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20th Sep '13 12:37:00 PM PeabodySam
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!!''The Rock Raiders Meet BIONICLE'':
* From Chapter 59:
-->'''Chief''': Based on how well we've been working, by tomorrow we'll have [[TakeOverTheWorld CONQUERED THE WORLD]]! [[VerbalBackspace I mean]], finished repairing the LMS Explorer.
* Chapter 63 [[LampshadeHanging lampshades]] villains' tendencies to wait until a certain time before initiating their evil plans.
-->'''Bob''': Don't touch it yet! You'll mess everything up! It has to be done at a certain time!
-->'''Tim''': Why?
-->'''Bob''': Just because I'm crazy and feel like I should wait another 4 hours!
** Later from that chapter, once Sam begins to realize that his Author Powers are gone:
-->'''Sam''': Fox, give me a tutu!
-->'''Fox''': What? Why?
-->'''Sam''': I'm testing something!
-->'''Fox''': You're just making me do this so you can put me in a vortex of doom and evil, filled with evil stuff, aren't you?
-->'''Sam''': No! Well, maybe, but just give me one!
** And from the end of the chapter:
-->'''Primis''': No, I don't like it! This has to be the worst chapter I've seen!
-->'''Mobius''': Yeah! We can't allow this horrible thing!
-->'''Primis''': Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
-->'''Mobius''': Yep.
-->'''Primis''': [[TorchesAndPitchforks Grab the pitchforks! Light the torches!]]
-->'''Mobius''': Get the rubber duckies!
-->'''Primis and Mobius''': ANGRY MOB AGAINST PEABODYSAM!
-->'''[=PeabodySam=]''': [[OhCrap Uh, oh]]...
* In one chapter of Season 3, after Bob stole Sam and Fox's Author Powers, he demonstrates his abilities by forcing Sam to wear a tutu. When Bob realizes that he just pushed Sam's BerserkButton, he panics. Since [[LostEpisode the chapter no longer exists]], this isn't the exact quote, but it's pretty close:
-->'''Bob''': [[OhCrap Eep]]!
-->'''Sam''': First, you stole my [[RealityWarper Author Powers]], then you stole my SignatureMove, and now [[HeyThatsMyLine you're stealing my line]]? THAT'S IT!
-->[''cue CurbStompBattle'']
* In Chapter 67, Sam and Fox play a game of Guess Who to determine who gets to be captain.
-->'''Sam''': Is your character... [[RunningGag wearing a tutu]]?
-->'''Fox''': [''sighs''] Yes.
-->[''Sam knocks down all cards except for Fox'']
-->'''Fox''': Who made this version of Guess Who anyways?
* In Chapter 70, an error in the Cast List causes some confusion:
-->'''Fox''': I still have my Fox Nuva Powers!
-->'''Bob''': No, you don't!
-->'''Fox''': Check out the cast list.
-->'''Bob''': Well, uh... [''changes cast list so it no longer says that Fox has the Fox Nuva Powers''] There! Ha!
* From Chapter 79:
-->'''Chief''': Okay, so now that this ship is re-powered, let's go attack Bob!
-->'''Gears''': Well, where's Sparks? Because I think there's still one more problem with this ship...
-->'''Chief''': What's wrong with the ''Vermeer Mk. IV''?
-->[''the'' Vermeer Mk. IV ''[[StuffBlowingUp blows up]] for no apparent reason'']
-->'''Gears''': ... that.
* In Chapter 81, Chief and Jet try to trick Sam into a HeelFaceTurn:
-->'''Chief''': [[LukeIAmYourFather Sam! I am your father!]]
-->'''Sam''': No, you're not.
-->'''Chief''': Uh... yes, I am!
-->'''Sam''': No, you're not! You're just some old guy who was formerly my boss!
* In Chapter 91, Bob reminisces about his StartOfDarkness. He recalls the time he was trapped in a cave-in on Pluto, then Tim crash-landed on Pluto and rescued him. Then, Bob learns ''what'' vehicle Tim crash-landed into Pluto:
-->'''Bob''': A bicycle?!? YOU CRASHED A BICYCLE IN SPACE?!?
-->'''Tim''': Yeah... honestly, I'm not sure of how I did that...
** Later, from the same chapter, Nuju gets tired of having Matoro constantly following him around and translating ''everything'' he says.
-->'''Matoro''': [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Nuju says "STOP REPEATING EVERYTHING I SAY!"]]
-->'''Nuju''': [[{{Angrish}} ARGH]]! [''tackles Matoro'']
*** This was also one of the rare cases where emoticons were used in a truly funny manner, though it's not possible to replicate this in TV Tropes formatting. When Nuju yelled at Matoro in bird language, he ended his line with the "burnmad" emote, which Matoro repeated when he translated Nuju's speech.
* In Chapter 93, Tim and Jack are confronted by Shade, who recently defeated Bob and has taken over as the new BigBad.
-->'''Tim''': What are we going to do?
-->'''Jack''': I have a plan...
-->[''dramatic music builds up'']
-->'''Jack''': [[DirtyCoward TAKE TIM INSTEAD!]] [''runs away as [[LettingTheAirOutOfTheBand the music abruptly stops]]'']
-->'''Tim''': [[OhCrap Oh, great]]!
* From Chapter 96, we have another rare example of emoticons used for comedy, once again courtesy of Nuju. Axle plays a tape recorder of Nuju speaking bird language and everyone else expressing confusion with the "huh" emote. In response, [[LampshadeHanging Nuju wonders how a tape recorder that only records sound could record emoticons]].
** Later, from the same chapter:
-->'''Nuju''': So, what have the Rock Raiders been up to lately?
-->'''Axle''': Oh, you know. The usual. Loosing power... getting teleported to the ''Executioner''... finding out Air's [[TheMole a spy]]... getting fooled by Shade... probably walking into a jail cell this very moment...
-->'''Nuju''': Whoa! [[UnusuallyUninterestingSight And you said this was "the usual?"]]
-->'''Axle''': You have no idea...
** The chapter concludes with the Rock Raiders, Rahkshi, and Toa Nuva trapped in a jail cell aboard the ''Executioner'', and everything they've tried to use to escape has failed. It seems all hope is lost... and then a RunningGag makes a [[MomentOfAwesome truly epic]] and hilarious return.
-->'''Vorahk''': Donít worry, since [[HopeSpot there's still one more hope]]...
-->[''scene changes to Metru Nui'']
-->'''Turahk''': [[NeverLiveItDown YOU POISONED MY PIZZAS]]!
-->'''Lerahk''': [[BigShutUp SHUT UP]]!
-->'''Kurahk''': [[ComicallyMissingThePoint STOP TELLING ME TO SHUT UP]]!
-->[''back on the ''Executioner]
-->'''Sam''': [[ThisIsGonnaSuck No way, we're putting our faith in]] ''[[ThisIsGonnaSuck those]]'' [[ThisIsGonnaSuck clowns]]?

!!''Two Worlds'':
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