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17th Mar '18 4:35:32 AM fearlessnikki
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* Rob panicking in the closet.


* Rob panicking After finding the bodies in the closet.well, it cuts to Muffy offering Nikki a glass of water. She jumps away in horror, assuming it's also from the well. Darkly hilarious.
* Hal showing himself to be SophisticatedAsHell.
--> "I know you think I'm a hick...but I'd really like to plough your field."
** Bonus points for the [[ActuallyPrettyFunny cheeky grin that appears on Nikki's face]].
* The various pranks Muffy leaves in everyone's rooms:
** Arch has a chair that collapses when you lean back in it.
** Hal gets an exploding cigar.
** Nikki gets a tap that sprays you. And this turns into a BrickJoke later on when she's hurriedly packing, and forgets about it.
** Rod and Kit have a painting hung over one of those cat clocks with moving eyes.
* And of course Kit's reaction to TheReveal.
--> "Oh ha ha. [[SuddenlyShouting Ha Ha HA HA!!!]]"
21st Jan '13 1:27:03 PM Dante668
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* Rob panicking in the closet.
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