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Funny highlights from the video game [[Videogame/HeartOfDarkness Heart of Darkness]].
* The Master of Darkness taking out his frustration by tossing his servant into walls. Just when he throws his servant directly at a spiky column, a shadow monster steps in the way and the servant crashes into his enormous gut.
* After Andy turns the Amigos' last apple into a whole tree of apples, an overjoyed Amigo tries to eat two of them at once and gets his hands stuck in his mouth.
* The head honcho of the Amigos in regards to his vision of Andy's arrival.
--> '''Honcho:''' I know why you come. My vision eye sees all there is! Looky...I draw my vision!
--> ''(He produces a parchment with a crude stick figure drawing.)''
--> '''Honcho:''' Just like you, huh? Hehehe.
--> ''(Andy looks noticeably hesitant, then nods.)''
--> '''Andy:''' Mm-hm.
--> '''Honcho:''' You fly from sky to find amigo like this, no?
--> ''(He picks up another parchment, a detailed pin-up of a shapely female Amigo. The other Amigos wolf-whistle and make googley eyes, and Andy chuckles silently.)''
--> '''Honcho:''' Hmm? ''(He looks at the drawing he's holding.)'' WHOAA!! Wrong dream...!
* And shortly after that, a bit of excellent comedic timing.
--> '''Honcho:''' Great Honcho says evil bones never come here. I have spoken!
--> ''(The wall behind him promptly explodes into pieces, as shadow monsters attack the Amigo village.)''
* In the ending, the Amigos find and salvage the wreckage of Andy's spaceship, rummaging through the junk and scrap. One of them finds a camera, which the Amigo with glasses takes a close look at. His reaction after photographing himself is gold.
--> '''Amigo''': Amigo face? AMIGO FACE! Amigo face, Amigo face...!
--> ''(He runs all over the place holding up the instant photo, eventually popping back into view looking straight at the fourth wall.)''
--> '''Amigo''': Amigo face? AMIGO FACE!! Amigoface-amigoface-amigoface-amigoface...!
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