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*''Nebraska'''s "State Trooper" and "Open All Night" share the general concept of a narrator driving alone late at night on a stretch of New Jersey highway, and there's even a couple of instances of RecycledLyrics between the two. The difference is that one is about a man who's apparently done something horrible and is trying to evade the police, while the other is about a man who works the night shift and is trying to get home to his girlfriend by the morning. The parallels might just be there to further contrast the overall mood of both songs, but on the other hand, the listener might start to wonder if the narrator of "Open All Night" is actually in the same place at the same time as that of "State Trooper" without knowing it. It doesn't help that the "Open All Night" narrator mentions that "this turnpike sure is spooky at night when you're all alone", or that he seems to be driving TheAllegedCar, or that we never do find out one way or the other if he makes it home.
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