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History Funny / MyBestFriendsWedding

1st May '14 1:11:06 PM ChaoticNovelist
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* George and his partner Werner are hosting a dinner party when Julianne calls from Chicago, frantically shrieking a message into his answering machine.
27th Jul '12 10:07:06 AM lipranzer
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* After Julianne talks George into being TheBeard to make Michael jealous, George decides to play the part for all its worth to call Julianne out on how wrong she is:
-->'''Julianne:''' You're going to humiliate me, aren't you?
-->'''George:''' Only if I can.
* After [[spoiler: Kim catches Julianne kissing Michael]], and they all run after each other, Kimberly's mother and a few older women wedding guests are watching from afar:
-->'''Kimberly's mother:''' (''indicating Julianne'') That's our maid of honor. ({{Beat}}) She's from New York. (''the other women nod in understanding'')
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