty's sisters deciding to award Ash with the Cascade badge for defeating Team Rocket. Misty whines about it and Daisy points out that if Pikachu had been willing to battle, Misty would've lost. Then Ash and Misty arguing about it at the end.
-->'''Ash''': Misty, you're not gonna be a sore loser about this are you?
-->'''Misty''': I didn't lose anything! It was a draw!
-->'''Ash''': Well, I'm the one who got the badge!
-->'''Misty''': What?! You lost with Butterfree!
-->'''Ash''': That was round one! I made a great comeback!
-->'''Misty''': If Team Rocket hadn't busted in, I would've destroyed you!
-->'''Ash''': You're lucky they showed up, you were about to lose!
-->'''Misty''': Lose?! I was just getting started!
-->'''Ash''': Oh yeah?!
-->'''Misty''': Oh yeah!
-->'''Brock''': Oh brother...
* At the end of the really old Kanto episode ''Tentacool and Tentacruel,'' Misty makes the V-sign toward the camera while holding her new Pokémon, Horsea, and Ash complains, "Wait a minute, that's supposed to be my pose!"
* Pikachu and ketchup. There's a ''[[http://www.serebii.net/anime/pictures/indigo/042ps4.shtml reason]]'' why it became the rodent's NeverLiveItDown after ''Showdown at Dark City''.
** When asked to help one of the prospective gyms attack the other gym, Ash refuses and goes into a speech about how this gym is just as reprehensible. As he turns to walk away, feeling good about the speech he just gave, he slips on the aforementioned ketchup and falls flat on his face.
* There is a place in the anime called...[[UnfortunateNames *snicker*]]...''Hop Hop Hop Town!''
** It's a literal translation of its Japanese name, Yoyoyo Town.
* The Kanto episode ''Showdown in Pewter City'' has Team Rocket setting up a pitfall trap at the start of the episode - then forgetting where they placed it, which leads to them falling into it, getting buried seconds later. They reemerge at the end of the episode, only to be trampled on by Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu.
-->'''James:''' I told you I'd get us all out of this!
-->'''Jessie:''' This was all...*the three are all stepped on by our heroes* ...your fault!
** And a few seconds later...
-->'''Jessie:''' Buried alive and trampled...
-->'''Jessie & James:''' We've hit rock bottom! *The three of them all fall back into the pit*
* Misty's god awful makeover by Team Rocket in ''Pokémon Fashion Flash'', and the kicker? Misty loved it.
--> '''Ash & Brock''': What happened to her face?! (desperately holding in their laughter.)
--> '''Misty (deadpan expression)''': Dumb boys.
** Misty's [[HumiliationConga humiliation]] continues when she's still tied to a chair when Vulpix lets out its' Fire Spin attack and [[SlapstickKnowsNoGender she gets torched by it.]] And at the end, Ash takes another good look at her face and laughs his ass off. [[IWarnedYou He'd said that going to that salon was a dumb idea, and it seems he was right]]. [[HilariousInHindsight Last quack indeed.]]
** Earlier from that episode, when Misty gushes over Suzy's [[RidiculouslyCuteCritter Vulpix]]:
-->'''Misty''': I love its hair! I wish I had hair like Vulpix that looks so shiny and soft!
-->'''Suzy''': [[DontTouchItYouIdiot Don't touch it!]]
-->'''Misty''': (picking up the Vulpix): You're just about the cutest little Pokemon I've ever se-
-->'''[[http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/8/86/Brock_Vulpix_Flamethrower.png/200px-Brock_Vulpix_Flamethrower.png FWOOOOOSH!]]'''
* ''The Flame Pokémon-athon!'': Included only because of the EpicFail that ensued: Pikachu enters the eponymous race (never mind [[RuleOfFunny why they allowed a Pokémon as a contestant]]), his ride being ''Squirtle''.
** Electrode may be the single fastest Pokémon in the original 151, but the episode does a good job showing us what using one in a race would be like: even more EpicFail.
** From the same episode? When Team Rocket reveals themselves during the race, everyone is glaring at them with determined stances. Everyone except Squirtle and Pikachu, who're ignoring them to chow down on the food the racing Pokemon are supposed to eat.
* ''The Battling Eevee Brothers!'': Misty [[BerserkButton royally pisses off Jessie]], who starts ''spewing fire'' after gaining about five CrossPoppingVeins. Meowth's reaction is gold:
-->'''Meowth''': Wow! Jessie just evolved into a Flareon!
* ''Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon!'': At the end of the episode, Team Rocket is trapped in a cave with the fossil Pokémon that terrorized them in the last half of the episode. This dialogue occurs:
-->'''Jessie''': Hey there, somebody ''help us''!
-->'''James''': We don't want to be extinct, too!
-->''Aerodactyl rubs its eyes''
-->'''Meowth''': Shhh, you're gonna wake it up!
-->'''Jessie and James together''': Rock-a-bye Dactyl, please don't eat ussss...
-->''James sneezes''
-->'''Aerodactyl''': ''Aerooooo...?''
* ''Love at First Flight'': Brock's "girl-radar" '''fails''' and he starts going after...Ash in his [[RunningGag second crossdressing stint]].
* ''To Master the Onix-pected'': the most awesome way to BreakTheFourthWall: Meowth ''fast-forwards'' the Team Rocket motto!
-->'''Jessie''': That was exhausting.
-->'''James''': I think I bit my tongue.
** That whole episode was funny.
* Any time Ash acts like a five-year-old.
-->'''Ash''': *whining* I ''am not'' a big baby! Am I, Pikachu?
* Ash is at the Safari Zone, which is a familiar place to all who played the game. He got 30 Safari Balls. What he get at the end? ''30 Tauros''. Could also be a moment of awesome from another viewpoint, since in-game Tauros is one of the rarest Pokémon in the Safari Zone.
* Ash, his friends and Team Rocket are attempting to wake a sleeping Snorlax when one of them comes up with the idea of invoking TrueLovesKiss. After a failed and undesired attempt by Psyduck, Team Rocket prepares for their attempt. While it turns out to be Meowth in princely regalia, and his attempt gets an explicit negative reaction from the Snorlax, it's better than the alternative.
-->'''Ash:''' Which Pokémon are they going to pick?
-->'''Brock:''' [[LampshadeHanging The same ones they always use]].
-->''(they, and the audience, are promptly assaulted by the image of [[{{Squick}} being kissed by Arbok and Weezing]])''
* In ''Battle of the Badge'' when Team Rocket show Togepi to Giovanni. His face is priceless.
* At the beginning of ''Battle Aboard The St. Anne'' there is an extended scene where Team Rocket are hyping up the gang to go on the ship. After their speech, Ash turns to Misty and says "Do you know anyone who says 'radical' anymore?"
* The Ditto from "Ditto's Mysterious Mansion". When Jessie demands that it turn into a Dratini, [[{{Troll}} it turns into the book the Dratini is pictured in instead]].
** Just before that, Jessie shows Ditto a photo of her very first true love whom she wants to see as an adult. Ditto transforms into the boy in the photo without even making him look like an adult, and even LICKS Jessie's face! Even James and Meowth can't help but crack up, even if they have to get bitch slapped for it.
* In "Who Gets To Keep Togepi?", Team Rocket temporarily gets ahold of the unhatched Togepi's egg. Meowth cares for it like it was his own child, but James constantly makes crass comments and jokes about eating it, which leads up to this:
-->'''Meowth:''' ''(polishing the egg with a cloth)'' Rise and shine, my little eggy-poo. Meowth's gonna make you nice and shiny 'cause we got a lot of inca-batin' to do.
-->'''James:''' ''(hands Meowth a plate with scrambled eggs on it)'' Here.
-->'''Meowth:''' What's this?
-->'''James:''' Your scrambled eggs.
-->'''Meowth:''' ''(turns furious, then hits James with a frying pan)'' I told you ta lay off the E-G-G-S! How could ya be so insensitive, ya numbskull?!
* The first episode has this gem.
--> '''Ash:''' Is it because you don't like me?
--> '''Pikachu:''' ''(nods his head)'' Pika Pika.
--> '''Ash:''' Well I like you a lot. And since you're the first Pokémon I'm training, don't you think you could be a little nicer and open your mouth and tell me what's wrong?
--> '''Pikachu:''' ''([[LiteralMinded opens his mouth, you can see his teeth]])'' CHAAAAAAAAAAAA!
--> '''Ash:''' Uh. that's not...exactly...[[LiteralMetaphor what I meant]]...
** Pikachu refusing to get inside his Pokeball. In addition, Delia misinterprets his actions as playing catch with Ash.
** When Delia mentions how Pikachu is a little weird, Pikachu smirks mischievously (complete with a speech bubble with a skull and crossbones appearing over him), and he promptly shocks the crap out of everyone present.
* From "Clefairy and the Moon Stone": "Gary was here. Ash is a loser!"
** [[BerserkButton "Oooh, that Gary! I'LL SHOW YOU!!!!!!!"]]
* From "The Punchy Pokémon", Team Rocket go into their motto. James, exhausted from carrying Jessie on his shoulders, collapses halfway through his final line.
* In Hypno's debut episode, we have Misty accidentally catching Psyduck. She trips and a pokeball falls out of her bag. The Psyduck just touches it with its beak and immediately gets captured.
** This exchange at the sight of Magikarp that has basically been rendered comatose.
-->'''Nurse Joy:''' Even Magikarp is affected, and usually it's so full of life.\\
(''the poor fish flops over, completely still\\
'''Misty:''' The ''magic'' has disappeared!\\
'''Ash:''' [[DeadpanSnarker Looks like it's ready for the deli counter]].
* From "The Tower of Terror", Charmander uses his flame powers to light a candle but accidentally torches Brock in the process. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkUvWU3z5MM Brock then yells at Charmander]]. And even Pikachu can't help but laugh.
** What makes it even funnier is that it's vaguely similar to [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qyE2cbplGc this moment from "The Muppet Christmas Carol"]].
** The Ghost Pokemon expressions from the same episode. Especially the eyeballs.
* In "Make Room For Gloom", after a confident Florinda thanks Brock for helping her believe in herself and feels ready to run her family's nursery, as long as a special someone is around to share it all with her, a lovesick Brock turns his back to her and goes into a blissful spiel with quite amusing results.
-->'''Brock:''' This is so sudden! I've always dreamed of having somebody like you, someone as kind and talented and beautiful as you are, and now you've made all my dreams come true! Yes, Florinda, darling, yes! I'll share my life with you! ''(turns around to find himself looking into Ash's eyes instead of Florinda's)''
-->'''Ash:''' Hey, Brock, are you talking to somebody?
-->'''Misty:''' I think maybe you had a little too much of that antidote.
-->''(Brock turns to see that Florinda has already proposed to her true love, Potter.)''
-->'''Brock:''' ''(visibly distraught)'' Rejected by the one girl I've loved! I'll never find another one like her again!
-->'''Ash:''' ''(trying to console him)'' Cheer up, Brock, you'll find plenty of other girls to reject you!
* Anything involving the Gastly from "The Ghost at Maiden's Peak", from the Venustoise illusion, to the quip about making some quick bucks by helping the spirit maiden. Plus, this exchange:
-->'''Gastly:''' What is that?
-->'''Misty:''' It's a cross! I also got garlic, a hammer and a stake!
-->'''Gastly:''' Ugh! What do I look like, a vampire or something?
* "Mystery at the Lighthouse": When Krabby's Poké Ball vanishes, Misty and Brock explain to Ash that it was sent to the place he got his Pokédex from. When Ash realizes via flashback where it is...
** Even better, when Ash goes and contacts Professor Oak about his Crabby, [[EatTheDog he's greeted by Prof. Oak eating a small cooked crab on the monitor]]
* ''Haunter vs. Kadabra:'' As Sabrina's father is explaining his daughter's backstory to Ash, he shows him a picture of their family.
-->'''Ash:''' Sabrina had this picture of her family in her room. If you have the same picture, then that must mean you're...
-->'''Sabrina's father:''' ''(thinking)'' Does he know? He must have figured it out by now. After everything I've said, he must have figured out the truth about Sabrina and me. He must realize that I'm Sabrina's father.
-->'''Ash:''' Then that must mean you're a photographer!
-->'''Sabrina's father:''' ''(flies off the bench)''
** Haunter defeats Sabrina...through comedy routines.
** Later, after Ash has defeated Sabrina...
-->'''Ash:''' But if you've known Sabrina since she was a little girl, then that means...
-->'''Sabrina's father:''' So you figured it out, eh?
-->'''Ash:''' Then you must have taken her baby pictures too!
-->'''Sabrina's father:''' ''(facefault)'' HOW CAN SOMEONE BE SO STUPID?!?
-->''(Ash just looks at him, clueless; he recomposes himself by clearing his throat)''
** Also Haunter's attempts at making Team Rocket laugh.
* In "Ash Catches A Pokemon", when Ash, Misty, Pikachu, and Caterpie are settling down for the night, Misty tells Ash to shut up while they're preparing for bed. Ash's response? "[[SarcasmMode Don't let the bed bugs bite!]]" The way Ash delivers that comeback is [[NarmCharm hilarious]]!
* On their way to the Pokémon Tower in Lavender Town, Brock accidentally pulls Pikachu's tail, and gets electrocuted and scares Misty. Then Ash says it scared him too, enough to turn him into a ghost, and turns around with his face replaced by a skull. The others are not amused to the point where Pikachu electrocutes him.
* When the trio and Pikachu arrive on an island full of turtle Pokémon, Ash and Squirtle examine a Blastoise shell and immediately fall asleep. In an attempt to wake them up, Misty orders Pikachu to thundershock them. Ash and Squirtle are not happy.
** Later, when they're saving Team Rocket, Jessie is less than thankful.
-->'''Jessie''': Just what do you think you're doing?!
-->'''Misty''': Don't you give us any attitude, we just saved your slimy lives!
-->'''James''': Well, I'm grateful.
-->'''Jessie''': They're our mortal enemies! How dare you be grateful they saved your life!
* Anytime James calls out Victreebel and ends up getting attacked.
* The episode featuring the Bulbasaur reserve (the outer area of which was littered with traps) featured this LampshadeHanging exchange from Team Rocket after they fall into one of the traps:
-->'''Jessie''': This is the third hole we've fallen into! How come whenever we make traps, no one falls into them?! We always fall into theirs!
-->'''James''': Well, I thought this one was pretty strategic in its placement.
-->'''Jessie''': I'M GLAD YOU'RE ENJOYING IT!
-->'''Meowth''': ''(meows painfully)''
* In ''A Chansey Operation,'' Ash and friends are made to assist a doctor in treating Pokémon that had been injured in a car accident. Unfortunately, some of the patients aren't very cooperative.
-->'''Doctor Proctor:''' ''(reading from a card)'' Dodrio, a Triple Bird Pokémon. Its three heads represent joy, sorrow and anger.
-->'''Ash:''' Uh...all three heads look pretty angry to me.
* In ''Bad to the Bone'' Meowth's attempts to...cheer up a trainer when his Marowak leaves him, by telling the trainer that he still might be able to get a ticket to WATCH the Pokemon League.
* In ''The Ultimate Test'' Ash's reactions to finding out during the battle portion he's got the same Pokemon Team Rocket uses and yells at Todd (Snap) not to take any pictures.
** Also, this gem.
-->'''Instructor''': Name this Pokemon!
-->'''Ash''': It's a Voltorb!
-->'''James''': It's a Pokeball.
-->'''Jessie''': It's obviously an Electrode.
-->'''Instructor''': The answer? A Jigglypuff as seen from Above!
-->'''Group''': HUH?!
*** To make this even funnier, the same trick was pulled in one of the mini-games in VideoGame/HeyYouPikachu
** Ash not knowing what moves Meowth has, and Team Rocket's Meowth's angry reaction.
* In the episode ''Friend and Foe Alike'', Team Rocket are eavesdropping on a conversation between Ash and Nurse Joy regarding Richie.
-->'''Jessie:''' There was something that prevented me from having friends when I was a little girl.
-->'''James:''' '''*laughs*''' It must have been your personality!
-->'''Jessie:''' '''*nodding*''' Uh-huh! It must have been my... '''*beat*''' '''''HUH?!?!?'''''
-->*'''Jessie hits James over the head with a large paper fan*'''
* When the Celadon Gym is set on fire thanks to Team Rocket, everyone's frantically trying to put out the fire and Pikachu uses a watering can to extinguish a flower.
* In "The Problem with Paras", the entire premise is funny given that Paras is a total wimp that has MinorInjuryOverreaction, leading to Pikachu and Squirtle attempting to fight as weakly as possible. And there is also the parts after Meowth wanting to help Cassandra with evolving Paras, and insulting Arbok and Weezing in the process. Not to mention a CrowningMomentofAwesome with Paras landing a NonLethalKO sucker punch on Charmeleon.
* At the end of "The Bridge Bike Gang", Chopper and Tyra give Ash and Misty honorary nicknames as thanks for their deeds.
-->'''Chopper''' ''(to Ash)'': From now on, we're calling you "Awesome Ash"!
-->'''Tyra''' ''(to Misty)'': "Mighty Misty"!
-->'''Ash''' ''(bashful)'': Aw gee, I'm not ''that'' awesome...
-->'''Brock''' ''(To Tyra, grabbing her hand)'': You could call me "Honey"! *''gets smacked''*
* In "Go West, Young Meowth", when Team Rocket decides to visit the movie theater and SING their motto to the kids and Delia, all for the sake of preserving musical theater!
!!Orange Islands
* Even though it's been used for {{Shipping}} proof, this exchange from ''Poké Ball Peril'' is hilarious. To set it up, Ash and Misty, who are traveling without Brock, have been captured by Team Rocket, and the TerribleTrio takes notice:
-->'''James''': Jessie, I think we've accidentally captured a pair of very romantic creatures in our little cage!
-->'''Jessie''': (making lovey-dovey eyes) You mean? Daaaaawwww!
-->'''Meowth''': Dey're loveboids!
-->'''Ash''': (Ash and Misty look at each other for a second before turning away, blushing) You're crazy!
-->'''Misty''': Crazy is right! [[SheIsNotMyGirlfriend Never in a million years!]]
-->'''Jessie''': (Jessie and James are doubled over while Meowth is rolling on the floor) But you're blushing!
-->'''James''': Kissy, kissy!
* From ''The Lost Lapras'', after Tracey interrupts Team Rocket's menacing abduction of a Lapras because he wants to interview Meowth:
-->'''Jessie''': Who are you, anyway?
-->'''Tracey''': Oh, sorry. My name's Tracey, I'm a Pokémon watcher!
-->'''Jessie''': O-kay, if you're a Pokémon watcher, then you won't mind stepping aside and ''watching'' us steal this Lapras.
* A hilarious yet shocking case of GettingCrapPastTheRadar in Lorelei's showcase episode..."I know what she's doing! It's...it's...''perverse psychology!''"
** In the same episode Team Rocket interrupts Lorelei's lecture and suggest her to try and sell them. As it happens, ''she already does it''.
* The episode when the gang returns to Pallet Town after their adventures in the Orange Islands. Instead of ''A Tents Situation'', it should be renamed to ''[[MemeticMolester Muk]] raeps EVERYBODY''.
** Whenever Professor Ivy is mentioned to Brock. He goes sulking.
** Ash even does that when Misty mentions Gary's name!
** When Team Rocket bound and captured them, Meowth's curiosity got the better of him, and continues to pester Brock on why he left [[NoodleIncident Professor Ivy]]; Brock managed to get out of his bonds and reappear on Team Rocket's high wire!
** Ash presents his mother with his Orange League trophy. What does she do with it? ''Use it as a dumbbell''.
* In ''The Stun Spore Detour'', Jessie is paralyzed and bedridden after getting stunned by a Vileplume, but somehow manages to work up enough energy to return to her hyper violent self and starts stomping James. Then she weakly crawls back into bed.
* Pikachu and Meowth end up stuck together in ''Bound for Trouble'' and Pikachu wastes little time showing Meowth who's in charge. Meowth tries to act chumly so he can trick him and take him to Giovanni only for Pikachu to give him a good shock to let him know Meowth's not as smart as he thinks he is.
* Ash disguises as an apple in ''Pokemon Food Fight!'' in order to lure Snorlax up the mountain. Naturally Snorlax catches up to him and tries to take a bite only to throw Ash to the ground.
-->'''Ash:''' I think I broke my core.
** Also Snorlax attempting to eat a trainer's Gloom!
* In the episode ''In The Pink'' Jesse sends out Lickitung to capture some Nidoran and it chases them into a Cave. Only to [[AttackAttackRetreatRetreat run out terrified]] past them wondering what's wrong. Then, The Nidorans come out, along with a [[SummonBiggerFish Nidoking]].
* The RunningGag of Jigglypuff appearing, singing, making everyone fall asleep and starting to draw on people's faces with its marker.
* * The Wacky Watcher, which is a filler episode about Magikarp...that just so happens to throw in a [[MarxBrothers Groucho Marx]] expy as the titular professor. Cue 22 minutes of goofy wordplay and slapstick.

!!Johto League
* [[http://serebii.net/anime/pictures/johto/136ps3.shtml Look at what Charizard's been through]] and then [[http://serebii.net/anime/pictures/johto/136ps4.shtml look at his face]]. Crosses into MoodWhiplash, however, considering [[BreakTheHaughty what the episode's about,]] and [[PutOnABus what will happen]].
** A funnier face is the one he makes when he realises that by taking flight, he knocked Ash and Pikachu off his back. Ash calls him back and Charizard looks back to see what he wants... only to see Ash on his bum on the ground. Charizard then makes a ''hilarious'' face he never makes at any other time.
* Brock's incredibly, ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oawUi9s3ENE incredibly]]'' lame {{pun}} in ''[[Anime/PokemonMewtwoReturns Mewtwo Returns]]''.
* From ''Hocus Pokémon'': Ash gets turned into a Pikachu. Enough said.
* "The Fortune Hunters":
** Misty reacts with hostility when the Pokémon fortune book lists her as a Gyarados type, whereas Ash and Brock are listed as Bellspout and Onix types, respectively.
--->'''Misty:''' That fortune stuff's a lotta baloney!\\
'''Ash:''' That's ''very'' accurate.\\
'''Brock:''' It's amazing how a book like that could be so--\\
(''Misty flies into a rage'')\\
'''Brock:''' (''nervously'') It's amazing how a book like that could be so WRONG!
** As the three continue walking, Misty continues to rant about the fortune book.
--->'''Misty:''' That book is totally bogus! I should be ANYTHING but a Gyarados type! Out of all the water Pokémon, Gyarados is the only one that's ''not'' like me!\\
'''Ash:''' Come on now, Misty, don't take it so--\\
'''Misty:''' WELL, HOW SHOULD I TAKE IT, MR. BELLSPROUT?! (''examines book'') It says here that Gyarados types are stubborn loners who rarely listen to the wise advice of others! They are frequently grouchy and [[HypocriticalHumor irritable and lose their temper!]]
** James, the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzfg0aBE19Y flaming Moltres]]! Eric Stuart even commented that it was his favorite line he did with the show.
** Kudos to [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar Jessie's line]]. Jessie's "WTF" expression during that line is ''priceless.''
--->'''Jessie:''' I think that costume came right out of his closet.
** The ham that James unleashes is such that Jessie and Meowth can only trail after him in bemusement ''for the entire episode''. This is perhaps the only time anyone listened to James until "Best Wishes".
--->'''James:''' We shall hold our heads high and proudly march through the front portal. Make way!
* In "Moving Pictures", Brock, in response to having to hear a story with Ash, Snap, and Misty from an old lady, said probably one of the funniest and most OOC lines IN THE ENTIRE SERIES.
-->'''Snap:''' We're stuck now.\\
'''Ash:''' She's getting ready to tell her whole life story.\\
'''Misty:''' We'll be here forever...\\
'''Brock:''' I wonder if she has any string cheese.
* The [[http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/File:ValleyShipping.png mere picture]] that instantly launched [[IdiosyncraticShipNaming ValleyShipping]] where Charla cuddles up to Ash's Charizard while the latter is standing tall and proud. Makes a person burst into laughing fits just ''looking'' at it!
* In the episode, ''One Trick Phoney!'', where Team Rocket use a Battle Park (which was closed for repairs) to try and steal Pikachu, Ash's Totodile faces off against the park's Charizard, as part of a practice battle. The crowning moment of funny during that battle would have to be when the two Pokemon basically have a [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Scary Face]] attack contest, with Jessie and Ash shouting at the two respective Pokemon to make their Scary Face attacks "even scarier!" and "way, way, WAY scarier than that one!", etc., etc... (to the point where the mons are straining their faces, puffing out their chests so that it looks like their lungs are about to burst, and looking slightly constipated, except with their mouths wide open)... until the mons lose balance and fall over backwards. Totodile wins the battle in the end, via a Watergun blast to the Charizard's back, regardless. But either way, Totodile's and the Charizard's "scary" facial expressions were priceless!
--> '''James:''' So who out-scared who?
--> '''Meowth:''' I'm not sure if I'd call that scary, or disturbing...
* When Misty's Poliwhirl evolves into Politoed in ''Outrageous Fortunes'', the first thing it does is shake hands with Ash's Phanpy (using its trunk, no less), Delaney's Poliwrath, and even [[FriendlyEnemy James' Victrebel]].
* In ''Just Add Water'', Misty and an unofficial Gym Leader get kidnapped by Team Rocket. When Ash and Brock track them down with Ash getting ready to face Team Rocket, Psyduck shows up and glares angrily at Team Rocket and turns around to Ash with its normal confused look, causing everyone to face fault.
* The unofficial song "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEyQZJpHxnc Pokemon Christmas Bash]]" features the dub cast attempting to ''rap'' the lyrics to a Christmas-oriented song. The performances of the various actors cover the whole HamAndCheese spectrum, but special mention must be made of Rachel Lillis' performance as Misty. Her performance as Jessie isn't that bad, but Misty's voice was simply not meant to rap.
* ''A Goldenrod Opportunity'' has Pikachu bump into Clefairy. Whitney shows up and kisses Pikachu's "boo boos". Brock then slams his head against a brick wall resulting in a bump on his head and asks for his boo boo to be kissed. Misty does the "ear pull" treatment and states Whitney doesn't kiss bozos.
** When Team Rocket steal Clefairy and use an electro magnetic handcart for their getaway, they're moving so slow Pikachu is able to keep up by walking ''on its hind legs''. Once Clefairy's safe Pikachu electrocutes the train tracks sending Team Rocket's handcart speeding into a tunnel. The next episode states they crashed into a wall in Saffron City. Which is in ''Kanto.''
*** During Ash and Whitney's gym battle, Clefairy loses by using Splash via Metronome. Which makes it funnier is that everytime Metronome is used, it's always a powerful attack. This time, it's the most useless move ever.
* Brock falling in love with all of the kimono sisters, (except Sakura) and instead of getting dragged away by the ear, Misty drags him away by the nose. In the sequel episode, Misty is too busy helping Sakura foil Team Rocket's plans leaving Ash to fulfill her duties.
* In ''The Mother of All Battles'', Tyranitar gets captured by poachers. They're about to do the same thing to Larvitar, but Ash takes the hit and gets stuck in a sleeping bag-esque trap. Brock and Misty ignore Ash to talk to a Pokémon Ranger while Pikachu pokes Ash with a stick.
* When Brock gets sick in ''Sick Daze'', Misty takes over his cooking duties for the day. She accidentally puts too much sugar in the cooking pot, tries to balance it out with some salt, adds too much of ''that'' as well, and goes back to sugar. [[CordonBleughChef She then starts dumping random ingredients into the pot.]] The end result, "Misty's Mystery Stew (with 47 secret ingredients)", is something not even [[BigEater Ash]] will touch.
** Jessie later gets a hold of the stew, and loves it.
* In ''The Totodile Duel'', Ash and Misty are about to throw their Lure Balls with a horizontal split screen between them. Misty starts [[BreakingTheFourthWall pounding on the split screen and Ash hits it back]].
* We all know the RunningGag of Misty dragging Brock by the ear whenever he mets a pretty girl correct? Well in ''Fossil Fools'' Brock gets revenge when she's gushing to a Scientist about Water Pokemon and drags HER off by the ear.
* In ''Forest Grumps'' after escaping The Ursaring and their Pokemon saving them from a falling bridge They and Team Rocket are celebrating until they remember their enemies. They immediately leapt to different sides. Ash, Misty, Brock, and their Pokemon on one side and on the other Jessie, James, Meowth, and...Psyduck?!
--> '''Misty:''' Get over here! You're on our side!!
--> Psyduck waddles back over while Team Rocket looks on confused.
* In the last episode of Master Quest and Johto as a whole, Team Rocket unsurprisingly tries stealing Pikachu again. Jessie, James, and Wobbuffet end up landing on one truck while Pikachu and Meowth land on another. They taunt Ash with their getaway, and then the tucks go in different directions. Later, Pikachu and Meowth meet a Haunter who attacks them for little to no reason. Meowth retaliates by using [[NoSell Fury Swipes]]. It works about as well as you'd expect.
* In "The Heartache of Brock", a girl actually falls in LoveAtFirstSight with Brock, who's flabbergasted. Temacu (which comes from '''Te'''ddiursa, '''Ma'''reep, and '''Cu'''bone and is spelt correctly) starts talking about her wedding to Brock, with him in a white suit and her in a pale pink dress. Ash and Misty are watching them talk, and are talking among themselves:
--> '''Ash''': Wow, imagine Brock, ''married''?!
--> '''Misty''': You and I will be married someday, too.
--> '''Ash''': *nodding* Mh-hmm.... [[DelayedReaction HUH?!?]]

!!Hoenn League
* The ''Advance Generation'' episode ''Berry, Berry Interesting'': there's never a serious moment here. Best part is the moral: never allow [[LethalChef May]] to make food for the Pokémon.
** May's first try at Pokéblocks had Combusken lying face-down on the ground. Well, Beautifly liked them...
*** It didn't just drop Combusken, it KO'ed Ash's ''entire team''. Not even [[spoiler:Tobias and his team of ubers]] flattened them that quickly.
**** Oi! Those were extenuating circumstances!
** ''Jessie'' seemed to like them, too...
** From the same episode, Wobbuffet playing...''ninja'' (well, close enough, anyway).
** Also from the same episode: Munchlax being caught with a Pokeball...''inside its mouth.''
** How everyone criticizes ''May's Purple Surprise''.
-->'''Brock''': That's a very strange flavor.
-->'''Max''': I think calling it a flavor at all is going too far.
-->'''James''': There is a hint of how you say, jet fuel and an after taste of buring truck tires and for some reason, I can't seem to quite swallow it. These pokeblocks should be destroyed before anyone eats any of it by accident.
** While May is making Pokéblock, Ash runs outside to perfect Snorunt's Ice Beam. Pikachu tries following Ash but crashes into the Pokemon Center's doors as soon as they close. The doors open and Pikachu rolls out.
* ''Love, Petalburg Style'' is a mix of this, SugarWiki/{{Heartwarming Moment|s}} and a bit of a SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome. It seems that throughout the episode, May and Max's dad Norman is having an affair with Nurse Joy and when everyone tries to call him out on it, he's clueless the entire time until they point it out.
* Jessie catching Seviper ''without using a single Pokémon''...and [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2YWF74cCts succeeding]]!
** For those not wanting to click the link (or if the link no longer links to anything), Seviper eats a rice ball (actually called as much in the dub) Jessie wanted and then bites her hair on accident. Seviper (who all episode has been fearless) quickly realizes it did something really, really bad and displays a flawless OhCrap! face, while James and Meowth hug each other in the background, terrified. Eventually, they have to step in to stop Jessie beating it up more after it is KO'd to tell her to catch it. Jessie immediately snaps out of her anger, and Seviper just slides down in the background behind Jessie, mouth open.
--> '''James''': "Poor Seviper!"
--> '''Meowth''': It knows not what it's done!
--> *Jessie leaps on the terrified Seviper, screaming in rage, and scratches its face*
--> '''Meowth''': She used Fury Swipes attack!
--> '''James''': Emphasis on the Fury!
--> *Jessie kicks Seviper from above*
--> '''James''': Her unstoppable Megaton Kick!
--> '''Meowth''': And highly effective!
--> '''Seviper''': *is KO'd*
** The best part about this sequence is while Jessie is laying the smack-down on Seviper is the Hoenn Legendary Battle Theme is playing in the background during it which makes it so much more funny has if it's suggesting Jessie at that moment is on par with a legendary Pokémon.
* During one of Team Rocket's thefts at a clinic (in the AG episode ''Delcatty Got Your Tongue?''), they dress up as Swiss hikers (ridiculous accent included), with Meowth practically mummified in bandages:
-->'''Jessie''': Our precious Meowth was hurt in a [[NoodleIncident bizarre yodeling accident]]...
* [[EpicFail Jessie's first contest]] in ''All Things Bright and Beautifly''.
--> '''Jessie:''' Do this right Seviper, now go use [[WhatAnIdiot Sacred Fire]]! ''[Seviper does nothing.]''
--> '''Meowth:''' Uh oh...
--> '''James:''' I'm not sure Seviper knows how to use that attack...
--> '''Jessie:''' Well, come on! Use Sacred Fire! What are you waiting for?
** It gets even more hilarious from there. Upon realizing that Seviper can't, in fact, use Ho-Oh's signature move, she immediately tries to get Seviper to use Water Pulse, Blaze Kick, Dragon Claw, Psywave, Luster Purge, and so on. Seviper's embarrassed reactions get more and more ridiculous, ending in a *sweatdrop flood*. Finally, Meowth recommends a Poison Tail attack, which Seviper actually does...only to use it on Jessie, launching her through the roof and out of the contest arena.
* The way Corphish defeats Katie's Golduck in the Hoenn League is this and possibly its SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome -- managing to listen to Ash while confused, it swims up behind Golduck and...cheerfully shakes its hand. Then uses Vice Grip to shake it harder, then spin it over its head, and finally throw it to the other side of the battlefield to set up for the deciding [=BubbleBeam.=] That's right -- Corphish defeated an opponent by [[{{Keet}} being]] [[{{Jerkass}} itself]].
* ''In There’s No Place Like Hoenn'', May's Torchic is kidnapped by Team Rocket in their latest scheme to capture Pikachu. Ash, Pikachu, May, Norman, Caroline and Max find Team Rocket's balloon and May and Max run to the their balloon, despite Ash's warning not to.
--> '''Ash''': Not so fast, be careful -- !
--> *May and Max fall into the classic pitfall trap*
--> '''Ash''': ...There could be a trap.
--> *Norman and Caroline start rushing ahead to help them*
--> '''Norman''': I'm coming!
--> '''Caroline''': Me too!
--> '''Ash''': But there might be -!
--> *Norman and Caroline fall into another pitfall trap*
--> '''Ash (facepalm)''': ...Another trap.
** From the same episode, whenever Max forgot Ash's name, calling him "Alf".
*** Not to mention he keeps bringing up the fact that Ash lost in the second round and Ash points out it was the Victory Tournament.
*** Probably a case of OffModel, but see the look on Ash's face a few minutes later when Torchic attacks Max. He looks like he's relishing sweet revenge...
** Simply the fact that ''[[IdiotHero Ash]]'' is actually being GenreSavvy about Team Rocket's pitfall traps is hilarious in-and-of-itself! The idea of Ash and his friends have actually used TR's own methods ''against them'' is a sporadic, but effective, recurring joke as well..
** When Team Rocket attacks Petalburg Gym, Pikachu tries electrocuting Team Rocket but accidentally hits Max instead.
** There's also the fact that Torchic attacks Max 4 times. The first 2 times are for Max saying Treecko was cooler while [[ParentalNeglect Norman and Caroline don't show any concern for Max]]. Then when they're fighting Team Rocket again, May tells Torchic to use "Amber" and Max tells her the attack is called "Ember" which Torchic uses on Max. Then May tells Torchic to use Peck and Torchic starts pecking Max.
** When Team Rocket escapes Petalburg Gym after stealing May's Torchic, Max examines the ground with a magnifying glass to see which way Team Rocket went. [[DumbassHasAPoint May points out that looking at the ground won't do any good since Team Rocket used a hot air balloon.]]
* The episode ''True Blue Swablu!'' has a scene in which the group try to help a injured Swablu regain its confidence to fly back by saying that May's Beautifly uses a "[[MagicFeather magic powder]]" that grants those coated in it the power of flight. After Swablu "tries" it and starts flying again, Ash and [[NotSoAboveItAll Pikachu]] attempt the same thing:
--> '''Ash''': Wow, that magic powder is great! OK Pikachu, we're up next!
--> '''Pikachu''': Pi-Pika!
--> *May, Brock and Max look at them in disbelief*
--> '''Max''': The magic powder's fake, Ash...
--> '''Ash''': No way, it looked like it was totally real...
--> '''Max''': Totally real, all purpose FLOUR!
--> '''Pikachu *blushing slightly*''': Pi!? Piiikachu...
** And from the same episode, when Team Rocket steal the Swablu, May tells it to use Sing on them. Before they all fall asleep, James tells Cacnea to use Pin Missile. It falls asleep and into the balloon basket - then unleashes the attack, resulting on Jessie and James getting their asses spiked, and Meowth and Wobbuffet having their heads needled. Needless to say, this wakes them all up, and when James tries to get Cacnea to stop, he finds that it's using the attack WHILST asleep and thus can't make it stop. Not until it damages the balloon, anyway.
** The start of the episode has Ash and the group once again lost for the umpteenth time:
--->'''May''': "We're getting pretty good at being lost!"
--->'''Max''': "So why don't we just turn around and retrace our steps?"
--->'''Brock''': "Then we'll be lost going backwards!"
** And one more from this episode is Torchic's method of waking up the group after Swablu puts Ash and friends to sleep. We see it from a first person perspective pecking them, all the while with a happy look across its face.
* A scene near the beginning of the episode ''What You Seed is What You Get!'' has Team Rocket trying to steal some watermelons from a field. Jessie notices what looks like a giant watermelon rolling towards them - only for them to find out that it's a disguised Electrode which proceeds to send them flying.
** The girl who works at that watermelon farm assumes Ash and his friends are watermelon thieves. She (and in full seriousness) lashes out at him by chomping down on a big piece of watermelon and then spitting a stream of seeds right in his face. Ash is more irritated than anything.
** The end of the episode, Ash and Pikachu trying to cheer Treecko up. When it ignores them, they decide to spit watermelon seeds at it. The end result of this is a ticked-off Treecko perfecting Bullet Seed - with Ash and Pikachu as its targets!
** When the melons Team Rocket stole are flying through the air, everyone scrambles around trying to catch them. Ash catches two of them and one lands on his head without hurting him or breaking.
* One Advanced Generation episode features (yet another) Team Rocket split, with the added twist that they come across one of Cassidy and [[AccidentalMisnaming Paunch's]] plans. Before the episode is over, they've temporarily managed to switch pairings. ''Complete with mottos.''
-->'''Jessie:''' Prepare for trouble, we've shuffled the deck!
-->'''Butch:''' It's not my thing, but what the heck?
-->'''Jessie:''' An evil as old as the galaxy!
-->'''Butch:''' I'm doing this all from memory!
-->'''Jessie:''' To denounce the evils of truth and love!
-->'''Butch:''' To extend my arm with a big white glove!
-->'''Jessie:''' ''(looks angrily at Butch)'' Jessie...
-->'''Butch:''' ''[[OhCrap (realising how stupid his previous line sounded)]]'' Ah, Butch...
-->'''Jessie:''' CUT! ''(kicks Butch in the face)'' Do it right, or don't do it at all!

-->'''Cassidy:''' Prepare for trouble, it's a brand new day!
-->'''James:''' We're making it double anyway!
-->'''Mime Jr.:''' Mime mime, mime mime mime!
-->'''Cassidy:''' Let's see if I can remember my lines! An evil as old as the galaxy!
-->'''James:''' Sent here to fulfill our destiny!
-->'''Cassidy:''' To denounce the goodness of truth and love!
-->'''James:''' To extend our reach to the stars above!
-->'''Cassidy:''' Whenever there's a piece of pie in the universe!
-->'''James:''' [[BigWhat Of pie!?]]
-->'''Cassidy:''' ''[[RecordNeedleScratch (stopping the motto)]]'' Aaah...I goofed it, so what!?
-->'''James:''' ''(despairingly)'' Forget it...
* Team Rocket's attempts to open a Clamperl Shell in ''Clamperl of Wisdom''.
** This is followed by a classic image of chibi-Giovanni stubbing his toe on the shell.
* All of the Giovanni fantasies that Meowth comes up with to convince Jessie and James why capturing each episode's featured Pokémon is a good idea. Just...everything about them. The often ludicrous content of them (especially the ones with chibi!Giovanni), the fact that they exist at all, the fact that Jessie and James almost always find them convincing somehow...
* From ''The Bicker the Better'', James sings a song, composed of one word, [[OverlyLongGag over and over and over]]: "Ugly Ugly Ugly~!"
** Not to mention the ''insanity'' that was Ash/James vs. May/Jessie later in the episode. Meanwhile, Brock's the CombatCommentator, Wobbuffet ''imitates his every move.''
*** Too bad we didn't get any Ash/James or May/Jessie mottos...
* ''Claydol, Big and Tall'': the gang and Team Rocket dress up in different costumes to distract the giant Claydol, and the Claydol fell in love with...'''Wobbuffet in a MAID COSTUME!!'''
** Immediately after this, an old man who was helping everyone reads them a story about ''another'' giant Claydol being stopped by a maiden who happens to look just like Wobbuffet. Cue this exchange...
-->'''Jessie:''' I'm started to have my doubts about this...
-->'''May:''' ''(deadpan)'' The text, or the guy reading?
* Harley and Jessie's contest in ''A Hurdle for Squirtle!''. Harley uses his signature Ariados, while Jessie uses Wobbuffet. With Harley GenreSavvy enough to not try to attack Wobbuffet, due to [[AttackReflector Counter and Mirror Coat,]] and Wobbuffet not being able to attack at all, we have both of them getting yellow cards and then the contest turning into an insult match. And then Ariados and Harley end up dancing while twirling around Wobbuffet with String Shot. "A one-y and a two-y and a buck-o my shoe!"
** Earlier in the same episode, Jessie goes up with Cacnea in the appeals round. What does she do? Run toward Cacnea and ''hug'' it (very, very painfully), then use its Pin Missile to create a firework shower. After the judges give their reviews, the Contest emcee starts to announce the next appeal, only to stop when she realizes Jessie hasn't left the stage. She pokes her, and Jessie falls over, ''completely paralyzed.''
-->'''Nurse Joy:''' Chansey, I think we're gonna need the stretcher for this one.
* ''Gone Corphishin''': Ash, Pikachu and Brock are proudly boasting that they have "experience" in falling into Team Rocket's pitfalls. May and Max quickly point out that that's not something to brag about. Cue all three going into a CornerOfWoe!
-->''The '''shame'''.''
** Later, Team Rocket fall into the gang's trap, and when discovered they recite their motto. May and Max (again) point out that they're literally not in the right place to recite their motto. What's Team Rocket to do? Go to the same CornerOfWoe, that's what!
--->''The '''shame'''.''
* ''Once in a Mawile'': Ash's Corphish goes DoggedNiceGuy and starts wooing the episode's featured Mawile; it has to be seen to be believed. Then he faces [[HeartbrokenBadass utter rejection]], and '''Brock''', fittingly, sympathizes with him, and gives him a RousingSpeech of some sort. Then they both start ''crying'', and Torkoal just randomly joined in for no reason!
** Later in the episode, Team Rocket captures Brock's Lombre instead of Mawile, and Meowth has a hard time [[ImagineSpot imagining]] what kind of use their Boss would have with him. Fellow idiot Wobbuffet comes out, and he and Lombre "bond" through a ''comedy routine''.
** [[TheWikiRule Bulbapedia's]] description of the Lombre [[ImagineSpot boss fantasy]] is pretty good for a giggle.
--> ''Waking up to see its loamy face in the morning...or maybe walking out to the pool to see its...no.\\
Maybe a staring contest?
* The beginning of ''Exploud and Clear'' has May ask Ash which Pokémon he's going to use for his upcoming gym battle. Ash says that, whichever he chooses, his Pokémon are awesome. We then get to see just how "awesome" they are [[http://www.serebii.net/anime/pictures/houen/342.shtml for the moment]]...
* In ''Off The Unbeaten Path'', Jessie and Meowth are sent [[OnceAnEpisode blasting off]] with their traditional cry. James meanwhile, off trying to win a contest fairly, overhears them, leading to this remark.
-->'''James:''' I thought I just heard someone say 'We're blasting off again' but we copyrighted that!
* ''Maxxed Out'': Skitty + Jessie's hair = '''EVERYONE''' laughs at her!
** A few minutes later she's thrown into the water and emerges as some kind of horrifying lake zombie. The Thing from Psycho Lagoon!
--->'''Meowth:''' Look away. Maybe she won't notice us.
* While trying to master Aerial Ace in Lilycove City, Swellow ends up falling down and gets its beak stuck in the ground. In the next episode, Swellow misses due to not paying attention and when it finally succeeds, it accidentally hits Team Rocket, causing them to blast off.
* During the Lilycove Contest, Jessie has Chimecho use Heal Bell, soothing the audience, but finds it boring and has Chimecho use Astonish, much to everyone's dismay, and even affects Ash, Pikachu, and Swellow who are outside. Of special note, it somehow affects Meowth and Swellow despite normal types being immune to ghost attacks.
** In the same contest, Meowth's deadpan facial expression at James' horrified reactions during Chimecho's battle against May's Combusken.
-->'''May''': Use Fire Spin!
-->'''James''': She's using fire?!
* In ''Having a Wailord of a Time'', Ash, Max, and Pikachu are supposed to be taking care of a Treecko, Mudkip, and Torchic. The Torchic attacks all the other Pokémon, runs away, and evolves into Combusken. Max suggests that they switch the Combusken with May's Torchic and imagine the result.
-->'''Fantasy Max''': Congratulations, May! Your Torchic evolved into Combusken!
-->'''Fantasy May''': Who are you kidding?! Do you think I'm some kind of idiot?! What have you two done with my Torchic?!
-->'''Ash''': That plan...
-->'''Max''': You're right, she'll see right through that one.
** They still use May's Torchic in place of the Combusken and try persuading the new trainer to pick Treecko or Mudkip instead.
* Ash getting a little bit too friendly with Old Man Swamp, to his friends' dismay and the old guy's annoyance.
-->'''Old Man Swamp''': Why just call me "Swampy", or "Old Man Swamp"!
-->'''Ash''': Old Man Swamp. Been in these parts a long time, have you, Swampy? Old Man Swamp.
-->'''Old Man Swamp''': Hey kid, you don't know me that well.
* In ''Who's Flying Now?'', Ash is busy looking for Winona at a festival. Brock gets distracted by the idea of beautiful girls. Ash pulls his ear.
* When Ash forgets to pack lunch in ''You Never Can Taillow'', Pikachu searches Ash's backpack and pulls out a carton of Pokémon food and opens it up only to discover it's empty. Pikachu has a hilarious heroic blue screen of death and starts shaking the container up and down with tears and it's eyes (oddly with a smile on his face), turns swirly-eyed (like it was KO'd in a battle), falls over, and looks like he's about to cry.
!!Battle Frontier
* Another contender for MoodWhiplash. How do we find out Ash's Grovyle is in love? A flower randomly popped up in his [[OralFixation twig]]! Not to mention how he acted around [[http://serebii.net/anime/pictures/kanto/438ps4.shtml her]]!
* ''Wheel Of Frontier'': it's NarmCharm, since it managed to be both Funny and Awesome, but Snorlax snags a win for Ash...by literally ''flattening'' Greta's Medicham!
* ''Showdown at the Oak Corral'': While the main focus is Cassidy and Butch trying to steal every Pokemon stored at Oak's lab, at one point, the [[ConMan Magikarp salesman]] knocks on the door and tries to sell a Magikarp to [[OnlySaneMan Tracey]], [[BlatantLies promising that it will lay golden eggs.]] Tracey angrily tells him to shove it. Only when Oak appears does the salesman realize he knocked on THE WORST DOOR POSSIBLE: [[TheDreaded Professor Oak's Laboratory.]]

!!Sinnoh League
* A lot of things Barry says and does.
* ''Fighting Fear with Fear!'': Ash's reaction once noticing Gliscor is about to glomp him.
-->'''Dawn''': Guess old habits die hard.
** Gligar's reaction whenever it's realizing it's in the middle of a battle.
* ''Ya Want to see an Evolution!'': [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ban5uv5v72c Ash's Pikachu getting its ass whooped on by the World's Strongest Magikarp]].
* Probably not intended, but in the Japanese version of the episode where Ash gave away Gliscor, Ash was smiling as he was giving it away in a very "It's finally gone, gone, gone...I'm finally alone again..." way.
* ''Ancient Family Matters:'' A large chunk of the episode is taken up by the father-son feud (or, as Pokémopolis put it, "dick-waving contest") between Roark and Byron, which consists mainly of screaming about how they love fossils more than the other does.
** Hell, anything Byron says in ''Ancient Family Matters'' and ''Dealing With Defensive Types''. Played as an [[LargeHam ENORMOUS Ham]] by Creator/DanGreen, and constantly yelling about how much he loves things, such as his Steelix, Defense, and Fossils. Complete with [[StuffBlowingUp random explosions]] every time he proclaims his love.
** Bonus points for his opinion of Team Rocket, which emphasizes their talent at digging exquisite holes and ignores their attempt to run off with his fossils.
** After going to investigate a noise in the room where Byron keeps his fossils:
---> '''Roark:''' Somebody dug this hole!
---> '''Byron:''' I don't believe it! *long pause* I love this hole! *everyone else collapses*
---> '''Ash:''' You do?
---> '''Byron:''' Give it a good look! Look how perfectly shaped it is! How it slopes gently downwards! Whoever dug this hole has the skill and the craftsmanship of a fearsome hole-digger! *everyone else collapses* I must find the artisan who did this! Think of what it would do for my excavations!
---> '''Roark:''' Dad, you better have a look over there!
---> '''Byron:''' It can't be! *points to other hole* Closer examination reveals this hole was [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything dug by]] [[TengenToppaGurrenLagann a machine]]. *everyone else collapses*
---> '''Roark:''' Can't you see that all your fossils have been ''STOLEN''!
---> '''Byron:''' Stolen? Nooo! My precious fossil collection is gone!
** There's a reason he's an EnsembleDarkhorse among the Sinnoh Gym Leaders, despite having (alongside Crasher Wake) the smallest episode count of all eight of them.
* In a filler episode, everyone takes part in a Pokemon dressup contest, where the goal is to imitate another Pokemon using your own Pokemon. Some of the entries are just ridiculous, but Ash's Pikachu is hilarious. What does he do? Proceeds to imitate several Pokemon, including Buneary, Lotad, Seviper and Wobbuffet. Even funnier is that when Pikachu imitates Wobbuffet, they added in the Pokéball opening sound!
** Dawn's Piplup also takes part and while he's doing OK as a Weedle, he gets a little bit too excited and proceeds to use Bubblebeam...
* In ''Gotta Get A Gible!'', Gible is caught by one of Team Rocket's HumongousMecha. They jump over a canyon to get away from Ash, and he runs to the point where he ALMOST makes it over the canyon when he jumps. Ash used [=ExtremeSpeed=]! [=ExtremeSpeed=] missed!
** As a bonus, he has Pikachu [[HeadPet jump on his head]] before he makes the attempt. Tip for all Pokémon Trainers: Pikachu is ''not'' [[SuperSmashBros a bunny hood]]!
* ''Piplup, Up and Away!'', has a rather brilliant moment that serves as part of the episode's plot. Piplup always ends up on the receiving end of Gible's failed Draco Meteor attacks, and eventually has a go at it. When Gible then decides to try to nom on Piplup's head...well, let's just say that the penguin Pokémon [[http://www.filb.de/anime/eppics/dp/164/page/2 finally]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmjSDkZXPzk snaps (Skip to 3:20 for the scene in question)]]. This is followed up by Piplup envisioning Ash and Dawn scolding Gible, and how Piplup sees Dawn.
** Not to mention that, when Piplup snaps out of its delusion, we see that it's actually been nuzzling up against ''[[HoYay Pikachu]]'', who is just sitting there with a -_- look on its face. It then pats Piplup on the head in a "there, there" sort of way, then runs off to be with Ash, Dawn, and Brock.
** Ash's Gible is pretty much a walking Funny generator. In one episode, Team Rocket are about to get into their newest Giant Mecha, only to find out that Gible ''has already eaten it''.
* In the episode ''Where No Togepi Has Gone Before!'', the main villain is a Togepi that's causing trouble. It's used Attract to take over Pikachu, Piplup, Croagunk, and Meowth. Brock's solution? Call out Happiny to smack all four of them back to normal.
** It's also hilarious because when they're all on the Rocket (just after Happiny has restored the guys to their senses), Happiny and Togepi have the baby Pokémon equivalent to a ''cat-fight'' (while everyone else is trying to get control of the rocket).
** When Togepi uses Attract, it also hits Jessie's Yanmega. The attack doesn't work, and once Brock explains that Attract only works on targets of the opposite sex, Jessie freaks out about the fact that her Pokémon is a female. Yanmega ''blushes in confirmation''.
* Paul's jerkassery can be so deliberate and mean that sometimes it's [[ComedicSociopathy just plain hilarious.]] In one episode, he's trying to capture a wild Drapion when Ash's Gligar comes flying toward him, unable to stop itself; whereas Ash would try to catch it, [[JerkAss Paul simply moves out of the way]], and Gligar [[http://pokemonepisode.org/episode-546-chim-charred/ flies into the rock that Paul had been standing in front of.]] Look for it at 4:05.
* In the ending to ''For The Love Of Meowth!'', for the sake of his Glameow love interest, [[spoiler:Meowth takes down Seviper, Infernape, Togekiss, and Yanmega ''using Fury Swipes''.]] Then [[spoiler:Glameow evolves into Purugly, and when Meowth figures it out, various things break down, such as a building, a big heart, and even a statue of himself!]] Hilarious.
** Earlier, Meowth tries to convince Jessie and James to get Glameow from the trainer using a hastily-created Giovanni fantasy. Even they immediately point out the holes in it.
* ''Dawn's Early Night:'' Ash crashes headlong into the door after Nando tells him that Fantina isn't available for a Gym Battle. And all of his Pokémon do it too.
* From ''An Old Family Blend!'':
-->'''Barry''': "Yeah?! Well, that means it's your fault! I want a fine in ten seconds! Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four-"
** Faced with Team Rocket's HumongousMecha, Ash decided to call on his Snorlax to literally take it down (since Ash used a similar tactic a hundred episodes back, during the beginning of the Battle Frontier saga). Then they found out that Snorlax had ''gone to sleep''. That's not the hilarious part; what's really hilarious was that Snorlax really did take the mecha down (albeit temporarily), by ''rolling over it''.
** Once Team Rocket's been taken care of, Ash asks for the rest of his Pokémon, cue Glalie freezing him and Torkoal thawing him out.
** Poor Bulbasaur. The only one of the originals to appear, made worse since it involves him getting assaulted by Heracross, ''again''!
* From ''Where No Togepi Has Gone Before'' after [[spoiler:Rayquaza blasts Team Rocket's spaceship (with everyone aboard) and the emergency parachute is incinerated]]:
-->'''Ash:''' [[OhCrap Uh oh.]]
-->'''Dawn:''' Are we...?
-->'''Brock:''' [[ThisIsGonnaSuck Gonna fall? Yes.]]
-->'''Team Rocket:''' [[CasualDangerDialogue OK, all together now!]]
-->''*everyone screams their heads off*''
* Gliscor's antics in the episode ''Doc Brock''; from volunteering to be the one to fetch Brock (Staravia got selected instead), and Brock attempting to carry it on the back (too heavy, so Brock had to leave it behind, promising to go back to Gliscor later). But then, the gang forgot all about Gliscor until the ''[[BrickJoke very end of the episode!]]''
** It's even funnier when Ash [[BreakingTheFourthWall interrupts the narrator's closing monologue]] to remind the audience that "we forgot Gliscor!"
* On several occasions during the Diamond & Pearl seasons, Cynthia is shown to be rather...indecisive when it comes to snacks. The first time this happens, it prompts Meowth to comment: "Imagine her at the grocery store!"
** By the time of the league tournament, Team Rocket ''harnesses it'' by turning her indecisiveness into CelebrityEndorsement for their shop. Later, she's shown eating an ice cream bar, [[EroticEating which visibly interests Mr. Goodshow more than the actual match]].
* ''Top-Down Training'' has Croagunk doing his usual "job" when Brock goes to flirt with Cynthia, but then Cynthia merely stops him with a quick glance. Croagunk ''blushed''.
* ''All Dressed Up With Somewhere To Go!'' has James try to use Mime Jr.'s Teeter Dance to stop our heroes from chasing them in their hot air balloon. It ends up confusing Dustox and Meowth instead - and Meowth is the one steering the balloon! It's also tied with the following:
-->'''Meowth:''' First the movie short, then TV, and now this!
* ''Bucking the Treasure Trend!'' has a scene in which the group get seperated from Piplup and Buck after getting attacked by Graveller. After fighting off a Golem with Gible, the group say they have to find Piplup. The method they use? Gible using Draco Meteor, to Dawn's dismay. It works of course, with Piplup taking a hit for its troubles. And to top it all off, Piplup rather begrudgingly ''thanks'' Gible for its help.
** Even funnier when it was the fact that: 1) Dawn could tell what Gible was about to do a mile away and 2) the meteor defies physics by traversing a cave system to find the penguin.
* Minor one, but seeing Team Rocket ''root for Ash'' during the ''Sinnoh League Victors'' season was worth a few chuckles.
* In DP, when Kenny first meets Dawn's friends, he shares embarrassing stories about Dawn from when they were 5 - like how she tried to "fix" a haircut she hated and ended up looking like a Chimchar, or when she sneezed during a school production. Ash, Brock, Pikachu and Piplup looked to be nearly ''bursting'' from the suppressed laughter each time - and laugh ''precisely when she shouts at them indignantly''!
** Then Kenny mentions Dawn coming to school in [[RummageSaleReject pajamas and mismatched shoes.]] You could hear people laugh at that from space.
*** When the story of Dawn's nickname "Dee Dee" finally comes out, it's not ''meant'' to be viewed as funny but Dawn's sheer ''trauma'' over the incident [[{{Narm}} kind of makes it so.]] Even [[AlphaBitch Ursula]] was laughing her butt off over it!
* Dawn getting lost on her way to Professor Rowan's lab in the first episode of Pokémon DP. "Not there!...Wrong way!...I want my mom!"
* In the end of ''Double-Time Battle Training'', Jessie makes Team Rocket blast off by her two Pokémon (Yanmega and Wobbuffet).
* In "Working on the Right Move", [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73PZI3VGiTw Gible actually EATS a Shadow Punch]].
* At the beginning of "Noodles, Roamin' Off!", Ash and friends are walking along a road when their usual assailants ambush them. Their response? "Oh, it's just Team Rocket." Ash says he's too busy to battle and tells Pikachu to blast them off with a quick Thunderbolt. He does.
* A wild Phione uses Supersonic on Meowth in ''Hold the Phione!'' The effect is '''priceless.'''
* Why was Staravia out of action for most of ''Jumping Rocket Ship''? He ''instantly'' fell in love with a decoy!Staravia, that's how! Doesn't help that every time the scene briefly cuts to him, he's going ''Brock'' for "her"!
** Meowth claims to have been mistreated by Jessie and James, including one particularly priceless flashback line. "I didn't tell you to buy bread, [[ImmediateSelfContradiction I told you to buy bread]]!"
* ''Steamboat Willies'': the Pokémon start a ''band''. EpicFail ensues.
* Ash and his friends mimicking Team Rocket's motto in "The Keystone Pops!"
* Paul trying to catch a Fearow in "A Maze-ing Race!", only to be constantly interrupted by Ash and his friends, who have been separated from and are looking for one another.
* Any and all of Croagunk's antics ([[{{Beat}} or lack thereof]]).
* ''A Gruff Act to Follow!'': Dawn's [[UnstoppableRage reactions]] to Paul not remembering who she is. The first time is accompanied by a volcano erupting in the background. The second time? Not only has Dawn turned bright red and has ''huge'' glowing red eyes, but the background is of ''the sun splitting into quarters.'' Brock has to run in and restrain a kicking and screaming Dawn.
-->'''Dawn''': Wha-what's wrong?
-->'''Paul''': What's wrong? Who are you?
-->'''Dawn''': Excuse ''ME'', your rudeness, but we've met once before, the name's Dawn!
-->'''Paul''': ({{beat}}) Don't remember.
-->'''Dawn''': '''''YOU THINK YOU'RE FUNNY, DON'T YA?!!'''''
-->'''Brock''': Alright, come on, Dawn! Calm down!
-->'''Dawn''': ''(at the same time)'' Listen, you nasty, insulting, spoiled brat! ''Apologize!''
** Even better? During this scene, fans noticed that Pikachu was looking up Dawn's skirt, sparking the image macro [[http://static.fjcdn.com/pictures/Pikachu_9c7667_1105999.jpg "Pikachu: He knows where the goods are."]]
* Anytime Brock flirts with a girl and receives a Poison Jab from Croagunk.
** In one episode, Brock flirts with an Officer Jenny in disguise. Croagunk is about to Poison Jab him, but Jenny tells him off, leaving Brock to complain that the sting of rejection hurts more than Croagunk's Poison Jab. Croagunk just sits there.
** When Officer Jenny finally reveals herself, Brock starts flirting again. '''Pikachu''' grabs Brock's ear and drags him away while Piplup pushes him.
** In another episode, the girl '''rejects''' Brock and Croagunk is left wondering what to do with his readied Poison Jab.
* In ''Following a Maiden's Voyage,'' the starter Chimchar and soon-to-be-Dawn's Piplup get into a fight, eventually escaping the laboratory and running off. What's the starter Turtwig doing the entire time? [[TheSnackIsMoreInteresting Munching away at its bowl of Pokémon food!]]
* Ash fails at cooking Poffins and his Pokémon don't want them, so he eats them himself and regrets it. Dawn did a good job cooking her Poffins, but none of her Pokémon like it since the recipe was made specifically for Johanna's Glameow. Meowth picks one up and likes it.
* ''Twice Smitten, Once Shy!'' The gang's Pokémon running themselves ragged trying to catch Dawn's hyper [[SuperSpeed Pachirisu]], who keeps running around like crazy and won't get back into its Poké Ball. At one point, they all try to jump on it at once, but Pachirisu runs out from ''underneath'' them a second before they hit the ground, so all six Pokémon smash head-first into each other at the same time. ''WHAM!''

!!Unova League
* ''Best Wishes'' has already had a large number. The first: Ash testing out Pikachu's newly-recharged electric attacks by having Pikachu use Thundershock and Volt Tackle on him. The Volt Tackle ends with him woozily saying something, then falling over twitching. Then the entire meeting with Iris, and him climbing up a tree and then ''jumping into the air'' to try and rescue Pikachu and Axew, before missing while trying to grab the glass cage and falling back down to the ground.
* In the ninth episode of ''Best Wishes'' (''The Bloom is on Axew!''), the beginning shows Axew's first onscreen battle. Cilan's Pansage...beats it in a CurbStompBattle while still going VERY easy on the little dragon.
** And right after that, when Axew attempts to get serious. Axew charges his Dragon Rage up in such a dramatic way...and then sneezes. Needless to say, the whole place within a ten foot radius is a bit decimated, leaving everyone burnt and twitching.
*** Cilan then dubs the attack "Dragon Sneeze." Iris is '''not''' amused.
** At the end of the episode, Iris has had enough of Ash challenging her and Axew, and tells him that ''he'' should be the one to battle Pikachu himself. Ash proceeds to do ''[[LiteralMinded just that]]''.
* ''Scraggy: Hatched to be Wild!'' Ash's Scraggy finally hatches from its egg. Later, when Ash's other Pokémon try to greet him, he tries to fight him all. Pidove gets freaked out by Scraggy's Headbutt. Oshawott gets so mad ''he has to be pulled off Scraggy''. Then he tries taking on Tepig and eventually Snivy, who casually jumps off a rock so Scraggy crashes into it and then casually holding Scraggy off with her vines. And then he headbutts Ash.
** From that same episode, [[http://images.wikia.com/es.pokemon/images/e/e3/EP677_Zuruggu_usando_malicioso.png Scraggy using Leer]].
* A wild Minccino using Tickle on Bianca's Pignite in [=BW013=] (''Minccino- Neat and Tidy!''). That is all.
** And then using Attract on Ash's Snivy.
** We also see that same Pignite acting a lot like [[CloudCuckooLander his]] [[TheDitz trainer]]. It's too much for words.
** Cilan crying over Bianca dirtying his cutlery; it's not something you'd expect from him...
** The Minccino stuffing Ash's badge case in its mouth.
** How the Minccino was caught can also qualify. Once Bianca is ready to catch him, she pulls out a very dirty Poke Ball, but takes so much time doing so that he gets away. Howver, out of instinct, he goes over to clean the Poke Ball, accidentally getting caught in the process.
* In the ''The Battle Club and Tepig's Choice'', Meowth is disguised as an Umbreon to provide a distraction. When he is finally cornered, his pursuers burst into [[ManlyTears tears of joy]] from "discovering the first Umbreon in Unova." This makes Meowth feel guilty, so he confesses that he is really just a talking Meowth. Only after he escapes do the pursuers realize that a talking Meowth is also rare, leading them to burst into tears once more.
* ''Scare at Litwick Mansion!'': Cilan screaming like a little girl. That. Is. All.
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2gd0cxx8zM Cilan screams like a girl for almost ten minutes.]]
* Burgundy's ImagineSpot of Evil Cilan in ''A Connoisseur's Revenge'', complete with the evil laugh. Pansage's menacing expression in the background also helps.
** At one point, she attempts to evaluate Ash's Snivy by ''licking her.''
*** ''And'' gets vine-whipped in the tongue for her trouble.
**** All of the Pokemon's abusing her is pretty funny but Pikachu takes the cake. You can mock his trainer and insult his friends, but the moment you declare he isn't cute is the moment where he deals out [[DisproportionateRetribution 10000 volts of electricity.]]
* Iris and Georgia's interactions as rivals. It's basically a CatFight without any actual fighting, and it's ''hilarious''.
* In ''Reunion Battles in Nimbasa'', Ash is trying to get Trip's attention and is waving him over to the group. Trip ''obviously'' sees Ash via his camera lens but [[SugarAndIcePersonality then decides to ignore him]] after he looks directly at Ash. The expression on Ash's face is priceless.
** Iris getting a bad vibe from her first opponent, someone wearing a ''Watchog costume''.
* Ash's Snivy was alternately made of this and {{Badass}} in ''Emolga and the New Volt Switch''. Usually by using her Vine Whip to discipline the kinda-{{Jerkass}} Iris' Emolga. The part where Emolga tries to sneak away from the battle with Simisear (that ''she'' caused) and gets grabbed, as if Snivy's saying, "I'll deal with ''you'' after I take care of this." is hilarious.
** Later in the episode, Emolga pulls a WoundedGazelleGambit by explaining how a trio of Watchog tormented her...in a little scene illustrated with ''paper cutouts.'' It's so cute it's funny.
** This episode also has Chivalrous!Oshawott who, being the ButtMonkey of Ash's Unova team, [[EpicFail fails]] at looking cool.
* From the episode before (''Emolga the Irresistable''), Iris' (soon to be) Emolga spreads Attract onto a flock of Swoobat (it fails on the girls, of course). [[EpicFail It also affects Excadrill!]]
* ''Oshawott's Lost Scalchop!'': Oshawott thinks he finds his scalchop and puts it on his chest. It's a Joltik. The little critter is ''not'' happy about this.
* Sawk using Bulk Up in ''The Club Battle Hearts of Fury: Emolga vs. Sawk!'', where he strikes some of the most over-the-top and manly poses you can think of. [[http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/6/6a/Stephan_Sawk_Bulk_Up.png Like this.]]
** More funny is that he does that EVERY TIME he uses Bulk Up. And Bianca goes nuts.
* In ''Club Battle Finale: A Hero's Outcome'', after chasing down Zorua for three episode straight, Bianca finally catches her. Zorua GIVES UP running away from Bianca and Bianca later on that night puts clothes on her in reference to the Pokémon Musical subplot. Zorua is not amused.
** Later on in the episode, Bianca taunts Luke into making him move closer to watch Ash and Iris battle. It works.
** Cilan and Burgundy's "Evaluation Time" duet. Enough said.
* The end of ''Purrloin: Sweet or Sneaky?'' The Purrloin that Meowth and Oshawott fell in love with [[UnsettlingGenderReveal turned out to be a male]]. But [[BiTheWay he wasn't exactly outright rejecting their advances, either]]. Their expression is priceless.
** It could have been that he was playing along to get them to help him, but it's funny either way.
* In ''Dazzling the Nimbasa Gym'', Ash needs to be reminded that Palpitoad was only his first knocked out Pokémon and that he's allowed two more...and he leaves the Gym because he didn't ''bring'' any others! Cue Elesa's WTF look.
** In the same episode, after Snivy and Emolga are unaffected by Attract, Ash proves just how off his game he ''really'' is:
--> '''Ash''': It didn't work!
--> '''Elesa''' You're right; by any chance, would your Snivy happen to be a girl?
--> '''Ash (looking completely embarrassed)''': Argh, of course! ''I totally forgot''!!
--> (Cut to Iris, Cilan, Pikachu and Axew with disbelieving expressions. Cue FaceFault.)
--> '''Iris (eyebrow twitching)''': How many times will it take for Ash to learn that Attract doesn't ''work'' between girls!?
--> '''Cilan''': Good question, although this ''is'' Ash after all!
--> '''Pikachu and Axew (sitting with their backs against each other, sweatdropping)''': "Pika..."/"Axew..."
*** Put that into perspective: He ''forgot his own Pokémon's sex''.
** And ''[[UpToEleven then]]'':
--> '''Ash''': So what? Snivy's a Grass-type Pokémon, so Electric-types moves won't have much effect anyway.
--> '''Elesa (smiling indulgently)''': You're forgetting something, Ash.
--> '''Ash''': Huh?
--> '''Elesa''': Emolga may be an Electric-type, but it's also a Flying-type.
--> '''Ash''': Huh...and [[CaptainObvious Flying-type moves are strong against Grass-types]]...''(cue FreakOut expression)'' [[OhCrap OH MAN, SNIVY'S A GRASS-TYPE POKÉMON]]!!
* Ash manages to be so close to defeating ''the Champion of Unova''...until everyone realizes that Alder was actually ''sleeping''.
** In that same episode, when Ash and Trip first meet up with Alder, the normally calm and collected Trip [[{{Kuudere}} goes full-on fanboy and his voice increases to a hilariously childish pitch as he's speaking]].
* Ash LOVES food. We all know that. Recently, it seems to have become something of a BerserkButton for him ''and'' Pikachu to see it wasted, judging by their [[NightmareFace Nightmare Faces]] [[http://serebii.net/anime/pictures/bestwishes/717.shtml here]]. Completely out of left field, man.
* Meowth's PreAssKickingOneLiner to the Dream Thief in ''Best Wishes'', seen below. His [[UnstoppableRage ludicrously]] [[OutOfCharacterMoment angry]] delivery just makes it better.
--> '''Dream Thief:''' A Meowth that can talk? We'll be rolling in dough! Now just sign this contract...
--> '''Meowth:''' '''AFTER ALL YOU PUT ME THROUGH, I WOULDN'T SIGN YOUR ''REPORT CARD''!!!''' ([[ClothingDamage slashes Dream Thief's clothes off]]. [[SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome With one attack]]).
** Basically everything Meowth does, falling asleep and messing with Ash (not on purpose) and getting woken up by being spiced. The Dream Thief is hilarious in the Japanese original with his absolutely ridiculous GratuitousFrench which completely steals the spotlight
* Cilan and Stephan cosplaying as Elesa and Nurse Joy, respectively. Cilan can pull it off. Mostly.
** Made funnier by the fact he lost simply because he was ''too into the role'' and creeped the judge out.
** Plus the judge is a fan of Elesa, making Cilan's crushed reaction to knowing he probably couldn't have succeeded all the more priceless.
* The mere sight of Tepig and Oshawott in afro wigs in the episode ''"Baffling the Bouffalant"'' is enough to make people laugh '''BEFORE''' the episode ''aired''.
** Snivy absolutely ''refusing'' one also warrants a mention.
** [[http://www.serebii.net/anime/pictures/bestwishes/727/DP173.jpg Excadrill's pompadoured afro is a riot!]]
** [[RapunzelHair Iris]] with afro puffs
** It should be noted that the dub of the episode seems to go out of their way ''not'' to say the word "afro". The fact that at least one background track in the episode is noticeably Funkier than you'd expect for the series lets you know that yes, the dubbers know full well that they're not fooling anyone.
* In the Clubsplosion arc, Ash's Scraggy learns to use Focus Blast. However, it's not really very focused, even in the subsequent matches and after intensive training. [[http://i46.servimg.com/u/f46/15/96/40/77/7455fe10.jpg Cue Iris, Cilan, Axew, and Pikachu's hilarious expressions.]]
** In that same arc, Cilan's Evaluation Time getting stopped by Stephan's Sawk's karate chop and its followed up by Pansage's dodge failing against Sawk's low sweep. Followed by Cilan's shocked look and then PANSAGE GETS SMACKED RIGHT INTO CILAN!! The funniest part is the slapstick sound effect that further emphasizes how much Cilan got curb-stomped. This is then followed by the announcer getting Stephan's entire name wrong.
** Bianca's obsession with muscles. That is all.
* This exchange in ''Battling the Leaf Thieves'' (they're walking through a Durants' nest):
--->'''Iris''': Make sure not to bump your heads.
--->'''Cilan''': Got it. ''(promptly knocks his head against a low stalactite)''
** And later continued--
--->'''Iris''': Watch your feet.
--->'''Cilan''': Yeah. ''(immediately slips and falls on the ground, complete with sound effect)''
* From another movie-making episode, they decide to spoof the famous MGM logo...and they had to use a ''Zorua'' instead of a lion analogue! What.
* From ''Crisis at Ferroseed Research'', after the whole moss issue is resolved, Ash thought it would be a good idea to have Pikachu unleash all the electricity stored in his body. So Pikachu lets it out, but the electricity comes back and almost hits Oshawott. Oshawott blocks the electricity with its scalchop but then it hits Ash, Iris, Cilan ''and'' Georgia. When Oshawott turns around to see what happens, he puts his scalchop down and gets electrocuted too.
* From ''Piplup, Pansage, and a Meeting of the Times'', Dawn's reaction to Cilan's "EVALUATION TIME!" is ''priceless.''
** In the same episode, after the big finish between Piplup and Pansage's battle, Meloetta comes up to dance with Piplup. Oshawott comes out of his Pokeball in a jealous fit and Piplup just reacts with an awesome "u mad bro?" face.
** Additionally, while Dawn, Iris, and Ash are giving their reactions to Cilan's Evaluation Time speech, Cynthia just sits there and still watches ''without being phased or thrown off'' by Cilan. Either she is a master of being stoic or has a WeirdnessCensor.
* In "Clash Of The Connoisseurs", Cilan's Crustle accidentally sends Burgundy "blasting off" with one of its attacks. At that point, Ash (elsewhere in the general area) looks up and notes that that sounded oddly familiar...
* Scrafty's method of kidnapping Axew in ''Meowth's Scrafty Tactics'' -- it ''shoves Axew into its pants''.
* ''All for the Love of Meloetta!'': The gang and Cynthia are heading out when suddenly, the music turns tense, she mutters "wait just a minute..." and the scene darkens and goes to a close-up of Cynthia's eyes, putting everyone on edge. After about three seconds, [[BrickJoke she finally figures out what flavor of Bearticone she wants.]] Everyone else pretty much ''collapses.''
* In ''Lost At The League'', Pikachu's reaction to Oshawott stealing the apples the Trubbish were going to eat. He pulls this blank face as he mutters "Pika Pika" stoically as if to say "Oshawott...you're an idiot." And Emolga doing the same made it even funnier.
* In ''The Fires of a Red-Hot Reunion!'', Iris wonders why her Dragonite's Dragon Rush didn't do more against Ash's Charizard, [[CriticalResearchFailure as it is a Dragon Type.]] This is quickly followed by three {{beat}} reactions from Ash, Cilan and Pikachu. Charizard, however, has a completely shocked WTF face complete with sweatdrop, while Iris's Dragonite just has a "Really? -_-" look.
** N was also included in on the reactions. EpicFail indeed, Iris.
** This is funny for [[HilariousInHindsight a different reason]] as of ''VideoGame/PokemonXAndY''.
* And then came ''Crowning the Scalchop King,'' where Ash's Oshawott falls in love with Osharina, a female Oshawott. The first attempt made by Oshawott was giving Osharina some flowers, [[http://www.serebii.net/anime/pictures/bestwishes/787ps1.shtml but he quickly gets hit in the head by a Dewott nicknamed Caesar.]]
** Then comes the scene where Oshawott tries to use Aqua Jet. Oshawott gets too distracted by Osharina's beauty...[[http://www.serebii.net/anime/pictures/bestwishes/787ps6.shtml which results in Oshawott hitting Ash directly in the head.]]
** Then, after Oshawott wins the battle against Caesar and is crowned the winner, Oshawott goes all heart-eyed again as Ash says a tearful farewell to Oshawott. However, Osharina [[spoiler: rejects Oshawott in the favor of Caesar, who also had a love interest in Osharina]]. [[http://www.serebii.net/anime/pictures/bestwishes/787ps11.shtml Oshawott's reaction]] is '''PRICELESS!''' Heck, even Oshawott's '''scalchop breaking in half''' (representing his broken heart) made it much funnier!
** At the very end, [[HereWeGoAgain Oshawott falls in love with a female Cinccino]] and proceeds to chase after the Cinccino while holding the flowers he tried to give to Osharina earlier.
* In ''Team Plasma's Pokémon Manipulation!'', Team Plasma grunts are at the white ruins, observing the excavation. They report that nothing has been uncovered by Cedric Juniper's excavation team. Cut to Cedric Juniper...
-->'''Cedric:''' Look! The discovery of the century!
-->'''Researcher 1:''' Huh?
-->'''Researcher 2:''' You've done it Professor Juniper!
-->'''Cedric:''' Hasn't happened yet. Back to work!
* The Best Wishes Decolora Adventure! ending theme ends with an impressive shot of all of Ash's friends and rivals holding hands with one another. Including Paul. ''Paul.'' Holding. Hands.
* ''Cilan And The Case Of The Purrloin Witness'' has CharacterOfTheDay Mr. Shaw make a vow to get the Liepard's Eye jewel and makes an evil laugh though he's not evil. Response? Watchhog slams the door in his face, and it's like it's telling him "Shut up!"
* In ''The Island of Illusions'', Ash runs [[spoiler:Zoroark!]]Nurse Joy and Audino ragged by asking where each one is. So they keep running back and forth and back and forth until they get exhausted.
* The first act of ''The Path That Leads To Goodbye!'' is presented by Cilan as a HowWeGotHere flashback. At the start of the second act, Team Rocket is preparing to ambush the twerps, and Meowth gets his own HowWeGotHere flashback... to a ten-second scene of them deciding to ambush them. Jessie even calls out his bizarre narration by the end.
* In ''Capacia Island UFO!'' Ash, Pikachu, and Team Rocket confront the Beheeyems about them hypnotizing the rest of island (as well as Mewoth who they're using to communicate) and ask why ''they'' weren't hypnotized. As it turns out, "idiots are hard to hypnotize." [[http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y158/Pikachu315111/AshTeamRocketIdiot_zps1ac82b42.png The groups reaction makes it even better.]]
** Even funnier because in Pikachu's case, he ''was'' hypnotized earlier, so he's not technically part of the above statement.
* Pignite in ''The Journalist From Another Region'' beats down several Pokemon in the tournament including a [[LazyBum Slaking]]...but he didn't need to beat it up. Instead, he beat it because Slaking was, well, slacking off!
* In ''Curtain Up, Unova League'', everyone suddenly starts pronouncing Stephan's name correctly. He's about to correct them out of habit when he realizes they got it right and incredulously asks them what they just called him. Iris says it again and asks, "That's your name, isn't it?" and everyone just generally acted like that's how they'd been pronouncing it all along.
* In ''Pirates of the Decalore Islands'', Oshawott tries to stand up to the pirates only for Octillery to spray ink in its face. Oshawott willingly retreats into its pokeball instead of the usual having Ash recall it.
* Ash's reaction to Burgundy being blasted off in 'Clash of the Connoisseurs'.
-->'''Ash''' Huh, could have sworn I've heard that before."

!!Kalos League
* It seems Bonnie is the new Brock of this season- every time a pretty girl shows up, she gets down on one knee and proposes they marry...her brother.
** And to mirror Brock getting dragged away by the ear, Bonnie gets dragged away by Clemont's mechanical Aipom arm.
** This also leads to Bonnie asking Diantha, the ''CHAMPION OF KALOS,'' to marry Clemont.
* In [=XY010=], James's rambling during the ColdOpening gets cut off by the opening theme.
** The "[[OverlyLongGag overuse]]" of the word Mega during that segment.
** In the same episode, Bonnie and Serena's imitation of Team Rocket's introduction. Later, Team Rocket says it themselves, only to find Ash and Clemont weren't listening and trying to get Bonnie, Professor Sycamore, and Serena untied the whole time.
** When Jessie and James tie up the girls, Bonnie orders Dedenne to attack, who's crawled into her backpack to take a nap.
* Serena getting bombarded by Fletchling just like the games. However, unlike the games, this is much funnier.
* It's early days, but it's already been well established that Clemontic Gears [[RunningGag rarely last more than a few minutes]] [[MadeOfExplodium before blowing up in everyone's faces]] and giving the human characters afros. The aftermath is always hilarious, but especially with the Sticky Web cannon, which gave ''all the Pokémon that were currently out'' afros as well. Including '''Fletchling'''. Pikachu even gets one on his tail!
* How Jessie captures her Pumpkaboo. She literally just flicks a Poké Ball at it and its caught. It's more like something James would do!
* When Meowth asks who gets credit for poaching Pikachu and the Kalos starters, a fight breaks out. James says he built the net that caught the Pokemon, Meowth says it was his idea, and Jessie says she gave the signal. James points out that Jessie had the easiest job and is therefore not an accomplishment and states that Inkay was responsible for their escape and being Inkay's trainer, claims that as his second accomplishment. Jessie and James decide to settle things with a Pokemon battle which ends up destroying the balloon.
* When they're looking for Dedenne, they come across some holes and literally try to catch it (think Whack-A-Mole without the hammer). Pikachu and Bunnelby also get in the holes, followed by screenshots of the heroes searching the holes including one where Clemont grabs Pikachu, gets electrocuted, and Pikachu apologizes with a sheepish grin on its face.
** At the end of the episode, Clemont uses a machine that generates static electricity to help Dedenne recharge. He pulls on a lever and it works. When Ash and Bonnie ask him to turn it off, he shows that he accidentally broke the lever off while smiling and with his [[ScaryShinyGlasses glasses lens white]]. Cue the machine blowing up.
*** And while everyone freaks out over the machine, Dedenne just leisurely walks away from it like nothing's happening.
* Ash explaining evolution to Bonnie in [=XY012=].
-->'''Ash:''' You see, evolution is like this: They shine with a "Spark!", change shape with a "Boom!",and they make you go, "Whoa!". Get it?
* In the episode where Dedenne accidentally switches places with a Pichu, Clemont builds a machine that sends out electric waves to attract Dedenne. As usual, the machine blows up, giving all the humans "afros", even funnier is that Pikachu managed to avoid getting a fur afro despite being caught at the explosion's epicenter.
** At the end with Dedenne and Pichu reunited with their trainers, Ash ruins the heartfelt moment with his [[BigEater stomach]], annoying Serena. But that's not the funny part. Everyone laughs except for Pikachu who has a "some things never change" look on his face.
* In the Froakie vs Frogadier episode, Clemont invents a pair of boots allowing the wearer to jump higher like a ninja. Surprisingly, the boots don't explode, but malfunction all the same and send Clemont blasting off a la Team Rocket style.
** For a majority of the episode, Pikachu, Bonnie, and Dedenne play ninja while Ash and Froakie train.
* The princess of Parfum Palace agrees to hand over the pokeflute to Ash, in exchange for having Clemont as a "guest". At the end of the episode, the protagonists are about to leave when Bonnie remembers that Clemont is still at Parfum Palace. At that point, Clemont reunites with his friends and sister and in his underwear. He tells them that he built a robot and put his jumpsuit on it to take his place and fool the princess. The princess is not amused by this.
** Given it was also one of Clemont's inventions, [[RunningGag Only the]] [[MadeOfExplodium inevitable ensues when she smacks the robot out of anger]].
* In "Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!", Ash and Pikachu fall off the Prism Tower. Ash then lands on a cushion. As for Pikachu, well...
--> '''Bonnie:''' I got you [=PikaCHUUUUUU=]! (catches Pikachu, they both fall over).
** And later, Bonnie gives Pikachu a hug, who then [[UngratefulBastard shocks her]].
*** In his defence, she ''was'' squeezing him too hard, which Clemont points out is why he shocked her. He did appreciate her catching him at least.
* Professor Sycamore tries to get on the good graces of Diantha's assistant by flirting with her. She smacks him on the nose with a book instead.
* In ''Going for the Gold!,'' when the gang visits Ambrette Aquarium, Bonnie [[http://pkmn-trainer-snowsky.tumblr.com/post/91741934949/pelipper-ash-co-visit-the-aquarium imitating the Wooper]] is good for a laugh.
* "The Cave of Mirrors" is a MirrorUniverse plot with a few standout gags: Clemont the energetic magic-user, Hawlucha the {{jobber}}, and the heroic Team Rocket with a ridiculously manly-voiced Meowth and Wobbuffet.
*** Speaking of that episode, this Troper found the following exchange HilariousInHindsight:
--> '''Ash''': ''"Give us back our Pikachu!"''
--> '''Meowth''': ''"Sure, right when you grow up!''"
* Korrina's family apparently has a tradition where the next gym leader is handed a secret document filled with information on what makes a good gym leader. When Ash and friends help retrieve said document from Team Rocket, Korrina's grandfather agrees to tell them its secrets: as it turns out, it's actually a bunch of rules that could best be described as routine and manners. What's more, Gurkinn himself wrote the document. Needless to say, the party gives the [[BigWhat appropriate reaction]].
* In "Day Three Blockbusters!" Sycamore and his assistant have a flashback to an offscreen fishing competition the Pokémon Summer Camp held. Most of the catches are generic water-types, such as Staryu, Tentacool, and Corphish (which chases Clemont). Trevor's catch however? A Wailord. This is made funnier by how short and thin Trevor is.
* "Origins of Mega Evolution" The group run into Korrina again, and by Ash's consent, get to watch him train... except this particular one involves the 'rhythmic' style he's trying from Tierno (which it turns out Ash can't dance well). Cue Korrina and Lucario with blank looks, somewhere between laughter and '''What'' am I seeing?':
-->"Now I've seen it all... that's Ash's training..."
* In ''The Clumsy Crier Quiets the Chaos'', some Pokemon have been injured by a wild Salamence. An ambulance brings a Linoone and Bidoof to the Pokemon Center. Bonnie and Serena take Linoone inside while Clemont is about to use his mechanical Aimpom arm to bring Bidoof's gurney inside, complete with the Route 4 music that accompanies whenever Clemont is about to use an invention, but the music ends when Clemont realizes that Ash already took Bidoof inside.
* In ''Pathways to Performance Partnering'', the character of the day (Nini) offers to trade one of her Pokemon for Serena's Pancham. Serena and Pancham are surprised by this, while Chespin smiles and begins to push Pancham towards Nini.
* When Froakie evolves into Frogadier, Ash's friends aren't around to see it thanks to a flock of Golbat separating them. When Ash shows off his new Frogadier, Bonnie is disappointed that she didn't get to see Froakie evolve and asks Frogadier to turn back into a Froakie so she can see the evolution process.
* The episode where Ash and friends first arrive in Coumarine City seemed to be written specifically to torture Clemont. First, we had Bonnie ask yet another girl to take care of him, while Chespin ''simultaneously'' flirts with the girl's Bellossom! All Clemont can do is pull Bonnie back with his Aipom Arm and recall Chespin and walk away. When the gang head up to the ranch, we are reminded once again of how out-of-shape Clemont is when he can't make it up the hill. He unveils his newest invention to help him get up the hill, which are essentially weird rocket scooters that inevitably explode, ala Wile E. Coyote. Clemont ends up crashing through the fence of a ranch and gets attacked by a bunch of Victreebel for it, one of whom tries to eat him the way James' Victreebel used to! And when Ash tells Pikachu to attack the Victreebel with a Thunderbolt to get Clemont out of there, the Victreebel pull back at the last second and Clemont gets hit instead! That was just not his day.
* In the episode when Tierno returns, Team Rocket's latest mecha captures Tierno's Wartortle and Raichu and Ash's Sligoo. Raichu electrocutes the cage they're in and considering [[ShockAndAwe Raichu]] and [[MakingASplash Wartortle's]] types...
* In the Poke Ball Factory episode, Jessie and James accidentally spray paint Pikachu and Meowth. Pikachu is given the Nest, Great, Net, and Repeat ball designs while Meowth is painted with the Safari ball design.
* Watching Serena's second Performance on TV, Professor Sycamore was so happy for her that he twirls around and excitedly tries to glomp one of his assistants. The assistant wisely sidesteps out of the way, and Sycamore loses his footing, landing face-first on the floor. [[/folder]]
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