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'''''Who's Harry Crumb?''''' is a 1989 comedy-mystery film featuring Creator/JohnCandy as the title character. Directed by Paul Flaherty and co-stars Annie Potts, Creator/JeffreyJones, and Shawnee Smith. NeedsABetterDescription.
!!Tropes found in ''Who's Harry Crumb?'' include:
* {{Acrofatic}}: Harry, of course, played by the late Creator/JohnCandy.
* AirVentPassageway: Harry attempts to spy on his client's GoldDigger wife and her lover (whom he suspects to be the kidnappers of the client's daughter) by pretending to be a repairman and crawling in the vents, which are big enough to accommodate someone the size of Creator/JohnCandy. Subverted in that he actually can't get a good look inside the room due to the awkward positioning of the airholes, so he resorts to using a camera (and then doesn't bother to look at the pictures to find out that the kidnapper is [[spoiler:his boss]]). When the kidnapper turns up the A/C, Harry is rapidly propelled along the vents to the point that he literally flies out at the end.
* BoundAndGagged: [[BigBad Elliott]] winds up tied to a chair, gagged with duct tape, and then suspended in mid-air so that all he can do is get the chair to swinging. The lipstick mark left on the duct tape right over his mouth adds a bit more humor to the situation.
* ChekhovsGun: Harry's black belt in Akido... and the boots to match.
* CluelessDetective: Harry Crumb is largely this trope. Though he does have some moments of deductive prowess.
* CutAndPasteNote: Leads to this exchange:
-->'''Harry Crumb''': “You can have your lab inspect this note as much as you want but they may never discover what I already know.”
-->'''Detective Casey''': “And what is that, Mr. Crumb?”
-->'''Harry Crumb''': “You find that crazy typewriter and you’ll have your kidnappers."
* PrecisionFStrike: The pilot.
-->"What the fuck is that?"
* SeeminglyProfoundFool: Harry.
* TitleDrop
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