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* [[http://flipside.keenspot.com/comic.php?i=3157 Maytag prepares to leave the Dark Cell]], and notices everything looks normal now.
-->'''Black Hole Cat:''' The Darkstorm warps your perception. It's only when standing next to Eye can you perceive this hallway normally.
-->'''Maytag:''' ... But since Eye is '''moving''' now... What is it like for people on the '''outside'''?
-->'''Black Hole Cat:''' ...
** [[http://flipside.keenspot.com/comic.php?i=3159 Cut to Corono]], outside the entrance to the Dark Cell.
--->''W-what's going on? Why do I suddenly feel as if I'm inside...?! I'm clearly on the outside... Why does it feel like the Dark Cell is ''overflowing''...?!
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