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** Any scene where Gummy appears.


** Any scene where Gummy appears.appears.
** Pinkie Pie talks about [=HeadON=] and repeats the commercial.
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* A lot of stuff, really.
** Dominic referring to Pinkie Pie as "The Horse from Hell" when she wakes him up.
** Dominic hisses and covers his eyes when she turns the lights on.
** Dominic trying to explain Cocaine and committing to Pinkie Pie.
--> Pinkie Pie: "Is it a potion? A potiony potion? A sweet crack potion that tastes like your coca-cola?"
--> "Err....no, not that!" I said, "It's...uh...a poison! A poisony poison! A disgusting crack poison that does NOT taste like my Coca-Cola."
** Full Beats gets told not to touch the food or else he'll eat it all...and then he goes over to start draining the cider instead.
** Any scene where Gummy appears.
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