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* ActionPrologue: The first scene of the T.rex being shipped to the park and killing a guard.


* ActionPrologue: The first scene of the T.rex a Velociraptor being shipped transfered to the park an enclosure and killing a guard.
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'''Character tropes go on to the [[Characters/JurassicParkFilm Characters Sheet]].'''


'''Character tropes (including dinosaurs) go on to the [[Characters/JurassicParkFilm Characters Sheet]].'''
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'''Character tropes go on to the [[Characters/JurassicParkFilm Characters Sheet]].'''
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* ActionGirl: Ellie Sattler in the movie. She is the only member of the cast to survive a physical fight with ''Velociraptors'', being able to hit them with slamming doors and to outrun them.

* AssholeVictim:
** [[spoiler: Dennis Nedry accepts an arrangement with a mysterious man named Dodgson to steal dinosaur embyros from the park. To this end, he disables the park security and firewalls his work station against efforts to fix it while the guests are still in their tour cars, setting off the action portion of the film. Nedry is subsequently eaten by a ''Dilophosaurus''.]]
** [[spoiler: Gennaro shows his true colors when the ''Tyrannosaurus Rex'' makes her appearance, [[DirtyCoward abandoning children to die and hiding in a nearby bathroom]]. He's still there when Rexie breaks it open and is quickly eaten.]]

* ChildHater: "Babies smell." Grant does get better during the course of the movie, enough to not mind the kids sleeping on him. In the book, the ChildHater is Regis. Worse, in the book, Grant ''loves'' kids. He finds their fascination with dinosaurs to be heartwarming. [[AuthorAppeal In most of Spielberg's films]], all fathers or father-figures are either absent or aloof, probably as a result of [[WriteWhatYouKnow his parents' divorce when he was a child]].

* FatBastard: A typecast Wayne Knight once again plays an overweight asshole. Dennis Nedry is a BigEater whose work station is covered in discarded food containers, leaving no question as to the nature of his weight situation. He's also unsympathetic and greedy, disabling the park systems and inadvertantly kickstarting the disaster in an effort to sell out his employers to a competitor. In his EstablishingCharacterMoment, Nedry tries out a shaving cream can he's been given for smuggling dinosaur embryos to demonstrate that it functions, then wipes the shaving cream on a nearby slice of pie sitting on a foodserver's cart, condemning some poor soul to a terrible desert. He manages to combine gluttony and greed in that scene, as he insists that the man bribing him also cover his (unhealthily large) meal.
* FatIdiot: A typecast Wayne Knight is still playing an overweight asshole. Dennis Nedry's bitterness toward [=InGen=] comes from their refusal to raise his contract price from the amount Nedry himself had bid for the job in the first place. While he's presumably book smart, he is portrayed this way as bumbles his way through the park in the middle of a tropical storm and [[spoiler: ultimately gets himself killed by mistaking one of the park's dangerous predatory dinosaurs for a friendly dog.]]

* ItCanThink: Muldoon demands that the ''Velociraptors'' be killed as they're far too intelligent; testing the electric fence for weaknesses (but never the same spot twice; "They remember," he warns) before they were moved to their high-walled prison. [[spoiler:They seem to realize when the power is cut and claw their way through the electrified wire at the top. Even Muldoon underestimates their intelligence -- as he's stalking one ''Velociraptor'', another ambushes him from the side. His FamousLastWords are a genuinely admiring, "Clever girl!" And of course there's that TemptingFate scene: "We'll be all right as long as they can't open doors."]]

* MadeOfIron: Tim. That kid goes through ''a lot,'' and while he's a limping, frazzled mess by the end of the movie, many of the things he endured [[InfantImmortality would have killed a grown man]].

* TheMole: Dennis Nedry, designer and administrator of the park's IT systems, is hired by a competing biogen firm to steal embryos which the rival will then reverse-engineer.

* OnlySaneMan: Muldoon definitely has some shades of this. He's the only one who realizes (or apparently cares) how dangerous the raptors are, and apparently the only one who thought locks on the vehicle doors would be a good idea.

* PrecociousCrush: Lex has one for Grant.

* SmugSnake: Dennis Nedry.

* StealthyColossus: The T-Rex, whose presence throughout the movie has been indicated by earth-shattering footsteps, manages to get into the Visitor Center without anyone noticing, before attacking the raptors.

* SuperSpit: The ''Dilophosaurus'' that kills Dennis Nedry could spit thick, viscous venom to blind her prey.

* AWolfInSheepsClothing: At first the dilophosaurus appears friendly and harmless. [[spoiler:Then it suddenly blinds Nedry with its venom and kills him.]]
* TheWorldsExpertOnGettingKilled: [[spoiler:Robert Muldoon "knows more about raptors than anyone" ...but is pretty quickly and easily dispatched by the raptors once they're loose when they use their standard attack pattern. One wonders if the fact he was [[AcceptableTargets a hunter]] in a Hollywood movie might have something to do with it. In the book, it's Hammond instead (who gets killed by a pack of ''Procompsognathus'' rather than raptors), and Muldoon survives the experience after shooting the ''T. rex'' with a rocket launcher, blowing at least one raptor in half with a shotgun, and still continuing to be an untouchable badass even after he finally gets so drunk he can barely stand.]]
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* BigDamnHeroes: [[spoiler:When Rexie rescues the surviving humans from the raptors at the end.]]
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* ViewerFriendlyInterface:
** Lex is able to lock down the visitor center's doors by a highly-visual UsefulNotes/{{UNIX}} program[[labelnote:+ ]]which is a real file manager, but in reality one made for display, not use.[[/labelnote]]. The book's version is more practical, but still unfriendly to uninitiated users. Of course, anyone who would be using it was presumably expected to have some sort of training.
** Averted with Arnold's terminal and his attempted bypass of Nedry's sabotage. That was all command-line.
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** Turns out driving in a hurry through an insanely bad tropical storm after turning off the power to the park isn't a smart idea, as Nedry finds out when he crashes his car due to said reasons.
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* SchrodingersCast: Several characters, most notably Ian Malcolm ([[{{Retcon}} temporarily]]) and John Hammond.


* %%* SchrodingersCast: Several characters, most notably Ian Malcolm ([[{{Retcon}} temporarily]]) and John Hammond.Hammond. - ZCE
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* NoseNuggets: The scene where they're in the tree petting the ''Brachiosaurus'' and she sneezes on Lex, covering her in snot.
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* {{Bowdlerize}}: The book is ''a lot'' gorier than the film, and includes a scene in which ''Procomsognathuses'' eat a baby in its crib. Nedry's death is described in ''horrifying'' detail, to the point where you actually feel sorry for him. Some of the more disturbing scenes from the novel were reinstated (toned down) in the sequel.
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