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* FridgeBrilliance: One of the essay questions from the "final exam" in ''Castle Dreams'' asks the test taker to explain the significance of "[[CthulhuMythos Tekeli-li]]!", what the author could have had in mind in using it, and what "mind" means in this context. Considering EldritchAbomination, YouCannotGraspTheTrueForm and GoMadFromTheRevelation apply to Lovecraft's work, asking what kind of mind is meant or if there even is one is entirely apt.
* FridgeHorror: The jewel found at the heart of the castle is the [[MeaningfulName Brain of Ramthonodox]]. Since the castle is actually a transmogrified demon named Ramthonodox, and after Kwip breaks off a piece of the jewel said demon is missing an Aspect (a piece of its very nature), then what Kwip actually broke off was...[[{{Squick}} not so pretty now, is it]]?
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