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* Every bit of self-parody from the finale. Part of it stems from bringing back ousted creator Kevin Williamson, who lands some solid digs on the plotlines introduced after he left at the end of season 2 (such as the entire gang groaning at the mention of [[TheScrappy Eve]], or a dream-sequence Dawson admitting that he has no idea why he rejected Joey when she wanted to get back together at the start of season 3). More generally, though, the finale openly laughs at how tortured the Dawson/Joey romance became, and uses Dawson's ShowWithinAShow, ''The Creek'', as a vehicle for characters to complain about ''that'' show's SesquipedalianLoquaciousness - it even shows a clip of the in-show 'Joey' saying to the in-show 'Dawson', completely straight-faced, "[[WaxingLyrical I don't wanna wait for our lives to be over! I wanna know right now - what will it be?]]".
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