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* In the very first issue of Carol's ''Captain Marvel'' series, Absorbing Man takes a number of shots at Carol, calling her Captain America's secretary and deriding Captain America for taking orders from a woman.
--->'''Carol''': "This 'broad' left the service a full bird colonel. So ''technically'', I outrank him."
--->'''Steve''': "I've been trying to get you demoted for years."
* Later, he succeeds in finally demoting her:
--->'''Steve''': "Bottom line is this: you have lead the Avengers. You have saved the world. '''''Quit being an adjunct'''''... take the mantle."
--->'''Steve''': "Unless you don't think you can handle it."
--->'''Carol''': "Wait, did you just '''dare me'''?"
--->'''Steve''': "You're Air Force. Always works."
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