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* With Anna staying over, the Hellands finally get the chance to tell some silly, embarrassing stories about Elsa's childhood. Apparently, three-year-old Elsa once went on a five-hour strike in her homemade pillow-fort to escape eating broccoli.
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* Chapter 18 has quite a few.
** The chapter opens with Anna awakening to find Elsa using her chest for a pillow. It's very cute... until Anna [[SneezeOfDoom sneezes]].
** Elsa retaliates for this - and for Anna laughing at her messy bedhead - by leaning in to an AlmostKiss and blowing a wet, messy raspberry right in Anna's face.
** Upon seeing Anna wearing her beautiful ballroom gown, Elsa actually ''[[{{Fainting}} faints]]''. Anna is surprised, but feels rather pleased with herself. Catrine is startled. Edna just laughs.
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