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--> [[DirtyHarry "Now, I know what you're thinking: Did I use five Pokemon or six?"]]


--> [[DirtyHarry [[Film/DirtyHarry "Now, I know what you're thinking: Did I use five Pokemon or six?"]]
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* ''Fridge/PokemonConquest''
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* ''Fridge/PokemonGo''
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* This troper thought it was interesting that right before Dragonspiral Tower [[spoiler: Cedric]] gives you an Old Gateau. Where's the only place where you can obtain Old Gateau? The Old Chateau in Sinnoh. He could have given you just a Casteliacone, which does exactly the same thing, cure all status ailments. Why was he at the Old Chateau to begin with? Hell, why Sinnoh? We know it had to be made in Sinnoh because the description from the item specifically refers to the Old Chateau, so what was he up to there? He's supposed to be a researcher of the origins of Pokémon. And Sinnoh's legendaries are responsible for a lot of creating. Later on in BW, [[spoiler: you get the stones which summon said legendaries.]] Could there be a very weak, overanalyzed connection here?
* Sandile and its evolutions are gavials, which mostly eat insects. But since they're Dark-typed, they're weak to Bug-type moves...
** Um, Sandile/Krokorok/Krookodile are actually based off of the crocodiles in general (In particular the Spectatled Caiman). They feed on far more than just insects. Plus, eating a Bug-Type Pokemon as food and battling it in a trainer-based battle are two completely different things.
** The Japanese name of Sandile refers to crocodile but the two evolutions refer to gavials, as do their head shapes. Being weak to bug moves does not matter much though. They are ambush predators.
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* According to the Pokédex, Yamask's gold mask is its face from its time as a human before turning into a mummy. Cofagrigus is a coffin ghost that swallows humans whole and turns them into mummies. Now you get to know how they reproduce...
** And remember, ''you can breed them''.
*** With ''other'' species of Pokemon. [[GRatedSex G-rated]] [[{{Necromantic}} necro]][[BestialityIsDepraved zoophillia]] anyone?!
*** Also, you can train them like any other Mon. Yamask clearly remember being human beings, so they're essentially condemned to slavery.
*** [[http://awkwardzombie.com/index.php?page=0&comic=041811 Awkward Zombie strikes again.]]
* The official Pokédex text describing Spoink says it "bounces around on its tail. The shock of its bouncing makes its heart pump. As a result, this Pokémon cannot afford to stop bouncing - if it stops, its heart will stop." ''What do you think will happen when it faints in a battle? Or worse, when it's been Paralyzed in battle?''
** FridgeBrilliance here -- in ''[[VideoGame/PokemonMysteryDungeonExplorers Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers Of Sky]]'', a Spoink says that he's lost his pearl, and without it, he's bouncing unpredictably. Since bouncing is what makes their heart pump, erratic bouncing is causing irregular heartbeat -- which the pearl is there to balance out!
* A Groudon's weight is around 2100 lbs, or 950 kg. It uses Stomp on a Skitty. Splatz.
** On the topic of Skitty, it's in the same egg group as Wailord, meaning it can breed. Either way, Skitty loses.
*** Skitty used Grass Knot. It's Super Effective!

* Gardevoir is a Pokemon known for being, even by Pokemon standards, highly devoted and protective of their trainers. Now, what happens if a abusive trainer (Paul for example), had a Gardevoir?!
** May I direct you to Pokemon Red/Blue Rescue Team [[spoiler:The Gardevoir tries to save your silly butt from a curse, is what happens]]
*** Nope. This is misleading information as [[spoiler:The player is specifically told by Gardevoir herself that they are not the trainer that Ninetails talked about who let her die. Gardevoir saved the player because the player was the chosen one, not because the player had been her trainer.]]
*** Actually, that's wrong. Gardevoir only [[spoiler:brought you to the Pokémon world. Nothing more, nothing less. You had nothing to do with her being a ghost. ''Gengar,'' on the other hand, turns out to [[WasOnceAMan have been the idiot]] that provoked Ninetales to lay the curse, and Gardevoir protected him.]]
* Somewhere between FridgeHorror and FridgeBrilliance: Espurr, according to the 'Dex, keeps its ears pressed against the sides of its head to help block its psychic powers from inflicting generalized mayhem on anything unfortunate enough to be in the vicinity. So, logically enough, when you're playing with it in Pokemon Amie, it'll get grumpy and try to stop you from messing with its ears. But it ''only'' gets mad about this if it already likes you. This means that someone specifically programmed the game so that as far as Espurr is concerned, anyone who it doesn't know who's dumb enough to try that ''[[TooDumbToLive deserves]]'' [[YourHeadAsplode what's coming to them]].
** Something similar applies to the sword Pokemon Honedge, which uses its tassels to drain the life out of people and has no problem with you handling them unless it likes you.
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* In VideoGame/PokemonColosseum, female Riders wear hats that appears to be made of '''purple leopard fur'''. Normally one wouldn't think much of it. However, now that we have a purple leopard Pokemon, Liepard, one has to wonder just '''what material was used to make that hat'''?
** Faux fur, of course.
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* At first, it seems like a terribly done BrokenBridge that you can't go to Sunnyshore due to a power outage. However, when one considers it houses an ELECTRIC-type Gym...
** Didn't it say in-game that Volkner's Gym was so full of electrical stuff that he singlehandedly caused the blackout?
** Alternatively, it was a fault with the solar panels, which double as roads there. So they needed to try to keep people off them until they were fixed.
* The final Rocket Grunt in ''Gold/Silver/Crystal'', [[KeepItForeign who spoke in broken English in the English-speaking versions]], apparently spouted GratuitousEnglish in the original Japanese, and in [=HeartGold/SoulSilver''=], it's revealed that he is indeed a foreigner and that he intends to return to his homeland to try to restart Team Rocket there. He's then found in Icirrus City in ''Black & White''. Whereas the first four regions were all based on regions of Japan, Unova is based on a region of America--presumably their native language really ''is'' English whereas the native language of Kanto/Johto/Hoenn/Sinnoh is Japanese! -[=SpiriTsunami=]
** And when you keep in mind that all of the other regions were based off Japan, and Unova was the first to be based on America, when he says he will try to restart Team Rocket in his homeland (presumably Japan), he is actually referring to the fact that in every Japanese region, Team Rocket (or whoever happened to be there), was wiped out and shut down.
* I just figured out why Teams Aqua/Magma are so lethal. Think: the idea of "berries" was greatly expanded upon in Generation III, with 43 berries in Ruby/Sapphire compared to ''10'' in GSC and NONE in the originals. Clearly, the soil of Hoenn is far more fertile than in any previous region. Bring in Team Magma, with the blazing sun caused by Groudon; and Team Aqua, with constant rainfall from Kyogre. Plants need both sunlight and water to survive, but having too much of one, with little of the other, will probably kill plants or stunt their growth. Realizing that Hoenn's way of life is clearly centered around its climate and crops, Team Magma and Team Aqua may actually be the most devastating villain team of any Pokémon game.
** Dear sir, I applaud you. Finally, a feasible explanation!
** A bit of expansion here. In Emerald, these two extremes of rain and shine alternate instead, making the weather unnatural. While it could also destroy plant life (although some plants can live with it), it also has a more noticeable effect on animals and even humans, like your allergies acting up. Not to mention, one of the two warring Pokémon will have to win eventually anyway. - Tropers/{{Aenthin}}
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* Swablu, a little bird, goes from Normal/Flying to Dragon/Flying when it becomes Altaria. It's a play on how birds are considered living dinosaurs. And what else have people referred to dinosaurs and their relatives as? Dragons.
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* Professor Oak sure changes his tone in between his [[MrExposition opening blurb]] and your first meeting with him after becoming the character. One minute he's telling you how people and Pokémon have learnt to live together in peace and harmony. This illusion lasts until you try stepping into the long grass, when suddenly he leaps forward to drag you back out before you get attacked by a wild Pokémon. Peace and harmony? Someone must have been lying in his exposition.
** But, of course, he then explains that you need your own Pokémon for your protection, and then gives you a Pokémon that he caught in his youth (and hasn't managed in all the many years since to get beyond Level 5). Presumably he did this in the manner he later teaches you: beat the wild Pokémon senseless so that it's powerless to resist as you force it into your slavery. You can now use this poor, terrified Pokémon to defend you from the wild ones.
*** Does this put rebellious Pokémon in a new light? Only Pokémon that you received in a trade rebel: you weren't the one who gave them the original ass-whooping, so they don't have the same respect as the ones you caught yourself. Traded Pokémon rebel when their Level exceeds that of your latest Gym Badge, meaning they reckon they're stronger than you now.
* There are many examples on this page of Pokémon with illegal move sets that may have been HandWaved by a anime episode, in which Ash's Bulbasaur learns Dig in a life threatening situation.

* Beautifly's favorite roost in the anime is May's head, despite weighing 62.6 pounds according to the game Pokédex.
** Another similar example is Cilan's dwebble, which is able to sit on his shoulder comfortably, despite weighing 32 pounds.
** [[http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/e/e6/Max_Munchlax.png Munchlax is said to be 231 pounds.]]
** For reference, the average combat load of a soldier is around 65 lbs.
* In the Pokemon Best Wishes Season 2, Ash and company run into the Sinnoh Champion Cynthia, and then go on to stay at her villa for about five episodes to prepare for the Pokemon World Tournament Junior Cup. Question is, what were they going to do if they had never run into Cynthia, and were stuck doing nothing for three months? Just mooch off some other person or camp in the wild till the time came?
** They didn't even know about the tournament until they met Cynthia, before that the plan was to go to the Unova League. It'd probably take a good three months to get there from Virbank.
* In Pokemon Red, Blue, Green and Yellow (and coincidentally their remakes, FireRed and LeafGreen), Giovanni can be seen with a Kangaskhan, a normal type Pokémon. Which I always found strange considering he's a Ground-type specialist, and every other Pokémon he had was commonly a Ground-type (excluding the poison type Nidorino & Nidorina as they eventually evolve into the poison/ground Nidoking & Nidoqueen later on anyway, and the normal type Persian in Yellow because that game was intentionally representing the anime where Giovanni had one). But then it hit me. If the rumors and theories that the baby in Kangaskhan's pouch becomes a Cubone, and that Cubone's evolution Marowak was planned to evolve again into a Kangaskhan in the Red/Green beta (but they scrapped the idea, but kept the coding, hence why the Missingno glitch sometimes evolves into a Kangaskhan, because it has unused Marowak data) are true... then Kangaskhan was planned to originally be a ground type, and evolves from one, and that the normal typing was just a last minute addition when Kangaskhan was made a stand alone Pokémon. Meaning Kangaskhan is supposed to be a ground type anyway. So it makes sense that Giovanni would use one.
** Trainers in his Virdian City gym have Arboks and Tauros, which are poison type and normal type. No theory exists as to them being ground types in a beta. But what Arbok, Tauros, Kangaskhan and many ground types have in common, is that they are all in the Field egg group. Which prior to gen 3 was called the ''Ground'' egg group, so Giovanni and his trainers consider them pseudo ground types. It's the same reason why dragon trainers have the Charmander line and Gyarados, because they're in the ''Dragon'' egg group even though they are't dragon types themselves.
** But egg groups didn't exist in gen I?

* Regarding the ''Black and White'' anime episode "Beheeyem, Duosion, and the Dream Thief!": how could Leon steal Ash's, Iris's, and Cilan's Pokemon for real within both one and two layers of dreams?
* Paul. While it's hard to deny that he's a {{Jerkass}}, the episode of DP in which he fights Brandon explains a lot. Wears safari gear, similar hairstyles, prone to dropping TheReasonYouSuck speeches, cold demeanor, insistence on only using the strongest Mons available... He's trying to be Brandon, but doesn't have the maturity to realise that it isn't all about power.
* About Brandon, he has a reputation of being an impossible challenge, with both Paul and his older brother having lost to him, and it's deserved, having managed to befriend three legendaries. However, while he uses the all three of them against Paul and his brother, with them just having a single battle with him, against Ash (even while possessed by the evil king) he never used more than one of them, and he also gave him three different tries... Does this special treatment bother only me?
** First he didn't have Regice until his last fight with Ash, and I think Registeel was the same way. Only Regirock was shown fighting Reggie. As to Paul, it was a 6 on 6 battle: Ash fought 3 regular Pokemon and a Regice on a 4 on 4 battle. Completely different calls.

* Paul abandoning Chimchar. It was still daylight when he left the Tag Battle, ahead of Ash. When he actually released Chimchar, it's full dark and Ash & Co are just steps away. And there's a brief reaction shot of his face when Ash adopts Chimchar. Did he wait that long deliberately?
* Taking Agatha's old age into consideration, in the three-year gap between RBY/FRLG and GS/HGSS, either she retired from active Pokemon battling or, well...
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* Barry, your rival in D/P/Pt, is characterized as a hasty and impatient guy. Then how come he has 2 rare Pokémon in his main team that you can only encounter in ''Honey Trees'', where you have to ''wait'' for them to come out?
** There's actually an "easy to miss if playing a game, yet easy to see if you take it as real life" way: He put the honey in the trees before he went to bed! The ultimate form of multitasking!
*** Doesn't still explain how he got the rarest of honey tree Pokemon. (Munchlax has 1% chance on Personal Value specific honey trees.) Of course, he could have just been absurdly lucky, but still.
** Maybe he traded for them?
* I'm not sure if I read it wrong, but didn't the books in the library in Canalave City say that Pokémon were created (by Arceus) to help humans and that's why we encounter them in the tall grass? I get the helping part when they battle us, since fighting them does level our Pokémon up. And it kind of explains why some Pokémon don't allow us to escape (way too eager to help), but what about the ones that use status effect moves (poisoning, paralysis, sleep, etc.) on our Pokémon? Wouldn't they know that it's painful for the Pokemon and doesn't really help in its level up?
** Its just an extra layer of trial for you to overcome. YOU have to heal the Pokémon with something, since few if any Pokémon Moves result in nullifying Status effects.
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