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* Just this...

--> Cadance pointed smugly at her horn. “I am the goddess of love, so it kind of my job to know these things. And besides, I have caught her looking at my rump enough times so…”

-->“Oh if were going by that statistic then I have you beat by many years Cadenza” said Celestia with a grin, shaking her own rump to emphasize her point.

-->“She was probably just astonished at how oppressively large it was” said Luna, looking sour.

-->“And what are you implying dear sister?” said Celestia sarcastically.

-->“I am implying that thine rump carries about the same attractiveness as an aging hydra's backside.”

-->That got her blood boiling. Celestia growled, leaping at her sister and tackling her. Cadance laughed as they rolled around hitting each other, at least till she took a random hoof to the face, which made her angry as she dived into the maelstrom. After a few minutes of kicking, biting, mane pulling and a few errant spells, the doors slammed open and a booming voice filled the room.
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