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* Izzy avoids TheTalk.
--> '''Izzy:''' When can I have sex?
--> ''[{{beat}}]''
--> '''Rosie:''' When you get your Master's Degree.[[note]]Given the amount of study required for such a degree, Rosie is saying that Izzy can't have sex until she's at least 22.[[/note]]
* Izzy tries to haggle it down to fifteen. Rosie relents and says seventeen is okay. Izzy responds "fifteen is the new seventeen."
* When Izzy and Rosie are playing with the Barbies, the scenario is a SoapOpera esque wedding interruption. Rosie gets uncomfortable because Izzy has her 'character' insult the other's fashion sense - so she backtracks and tries to change the scenario to them making friends.
--> '''Izzy:''' Why is she suddenly being nice?
--> '''Rosie:''' She's manic depressive.
* Rosie's ex-husband asks her if she has any dates. When she replies in the negative, he says completely seriously "you have ''got'' to get over me already."
* Rosie thinks Adam is cheating on her and Nathan walks in, casually talking about how one knows when Rosie is really mad - as her voice gets high-pitched. Which it has.
--> '''Nathan:''' After my Bachelor Party, only dogs could hear her.
--> '''Adam:''' I believe it.
* Nathan also compares the situation to a LoveTriangle with him as Creator/BruceWillis, Adam as Creator/AshtonKutcher and Rosie as Creator/DemiMoore. They get sidetracked wondering how to properly pronounce Demi's name. Rosie interrupts with her voice now ''very'' high.
--> '''Rosie:''' I am not Demi! You are not Ashton! And YOU! ''[points at Nathan]'' You are ''definitely'' not Bruce Willis!
* When Rosie discovers that Izzy and Mel crank called various celebrities, Rosie starts falling apart. Izzy suggests her own punishment: writing an apology letter to everyone she called and not using the phone for a week. Rosie changes it to one month, but Izzy advises "that's excessive; two weeks" and Rosie agrees.
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