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* For whatever reason the general consensus amongst ''Manga/FairyTail'' fans is that Sting, who is himself blond, would refer to Lucy as blondie. Since he has yet to have a single line of dialogue directed towards her, there is no basis for this.


* For whatever reason the general consensus amongst ''Manga/FairyTail'' fans is that Sting, who is himself blond, would refer to Lucy as blondie. Since he has yet to have a single line of dialogue directed towards her, calls her "Lucy-san" in the only scene in which he speaks with her thus far, there is no basis for this.

** Another common piece of fanon is that Shiho Nishizumi is not only head of the Nishizumi school, but also headmistress of Kuromorimine, the school where her elder daughter commands, and where her younger daughter used to attend, despite this not being said at any point.


** Another common piece of fanon is that Shiho Nishizumi is not only head of the Nishizumi school, but also headmistress of Kuromorimine, the school where her elder daughter commands, and where her younger daughter used to attend, despite this not being said at any point. The Maginot manga confirms that she's a graduate of that school, but says nothing about her current job.
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** Also it is generally accepted that Edward's pants are leather, despite the fact that they would be, as Vic Mignogna points out, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXU5zhF3-HA "hard to fight in. Ed's gotta be smarter than that."]] Conversely, as Vic does not write or draw for the series, it is hard to determine the exact material of Ed's pants lest Arakawa-sensei decides to enlighten us for herself.


** Also it is generally accepted that Edward's pants are leather, despite the fact that they would be, as Vic Mignogna points out, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXU5zhF3-HA "hard to fight in. Ed's gotta be smarter than that."]] Conversely, as Vic does not write or draw for the series, it is hard to determine the exact material of Ed's pants lest unless Arakawa-sensei decides to enlighten us for herself.

** In fanfics depicting an adult Elicia she will inevitably follow Hughes' footsteps and join the military.
** In the [[Anime/FullmetalAlchemist 2003-verse]] some of the most common names for [[spoiler:our-world Winry and Riza]] are "Wendy" and "Elizabeth".


** In fanfics depicting an adult Elicia Elicia, she will inevitably follow Hughes' footsteps and join the military.
** In the [[Anime/FullmetalAlchemist 2003-verse]] 2003-verse]], some of the most common names for [[spoiler:our-world Winry and Riza]] are "Wendy" and "Elizabeth".

** There is a prevalent piece of fanon which states that Roy, when [[SmartPeoplePlayChess playing chess]], will go to great lengths to avoid losing his queen piece, as that's the piece associated with [[SubordinateExcuse Riza]] in the canon.

* Half of the ''Anime/CodeGeass'' fandom believes that Lelouch became the now-immortal Code-and-Geass-weilding RR (Japanese R = L) who lives happily ever with CC ala Spice and Wolf's Lawrence and Horo (Lelouch and Lawrence do have the same seiyuu after all), as allegedly shown in the "Cart-End" final episode. This mainly due to the fact during and after Lelouch's attack, C.C.'s mark is always covered by her hair, and thus unknown if it is gone or not.


* Half of the ''Anime/CodeGeass'' fandom believes that Lelouch became the now-immortal Code-and-Geass-weilding Code-and-Geass-wielding RR (Japanese R = L) who lives happily ever with CC ala Spice and Wolf's Lawrence and Horo (Lelouch and Lawrence do have the same seiyuu after all), as allegedly shown in the "Cart-End" final episode. This mainly due to the fact during and after Lelouch's attack, C.C.'s mark is always covered by her hair, and thus unknown if it is gone or not.
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[[folder: Dragon Ball]]
* ''Anime/DragonBallZ'' fanfiction is almost universally permeated with the notion that Saiyans undergo some sort of physiological/psychic connection when they fall in love, that Saiyans mate for life, refer to their love interests specifically as mates, and that the connection is formed in a process called "bonding" which involves one or both partners biting the other on the neck vampire-style. People may have originally gotten the idea for the psychic connection thing from a scene in the anime where Bulma gets a horrible feeling as Vegeta dies against Majin Buu. However, this is the only scene even close to suggesting this, appearing to show that numerous writers have blown it out of proportion.
** Broly. Due to a liberal translation in the [=FUNi=] dub, he is almost universally thought to be increasing his power level at a constant rate, indefinitely, while in his Legendary Super Saiyan form. (The DBZ Multiverse fan manga has actually made it a plot point). Actually that Broly replenishes his Ki and stamina and keeps them at the top no matter how long he fights is closer to the truth.
** [[RightForTheWrongReasons Which, given the Saiyan Zenkai ability]] really could lead to power-increases; not endless getting stronger, but close enough that no-one can tell the difference.
** It could also be said for when Videl senses that Gohan is alive despite everyone thinking he's dead.
** Don't forget the purring! According to numerous fanfictions, Saiyans begin to purr like cats when they are happy or their tails are stroked.
** The weirdest theory concerning the Saiyans is the idea that the [[MisterSeahorse males are able to get pregnant from homosexual intercourse]]. Fans are divided on whether this applies to all male Saiyans or only the lower-tier ones.
** Another, less disturbing bit of fanon is the general acceptance that the heart disease that took Goku out of action in the Android saga and wreaked havoc on the world in the alternate timeline was caught by Goku on Yardrat and brought to Earth, despite contracting it a year later in Trunks' timeline and three years later in the regular timeline.
*** Which could be related to the French dub saying he got it on Namek (and yes, why then Vegeta, Krillin and co. didn't is anyone's guess).
** Who can forget the infamous Saiyan levels? The glorious recolors of the Saiyans, all shining in power levels beyond 5.
** A lesser known example is Chichi attacking Goku (or anyone else) with a frying pan, despite the fact that she was never seen doing this in the original series. However, in the 2008 special, Chichi was finally seen using a frying pan as a weapon on Master Roshi, making this officially canon.
** Mystic Gohan. That specific title was never used in the official material (licensed games referred to this form as "Ultimate Gohan") but that form of Gohan does exist, apparently transcending Super Saiyan, and unlocked by Old Kai in the Buu saga.
** Videl states that surnames have fallen out of fashion in the world where ''Dragon Ball'' takes place, to the point where she guesses that Son Gohan is the son of Son Goku because very few families still use surnames. Nonetheless, it's common for fans to give characters surnames, for example: Bulma Briefs and Videl Satan, despite those being Bulma's father's given name and Videl's father's stage name, respectively.
** It is never suggested in any form that Bulma was in an abusive relationship with Yamcha. Given how the two act around each other, it is laughable to think that she would put up with a boyfriend who hit her.
** Similarly, some claim Yamcha was fired from his baseball career (which was thought by Toriyama for the anime) for being in a fight. Not only is this never mentioned and was Yamcha explicitly holding back, but the characters indicate that fights breaking out were a common occurrence in the stadium(likely a reference to Hockey riots). Yamcha is also seen playing after the saiyan saga, disproving this. This one was seemingly motivated by Ron the Death Eater.
** Yet another demonization example is that Yamcha was terrified of the saibaman and only decided to face them after Tien because of a desire for glory. Not only does Yamcha never display any fear of the saibaman, but he explicitly volunteers in place of Krillin because the latter had already died in the King Piccolo storyline and thus couldn't be revived by Earth's Dragon Balls.
** Another widely accepted fanfiction idea is Vegeta was raped/abused by Frieza at some point during his time working with him, and the abuse/rapes were what fueled his treachery.
*** Speaking of Frieza, given how murky or nonexistent his backstory is, fanon has inevitably attempted to fill in the gaps, regarding everything from the name of his [[NoNameGiven race/species]], to his [[ReallySevenHundredYearsOld actual age]], to [[DarkAndTroubledPast why]] he is [[AlternateCharacterInterpretation apparently]] the only villain in ''Dragon Ball Z'' who is [[LawfulEvil evil of his own free will.]]

[[folder: Other Manga/Anime]]

* Suna as an (often aromantic) {{asexual}} is a frequent headcanon in the ''Manga/MyLoveStory'' fandom.


* Suna as an (often aromantic) {{asexual}} is a frequent headcanon in the ''Manga/MyLoveStory'' fandom.
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[[folder: Naruto]]
* Up until [[TheReveal the reveal]], fans had a long-standing theory that the Fourth Hokage's name was Arashi. This had apparently come about through the misunderstanding of a scene in the manga where Jiraiya lays out his frog summoning contract, clearly revealing the place where the Fourth's name was written. The writing itself was illegible nonsense, with WordOfGod holding that the Fourth's handwriting was at fault from an in-world perspective. That didn't stop fans from trying to piece it together or photoshop in the blanks, though.
** Fanon proclaimed that the majority of the Kyuubi's fight ended when the Hokage arrived on Gamabunta and immediately performed the sealing. Recent chapters reveal [[spoiler: Minato fought the Kyuubi twice during the battle, and Gamabunta was only present to distract it so it could be dragged further away from Konoha]].
** Related to this is the reason Naruto was chosen as the host of the Kyuubi. Fanon was that [[spoiler: Minato chose Naruto because he was his son. This turns out to be true.]] However, the context was way off the mark: Fanon held that his reason was he was the Hokage and so [[spoiler: the sacrifice should be his.]] The actual reason was because [[spoiler: he trusted Naruto to handle the Kyuubi.]]
*** Also, he usually tells everyone (Jiraiya, Tsunade, Kakashi and the Third Hokage) not to say anything about him or his wife until [[spoiler:Naruto reaches either Jounin or 16.]]
*** Also fanon is the notion that only a newborn could hold the Kyuubi without dying. [[spoiler:{{Jossed}} in ch.500.]]
*** This false theory extended to all Bijuu, but after the revelation that Bee was made a Jinchuriki at age five, Yugito at age 2, [[spoiler:Mito sealed the Kyuubi inside herself and it was later extracted and was sealed inside Kushina. Also [[FaceHeelTurn Obito]] plans to become a Jinchuuriki at age... Well, he is at least Kakashi's age.]]
** Fanon holds that Iwa holds a nearly psychotic grudge against the 4th Hokage for his victory in the war which would extend to [[spoiler:killing his son at first opportunity]] if they knew. Canon does tell us that [[spoiler:Naruto's heritage]] is a secret because the 4th had enemies but never who.
** It's also common in war fanfics for Iwa to follow the mantra of "quantity over quality" in its ninja forces compared to Konoha's smaller and more elite forces. Ironically, [[AllThereInTheManual the second databook]] tells us that Konoha is the most populous ninja village (5 v. Iwa's 4 stars), and Iwa is tied with Kumo for the greatest military strength (4 v. Konoha's 3 stars). The fanon ''could'' still be true, but with the spotlight shining on the other villages in the Fourth Shinobi War, we're starting to see that they have their own share of unique bloodlines and legendary ninja.
*** Iwa shinobi are often attributed [[TheBrute brutish qualities]]. Akatsuchi and Kitsuchi have a stocky build, but act far more like a GentleGiant, while Deidara & Onoki are FragileSpeedster types.
* It's hard not to find a ''Naruto'' fan fic that doesn't make reference to "the Council". If the writers are to be believed, this OmniscientCouncilOfVagueness can trump anything the Hokage does, to the point where one wonders why they even bother having a Hokage. The closest thing to this in the source material is the council seen following Pain's attack. Its membership includes the well-known elders along with several prominent ANBU and jounin. Unlike the out-of-control council in fanon, this one was directly overseen and subservient to both the Hokage and the daimyo.
** The fanon Konoha Clan Council usually contains no clans other than those the Rookie 9 belong to (plus Sarutobi). While it makes sense to avoid too many [=OCs=], it does seem odd that a village that size would have so few clans, given how small some of the minor clans (Nara, Akamichi) seem to be.
** Also, said council could banish Naruto just for bringing back Sasuke and blaming him for everything, while [[KarmaHoudini Sasuke gets away scot-free]] with the Konoha 11 (minus [[RonTheDeathEater Sakura especially, and sometimes Kakashi]]) hating him for it.
* Speaking of banishment, the very idea that "the council" or all the Konoha higher ups other than the Hokage would prefer to have Naruto banished is also fanon. No-one has ever called for it in the source material, and in Shippuden, Homaru and Kotane are shown attempting to persuade Tsunade to keep Naruto IN the village more, to reduce the risk of him being taken by the Akatsuki, and state that if they had their way, he wouldn't be able to leave at all. Considering that Kiri has a unit devoted to destroying corpses to prevent village secrets from getting out, the concept of banishment as punishment seems rather unlikely to be used in the Naruto world.
* According to a lot of fic, the Hyuuga family also has a "Council" that basically makes Hiashi a figurehead and what's more, there are living Main Family members besides Hiashi, Hinata and Hanabi. Lots, in fact, but for some reason the Head's twin brother and his son were not a part of this group. An old man is shown talking to Hiashi in the flashback of just before Hizashi's death, and it is possible that he outranks Hiashi, since Hiashi's decision to sacrifice himself to avoid war with the Cloud Village is overruled.
** There is a shot when Neji is talking about the "Main Branch" that illustrates almost a dozen. Also, there is a Mist-nin with a transplanted Byakugan later in the manga which implies that there must be at least some main family members beyond Hiashi's immediate line. Author plot hole, likely.
*** Ao could have taken the Byakugan from a Branch Family member. He would just need to do take it [[EyeScream before he killed the guy he got it from.]]
** One of the most continuous beliefs in Fanfic (and Jossed by WordOfGod) is that Uchiha and Hyuuga had a rivalry of who was the "strongest" clan of Konoha, probably by the trash talk in the Chunnin Exam. It is actually between the Uchiha and the Senju, the co-founders of Konoha who had a rivalry transcending centuries since the conception (by the Sage of Six paths-figuratively and ''literally'') of the "Ninja World". In fact [[BigBad Tobi]] in canon has shown complete indifference to the Hyuuga and by canon alone it made the Hyuuga look like the Clan version of the KidSamurai compared to the Uchiha. Somewhat subverted near the end, it is shown the Hyuuga family is, in fact, descendent of [[spoiler:Hamura otsutsuki, the brother of the sage of six paths.]]
* Similar to the Council, according to a lot of fanfic, Naruto was basically physically abused as a child. The frequency varies from regularly, to annually (anniversary of Kyuubi attack). There is absolutely no evidence to support this, and the only thing that the villagers were shown to do is ignore him, insult him behind his back, and maybe glare at him.
** Some fanfiction even has Naruto subject to repeated assassination attempts before the series start. Not only is there absolutely no canon evidence to support this, it is also in contradiction with the fact that Leaf is a military village and the Hokage would almost certainly swiftly execute anybody who tried. You'd think it might have come up when Gaara's backstory came up if his childhood was ''that'' bad.
** Nearly all fics with abuse and many without hold that there's an annual festival on October 10th to celebrate the defeat of the Kyuubi. This results in anything from annual, near-fatal beatings by drunks and vandalism of his apartment to him simply never celebrating his birthday.
** The fanon idea of hostile sabotage against Naruto by his teachers is often used to justify MartyStu power-ups when such sabotage is taken away. No, he's not a hyperactive, poor at concentrating, late bloomer -- he was supposedly never taught to read or was tested differently or taught wrong.
*** While fanon does tend to grossly exaggerate it into a conspiracy of outright sabotage, some of the anime filler does indicate that Naruto's non-Iruka instructors were not trying particularly hard to educate him.
*** To be fair, the fillers themselves are not far removed from fanon and particular for part I.
*** Also some fanfiction have him ObfuscatingStupidity so that the villagers won't try and kill him but they'll still beat him.
** Naruto fanon's extreme physical abuse leads many authors to assume that he must have been aware of his ability to heal rapidly since early childhood. However, Naruto shows no awareness of this ability when it first appears after stabbing his hand to bleed out poison, he later ends up being CoveredWithScars, and later on, he puts on Hinata's ointment, and assumes that it's why his wounds are healing quickly, rather than the fox's chakra.
*** Similarly, Naruto is immune or at least resistant to poisons due to his fast healing. Based on a recent chapter where he began foaming at the mouth due to a poisoned kunai and was still queasy even after treatment, this seems unlikely.
** Fanon also likes the idea that shopkeepers conspired to overcharge Naruto or deny him service or flat out sell him low-quality/spoiled goods. In (anime) canon, Naruto ''does'' get kicked out of a store ''once'', but it's for reading pin-up magazines without any intention of paying for them and not for being who he is.
*** And [[AllLovingHero Naruto]] [[EasilyForgiven forgives]] [[KarmaHoudini all of them]] anyway despite '''not''' knowing why he was abused in the first place. Unless, [[LawOfDisproportionateResponse it's]] [[RonTheDeathEater Team 7]].
*** And despite this the Sandaime does nothing but [[WhatTheHellHero cry and contemplate on his failure]].
*** Also when the subject of Naruto's parents come up the excuses are either: that it's for his ''protection'' from his parents' enemies or is expected to GoMadFromTheRevelation.
*** Also it usually it the parents' fault for they conveniently wrote some time in their will and told others not to tell him anything until he's strong enough. All within a night when the strongest Bijuu is attacking the village and his mother is practically half-dead.
*** Fanon also states that Sasuke got preferential treatment from the villagers before his FaceHeelTurn, but we don't see much of this beyond his fangirls. In fact, in light of how the Uchiha clan was treated from the time of the Kyuubi's attack to the massacre, this seems doubtful.
*** Well, we only have Tobi's word on the Uchiha clan being persecuted by the village, and he's [[UnreliableExpositor not exactly the most reliable source]]. It's true that the leadership of the village distrusted the Uchiha clan, but there's no indication that sentiment extended to the general population. In fact, it's likely that it didn't, because the circumstances surrounding the Kyuubi attack were secret.
* A common fanon trope is that Kakashi favors Sasuke to the detriment of Naruto and Sakura and spends time teaching him special moves out of favoritism. He had done this '' once '' in the manga in the Chunin Exams and with good reason. Sasuke was facing Gaara, a known bloodthirsty [[AxeCrazy Axe Crazy]] killer who had killed Genin in the exam before and had tried to kill a Rock Lee right in front of multiple other Leaf Ninja and then attempted to kill Rock Lee again in the hospital. Meanwhile Neji had tried to kill Hinata, but he only really had a grudge against the Main Branch and the worst he would probably do to Naruto would be to just beat him up. Gaara was definitely ''far'' more dangerous and psychotic compared to Neji. Sasuke needed everything he could get against an opponent like that. Kakashi was also worried about Sasuke's mental state because of the Curse Seal, and he thought that Orochimaru might try to come after him again. Not to mention that flashback show that Jiraiya has already requested to takeover training Naruto at the time. The only person that can actually legitimately protest about lack of training is Sakura, but she is not participating in the third round anyway.
** Also Kakashi has always been portrayed as having massive favoritism towards Sasuke because of Obito being an Uchiha and hating Naruto, practically spitting on his sensei and Obito's sacrifice and ninja code. To he point that he states time and time again on how he's the only who can teach Sasuke about his Sharingan. This is based in large part on Kakashi choosing to train Sasuke for the month between the Chunin Exam preliminaries and final round, largely because of Sasuke having gotten the Curse Mark recently, and facing an opponent who wants to kill him.
*** [[spoiler:Dark Naruto]] mainly focused on how hypocritical it seemed for the village to go from hating Naruto to viewing him as a hero. Unbeknownst to Naruto, Iruka's flashback montage showed the process to be gradual, going from hatred to disbelief at his accomplishments to starting to respect him, to showing sympathy for his troubles (failing to bring Sasuke back, being threatened by Akatsuki and [[spoiler:losing Jiraiya]]). Naruto responds that what's most important is his own belief in himself.
*** Also, Naruto and Hinata are sometimes hit with a ZeroApprovalGambit by the "Council[=/=]Hyuuga"
* The same applies for a legal statute found in Harem FanFiction commonly referred to as the Clan Restoration Act. This law states that the last male of a clan may practice polygamy in order to increase the number of children with his or her [[SuperpowerfulGenetics Bloodline]] so that the military power of the village will increase and that one untimely death will not truncate a genetically powerful family tree.
** This is not so much fanon as a popular tool used to explain away multiple pairings for a fan fiction's favored character. It's doubtful anyone takes this seriously.
* Naruto's teammates have suffered RonTheDeathEater treatment that's pretty much considered canon by the fans:
** Sasuke (Pre FaceHeelTurn) has a MASSIVE sense of entitlement and superiority as a result of being one of the Uchiha clan, and claims to be an "Uchiha Elite", in addition to having most of his abilities and achievements just handed to him because of this. In canon, he's never once demanded things just because of his heritage, and is not above working with others (e.g. with Naruto against Zabuza) or surrendering to foes he considers superior to him (The disguised Orochimaru in the forest of Death). There's also no evidence to suggest he's gotten his skills and position as "Rookie of the Year" in any way other than hard work.
** Sakura doesn't give a damn about any boy other than Sasuke. Never mind the fact that she was quite clearly worried for Naruto's safety during the bell test, and openly cheered on him and Lee during the Chunin exams.
* One of the most commonly held fanfiction beliefs is that Naruto routinely evades ANBU despite wearing a bright, orange jumpsuit. Naruto has never done this in canon. The closest thing to it was Naruto evading a crowd of Chunin and then getting caught shortly later by Iruka, his teacher. This also brings up the question why ANBU, elite special forces, would be sent to track down a child prankster.
** In the manga, instead of evading his pursuers, he's seen brazenly painting on the monument in front of a large crowd of Chunin including the Hokage, until Iruka tells him to come down.
** This is also often used to justify/justified by giving Naruto fox-enhanced super-senses, usually a heightened sense of smell or hearing on the level of an Inuzuka.
** Speaking of orange, fanfic Naruto's choice of orange is frequently criticized by his peers and must be justified because it should "obviously" impair stealth. In the series, [[Mst3kMantra no one says anything about it]], other characters wear outfits that are just as flamboyant (e.g. Jiraiya), and it never acts as a hindrance; some characters have jutsus that enhance concealment.
** It is fairly common belief (and device in fanfiction) that Naruto's short height is caused by malnutrition due to him living almost entirely on ramen. Given that he's significantly taller after the TimeSkip, he either must have changed his diet or was just a late bloomer in the first place. There also remains the fact that Naruto is, aside from Hinata, the youngest of his classmates by several months. At the end of the series, it is shown that the adult Naruto is about 6 feet (180 cm) in height. He is simply a late bloomer.
* Compared to this is the constant belief that Sakura had so low level Chakra and stamina (which she doesn't, it just that Naruto and Sasuke had enormous capacities for a genin) because she went on a severe diet and skipped lunch thanks to he Fan girl-ism. The whole diet thing was a one-time joke in the Manga and appeared a second time during the "cook nin" episode and it showed ''the entire Kunoichi population in the phase''. And this is not only [[FanDumb haters]] since even "redeeming" fics go with it.
** Related is the notion that Naruto has ''unlimited'' chakra and stamina thanks to the fox. On the contrary, Naruto does get tired and does run out sometimes. (e.g. Tree climbing with Sasuke.)
*** It's stated that Naruto has a 2-4 (depending on the translation) times as much chakra as Kakashi, but 100 times with the Fox. Naruto has a large amount of chakra, but he only gets close to unlimited chakra when he has the Fox's chakra at his disposal.
** The classic, "uses too much chakra" explanation for why Naruto can't use the normal Clone Jutsu, but can use the Shadow Clone jutsu is pure fan theory. Ebisu explains during the Chunin Exam arc that while Naruto draws up more chakra than is necessary when performing jutsu, he would end up putting less than he needed into the jutsu, and wasting the rest. Note that even during the Tree-climbing exercise during the mission in Wave Country, the times Naruto failed to climb the tree, it was because he wasn't releasing enough chakra through his feet to stick to the tree, as compared to Sasuke, who constantly released too much, cracking the wood underfoot and launching him off the tree.
* The several ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'' FanFiction writers gave the third Hokage's given name as Sasuke, after the famous ninja Sarutobi Sasuke. One of the guide books revealed his given name to be Hiruzen, and he is later referred to by his first name by Minato and Danzo.
** In chapter 500, Hiruzen's father is revealed to have been named Sasuke.
* ''Naruto'' fanfiction writers also seem to be under the impression that Naruto and the Kyuubi are the best of friends, that they have a mind link, and that Kyuubi refers to Naruto as "kit", despite canon evidence that the Kyuubi is highly resentful of being sealed within him and would most likely tear him to shreds if given the chance. Also, Naruto and the Kyuubi only communicate when Naruto is in his mindscape (although funnily enough, both a casual relations and easy communication between a host and tailed beast turned out to be true for the ''eight''-tails host).
** [[AscendedFanon This does happen]] but it's happens after he breaks the seal.
** A sizable portion of those fanfiction writers also believe that the Kyuubi is female, despite his ''incredibly'' gravelly voice and male mannerisms. And can turn Naruto female. Or the very least [[MisterSeahorse enable pregnancy]].
*** Since Kyuubi's seal is the weakest at childbirth, it would be an huge advantage for the Kyuubi to enable pregnancy.
** In fics where the Kyuubi ''is'' female and friendly, when ever these facts are revealed to the Sandaime/the jounin, someone will ask something along the lines of "It's female?" and either Naruto (speaking for the kyuubi) or if present Kurenai will make a big deal about "The strongest creature in existence" being female.
** Fanon often holds that the Kyuubi is strongly associated with fire, probably because of the color of its fur and chakra, despite never showing any fire powers. At least until the [[MemeticMutation Loony Tunes]] version of the [[OffModel Invasion of Pain arc]].
** Fanon sometimes portrays Kyuubi as a Summoning boss like Katsuya. Granted, it is possible to use the summoning jutsu on Kyuubi, but the fox (and incidentally, the other tailed beasts) are shown in canon to be chakra constructs, whereas the other summons are flesh and blood animals.
** Also, in some stories Kyuubi can take over Naruto at the drop of a dime. It is possible, if Naruto ''wants'' to let the Kyuubi be in control, but otherwise it's a struggle.
** He can even manipulate his genetics such as give him bloodlines or teach him new techniques or something. You'd think that Kyuubi would try that during the battle with the masked man, when him and Naruto started getting along, if it were possible.
** Also, it seems that only Sakura and Sasuke knows about Kyuubi. It hasn't necessarily been mentioned but it has been heavily implied judging from Hinata's reaction after Kabuto said that Naruto held Kyuubi.
*** During the Shinobi World War Arc, it's shown that at the very least, Shikamaru knows about Naruto and Kyuubi.
** ...and then recent developments in canon about the nature of the tailed beasts and the relationship between Naruto and the Kyuubi [[spoiler:who's called Kurama]] happened and oh god with the irony...
* Evidently the [[OddlySmallOrganization Akatsuki]] live in the same building and share the same facilities, despite the fact that most of them don't even seem to know one another and are constantly on the move in pairs with minimal contact beyond the sealing ritual.
** WordOfGod actually states that pairs of members each get their own rooms when they stay at inns, for whatever reason. Probably because most members hate the guts of their partners.
* And let's not forget the most elaborate {{Fanon}} theory of all: [[http://forums.narutofan.com/showthread.php?t=57918 "The Legend of the Tailed Beasts"]]. Fans believe it to be a real Japanese myth which Kishimoto bases the designs of the beasts from. It drew upon both Japanese and Chinese mythologies, involving The Eight Immortals and several species of {{youkai}}. The story, in actuality, is a Japanese fanfiction, and even though the author has admitted it to be fake, most fans still believe that's how they really look like. But that may change as recently their true forms and their most recent hosts have all been revealed in an recent artbook.
* The Sharingan being a genetic offshoot of the Byakugan was stated to be a rumor and even then only mentioned once, but almost everyone took this to be undeniable evidence and started getting pissy when [[spoiler:it turned out they were unrelated and that the Sharingan was derived from the Rinnegan]]. It eventually turned out that while the [[spoiler:Sharingan]] was derived from the [[spoiler:Rinnegan]], the [[spoiler:''Rinnegan'']] is derived from the [[spoiler:Byakugan]].[[spoiler: The first chakra user ever, Kaguya, had Byakugan eyes. Her son was the Sage of Six Paths who had Rinnegan. However, the Sage's twin brother actually had Byakugan as well and possibly where it originates. ''His'' eldest son, Indra, was the first person to possess develop Sharingan.]]
* Fans sometimes believe that [[http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/78/10/ in the flashback regarding Hinata joining Team Kurenai]], Hinata was essentially disowned by her father and adopted by Kurenai, despite her later being seen at the Hyuuga compound before leaving to train with her team in the anime. In the manga, Hinata is accompanied by a Hyuga branch member in the Pain Invasion, and she implies in the anime that she was left in charge while Hiashi and Hanabi were away. Another similar concept is that Hanabi has been promoted to heiress over Hinata over her superior ability (although given that Hiashi's statement is before Hinata TookALevelInBadass, it's unclear whether this holds).
* Something between fanon and just a misconception is that the puppets Sasori made that looks like his parents are made out of their corpses. Actually, he made them from regular materials when he was a child, long before he went crazy enough to do such a thing, and the only known human puppets were made from Hiruko, the Third Kazekage, and himself.
* Naruto's Sexy Technique is somehow special and different from a normal Transformation Technique. Common fanon holds that a normal transformation is just an illusion, and that Naruto's technique is a full shapeshift. In fact, there is ample evidence that ''all'' transformation techniques physically change the character. (e.g. Gamabunta asking to be changed to gain claws to use against Shukaku, Sasuke not freaking out at Naruto turning into a shuriken before successfully throwing him, etc.) Fanon holds that this is a unique, fox-granted ability of Naruto or the result of him learning the technique wrong due to teacher neglect.
** Related to the above, a lot of fans seem to be under the impression that the transformation and the basic clone technique are genjutsu. They're actually both ninjutsu. As mentioned previously, the transformation is an actual physical change, and the clone, while lacking substance, is a chakra construct created outside the body, as opposed to genjutsu, which works by pushing chakra into the target to make them see a false image. Genjutsu can be broken by pain or stopping the flow of chakra; this doesn't work on clones.
* Fanon often holds that, despite creating the Sexy Technique, Naruto is kind of... puritanical towards perverts. It's true that Naruto gives any adult he nails with the technique loads of disrespect for being perverts and hates the Icha Icha series, but he's not so innocent himself as shown in the anime by how he trains Konohamaru in the Sexy Technique.
* Another piece of fanon routinely declares all Rookie 9 members to be clan heirs, though usually [[labelnote:Sakura]]However, she is usually the daughter of bitchy council members[[/labelnote]] and sometimes Naruto are left out. Only Hinata, Choji, Shikamaru, and Sasuke's fathers are canonically clan heads.
** This is a subject of LampshadeHanging in some fics, with it being noted that it is an incredible coincidence that all the clan heads just happened to produce children/heirs at the same time. Some fics even suggest that the clans planned this (particularly the Ino-Shika-Cho trio of clans)
* Tenten is almost invariably the daughter of a weapons shop owner or blacksmith in fanon as an explanation for where she gets her weapons & interest in them. A few authors have also adopted the last name Higurashi for her. She's often presented as an orphan with ''literally'' no surname as well.
** Also, she and Hinata happen to be best friends. She roots for Neji (or at least thinks with pleasure that he will win) in his fight with Naruto, despite him almost killing Hinata (which, admittedly, happened while she was most likely unconscious after losing her own fight).
** Another thing, her and Kurenai are usually portrayed as {{feminists}} and the reason they became Kunoichi was to prove that women are stronger than men. Besides Shikamaru, no one in-universe have ever mentioned it.
*** Tenten's characterization is based off two scenes. When Ino and Sakura are not seriously fighting against each other in the anime, Neji asks if this is the extent of the rookie kunoichis' skills, and Tenten says "It's not because they're girls, Neji", and suggests that their personal rivalry is at play. Tenten also notes that her dream is to become a powerful kunoichi like Tsunade.
* Itachi loves his Pocky and will go to '''any''' lengths for it. His favorite foods are actually cabbage and onigiri with seaweed ([[AllThereInTheManual according to the 3rd databook]]) and one of his hobbies is visiting sweet shops]]. The Pocky obsession was actually born from a Fanfic called "Never Cut Twice" where it's used as a comic RunningGag, along with exposition.
* Anko and Kurenai are alleged to be best friends but have only appeared in the same room once in the entire series; even then, Anko was a proctor standing with the Hokage while Kurenai was standing across the room with her students. Probably based on the scene where Kurenai claimed to be out buying dango for Anko (as an excuse for being seen hanging around with Asuma).
** There is also the Fanon belief that [[EnsembleDarkhorse Anko]] is a hypersexual, deranged sadist and poison mistress with almost no self control, that she's partially alcoholic, is part of the Torture and Interrogation Team, and is derided for being "the traitor's student". In her brief scenes and filler arc she showed herself to be friendly, energetic, hyperactive, and tomboyish, if kind of creepy and nonsensical -- a lot like a female Naruto in many ways. She had a good relationship with her comrades, and liked being a chunin examiner. [[AllThereInTheManual Her favorite hobby is the Tea Ceremony]], and her only sexual act so far is wearing a Stripperiffic outfit and licking a kunai creepily to spook Naruto. The Fanon belief seemed to grow from the kunai incident and the fact that Ibiki and she worked as proctors during the chunin exam.
*** In the manga, Anko licked Naruto's face instead of the kunai, which is a bit more... invasive.
** There is also a misconception that Anko is "strong". In truth, while she's earned her Special Jounin position, that's all she's earned. She's easily outclassed by all of the Jounins introduced.
* "Sabaku no Gaara" Gaara's nickname, which he only provides during his introduction (in most other cases, in writing, his name is simply listed as "Gaara") is usually thought to be his last name and is passed on to his siblings.
* Sometimes Kurenai, Tenten, Temari, Anko, and even rarer times Kushina would usually have the extremely dull nickname [[FanNickname *insert specialty* mistress of insert village]].
* Another Fanon concept fanfiction users use is that the minimum age requirement for graduating the academy is 12. Despite the fact that Konohamaru who was 11 was a genin at the time. A subset of this also insists that Naruto was in fact two years older than the rookies as a result of delayed graduation, canon be damned.
** It does [[FridgeLogic raise the question]] of why the "genius" Uchiha Sasuke, driven to become strong enough to kill his brother as soon as possible, didn't even make his first ''attempt'' to graduate from the academy until Naruto had already tried and failed twice, despite them being the same age...
** The Bunshin (clone) Jutsu of the Academy is implied to be at least 90% of your grade because if you fail that, then it's over. Which is a case of FridgeLogic since [[BadassNormal Lee]] passed it, although Neji says that his doing so is more "unusual" than proof of Lee's skill.
** Also, usually it's stated that after they graduate the team assignments are usually scheduled the next day.
*** Usually the Jounin's name is announced during assignment despite not being the case.
*** Team 9 is usually Team Gai or otherwise not assigned, despite Iruka announcing Team 9 in the background in the anime. Unfortunately, we never hear their names, so this is mainly a matter of convenience, though no one minds ignoring Teams 1-6.
*** "Team Gai" is Fanon, but only in the sense that they haven't been called that way in Canon (although Naruto does sometimes refer to his team as Team Kakashi); it's used for convenience, or as a FanNickname, if you will. It's not incorrect, though. The team is called "Team Gai" because Neji was stated in canon to be "the previous year's number one rookie," which means he wasn't in the same graduating class as the rookie 9. We don't know what their actual number was. The team 9 called out by Iruka in episode 3 was team 9 ''for that graduating class'' and so it has nothing to do with Neji, Tenten or Lee-- it's just three random genin that get ignored because they're not main characters, just as it happens with teams 1-6.
*** In the anime, Team 9 is presumably called out while Ino is talking with Sakura and Shikamaru.
* Also, every female hates Jiraiya's work, and will gladly burn or otherwise destroy Icha Icha at every opportunity. Major offenders are Kurenai and Kushina, and the one female who may not mind is Anko, who Fandom has decided, ReallyGetsAround. Never mind the fact that, apart from maybe Tsunade, no one cares. And even then it is more about Jiraiya than his books, which she seems ambivalent about. Kurenai apparently gives major flak to Kakashi for reading it in front of minors, despite no one ever caring in-universe, and Kushina liked Jiraiya enough to let him name her son.
** Icha Icha Paradise however if it wasn't for the 18 sticker or if you look at the title you could never guess that it was inappropriate.
** There are also things that extend to Icha Icha; for example, they have been around for years - long enough that people like Minato and Kushina will give him flak - this is doubtful, considering his first book, not Icha Icha, came out barely months before the Kyuubi attack. The idea he writes about people around him (and poorly disguises their names) is also fairly common. Related to this is the idea that the main female of the first novel at least is a busty blonde. Finally, there have only been 3, maybe 4, books confirmed, while many more can be made up into a whole collection.
*** Also in a {{Shipping}} fic, he's usually scribbling in his notebook about Naruto's female relationships.
*** Then in {{Yaoi}} fics, there's a "yaoi edition" of Icha Icha that a {{Cast Full of Gay}} read all the time, not to mention a {{Yaoi Fan Girl}} or two.
** Finally, it is apparently a bad idea to get between Kakashi and his porn. About as bad as Itachi and pocky. Granted, this at least has a little evidence to support it, but still, there is a difference in having an old copy you have read before destroyed and going nuts, and covering your ears and eyes to prevent spoilers from the newest edition you haven't read yet.
*** Another thing is that Kakashi has no shame in reading aloud in front of others. In actuality, when became a plot point Kakashi got so flustered just by the thought of reading a single word.
** Another thing is that Icha Icha is always orange despite Violence being red and Tactics being green.
* PowerLevels are frequently discussed, often using "Sannin-level" or "Kage-level" despite the fact that there is no set standard for these positions.
** It is popular for fans to use "Tier Lists" in regards to the level of power of each named character in the series(God-tier, High-Low Kage-tier, High-Low Jonin-tier, etc),especially on GameFAQs, where several fan-favorite characters get their MemeticBadass status as their own tier(GameFAQs [[CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass Jiraiya]] can kill anyone with Swamp of the Underworld, GameFAQs [[FourIsDeath Minato]] can't be hit with any attacks because he's [[FlashStep to]] [[TeleportSpam fa-]], GameFAQs [[MasterOfIllusion Itachi]] only needs to use [[MindRape Tsukuyomi]] to defeat the entire cast, and said cast has a better chance of defeating all the Bijuu in existence then they do at hitting the [[LightningBruiser Rai]][[BadAss kage]] with any of their attacks.
** Relatedly, the ability of a village leader to announce themselves as a Kage when their village has previously lacked such a distinction is a dubious prospect. Lesser villages are led by jounin bosses, not Kages. Orochimaru as "Otokage" is the most common offender. In (anime filler) canon, only the master of Hidden Star had the brass balls to call himself a kage without being the leader of the 5 major villages, and hoped the star would enable his village to become a great nation.
** Also considering the fact that Sannin is just a nickname meaning "Three Ninjas," not a ninja class. And was bestowed to them by managing to survive against [[ImplacableMan Hanzo]] in their youth, who gave them this title during one of the Ninja Wars.
* The concept of '[[HoneyPot seduction missions]]' has been repeatedly brought up. (Further details may cause readers to repeatedly bring their most recent meals up.) There is no canonical evidence of this.
** That's not so much Fanon as it is taken from how real life ninjas worked. Most people don't mistake it for the real Naruto, they just prefer it.
* Hinata's relation to her immediate family tends to vary. In canon there's no evidence to prove she had any ill-treatment or that any of her family members hate her, especially not her sister (who doesn't even have a personality other then her being loyal and apparently sweet, wondering how Hiashi survived the demands for his death and showing concern as he went off to see Neji). In fanon however Hiashi is anything from a father that [[WellDoneSonGuy disowned his oldest daughter]], a hidden PapaWolf to both his children, to a ruthless, abusive, [[ParentalIncest sexual abuser]] who plans on either branding Hinata or killing her and only cares for [[ParentalFavoritism Hanabi]]. Hanabi gets similar treatment. She can either be a caring little sister who looks up to her big sis, someone with a cold SugarAndIcePersonality, the [[SiblingYinYang complete opposite]] of Hinata and her clans parallel to Sasuke (who may or may not love her sister), a generic annoying little sister, a determined destiny fighter... Or an abusive, [[DeadpanSnarker sarcastic]], tattle-tale, liar of a sister who [[CainAndAbel loathes her sibling,]] or simply a scared little girl who believes she has to constantly prove herself to be better than her sister in order to avoid being branded with the Caged Bird Seal. Eventually Hanabi was expanded on in the anime and she's in line with the "[[BigBrotherWorship Adoring little sister]]" interpretation. After [[spoiler:Neji's death]] she does have SiblingYinYang with Hinata but instead of being stoicswee and serious to Hinata's shy and sweet, she's cheerful and somewhat childish.
* In fanon Kiba has always had Akamaru ever since he was a child despite the fact it has been stated that Akamaru is 3 in the original Naruto. An anime-only flashback during his fight with Sakon and Ukon shows him getting Akamaru while not looking much younger than he is in the present.
* Jinchuuriki can identify each other at a simple glance. In canon Gaara and Naruto never knew the other was a jinchuuriki until he admitted it to him.
** Funny enough, this might be canon as Bijuus can speak to other Bijuus telepathically through their Jinchuurikis if they want to. If this happens, it would tip off each Jinchuurikis that there is another Jinchuuriki in their presence/nearby.
** In canon, the existence of "bijuu" as a series of creatures and the concept of "jinchuuriki" is a ''{{retcon}}''. If you reread the chuunin exam arc with the benfit of hindsight it's ''painfully'' obvious that Shukaku and Kyuubi weren't meant to be actually related and Naruto and Gaara were merely meant to be "similar" (young boys who'd had monsters sealed inside them and had grown up lonely and neglected as a result). For one thing, Shukaku's nature and powers are NOTHING like any of the other bijuu to appear; for another Gaara actually ''explains'' the backstory of the Shukaku in chapter 97 and not only is it not a "tailed beast", it [[WasOnceAMan was once a HUMAN]]. Of course this could be just a myth made up by people, similar to the Sharingan being an offshoot of the Byakugan, and Suna just told Gaara that Shukaku was a mad priest.
*** Seems to be WordOfGod that it was a myth born from Shukaku's last host. He was a monk who was constantly referred to by the bijuu's name and left in a cage.
* Another widespread idea is "ANBU are unstable/insane/frighteningly sane" because they do all the dirty jobs, like assassinating children or the like. Though it seems likely the elite ''would'' be given such tasks, we know nothing of the sort of missions the regular jounin are given, and the few ANBU who have appeared so far seem relatively normal.
** Aside from Root, anyway.
* Another idea is that Sakura knows of Naruto's crush which is not true; in fact Sai of all people had to reveal it.
** She knew about his crush. She didn't realize he was actually in love with her, or how far he would go for those feelings.
* In FanArt there is Kakashi's red scarf. At least 60% of drawings showing Kakashi as an ANBU will include it, yet the only evidence is a 5s scene in one of the films, where the scarf -- if that is what it was -- was ''brown''.
* Another idea was that Team 8 knew each other from the get go.
* Many fanfics have Hinata fainting at the mere mention of Naruto. She has only fainted twice: once when Naruto was in the hospital after failing to retrieve Sasuke and her first appearance in Shippudden when Naruto practically jumped in front of her for the first time in two and a half years.
** Of course, her {{Flanderization}} in the anime probably encouraged that notion.
** Another thing is that '''[[EveryoneCanSeeIt EVERYBODY]]''' knows about her crush. But this has never been mentioned - hinted a few times but never stated.
** As well as her stuttering problem every time she talks. This depends on the translation, but in most cases, she will talk normally around people besides Naruto.
* Lee and Gai hugging is not what creeps people out, it's the [[AgainstTheSinset Sunset]] that appears out of nowhere. In Japan the sunset is the symbol of youth. Many authors treat it a some kind of scarring genjutsu.
** Not to mention the Naruto has openly stated that he thinks Gai and Lee to be cool and likes their jumpsuit/genjutsu. Apparently everyone wants him to think they're freaks.
** Speaking of Lee, people have got it into their heads that he has some sort of defect and that is why he can't use chakra. Except he can and does use chakra in the form of the gates and in the same way as other ninja. He just can't use ninjutsu or genjutsu. Because he sucks at them.
*** It may not be the case that he simply sucks at ninjutsu/genjutsu; there may be some sort of genetic defect that allows him to continue accessing chakra, but can't shape it to form ninjutsu/genjutsu. In the spin-off Springtime of Youth, there was an episode in which Naruto/Lee switched bodies. Naruto himself is, of course, very proficient at using ninjutsu, but found he couldn't even do a simple transformation in Lee's body suggesting it may be more of an issue than just lack of talent. Adding evidence to this, after the body switch, Lee found that he was fully capable of using ninjutsu. It should be noted that the spin-off is meant to be funny and can't be taken seriously though.
*** In the anime, you can see Lee trying to do clones. Nothing happens when he makes the seal and attempts the jutsu, not even something like Naruto's failed clones.
* Jyuuken ('''Gentle''' Fist) for some [[FridgeLogic reason]] is stated to be well too stiff and [[LogicBomb earth-like]], always used a "FreudianExcuse" to justify Hinata's inability to master it at her age.
* Also, especially in Kakashi/Iruka Fanfiction, there is apparently a "Mission Desk" usually manned by Iruka in rotation with Kotetsu and Izumo. At this mission desk 'Mission Scrolls' are handed out, and reports are dropped off, despite the fact that we never see anyone write a mission report in the manga, and all missions appear to be given in person by the Kage, usually verbally. This might have been perpetrated from the various games which often have Iruka manning some kind of desk for accessing menus or missions.
** Similarly in Yaoi fics, Kakashi and Iruka are are almost always paired, with Iruka being a {{Tsundere}}, and Kakashi (as well as all jounin) are described as being batshit crazy, in some form or another. Kakashi may also be angsty over something (his father's suicide usually, which he ''was''...over a decade ago), and may be feared and/or incredibly respected, which he is in-universe to an extent, but it's incredibly exaggerated to the point that no one will cross him in any way, fearing he'd kick their ass, despite the fact he seems really laid back.
** Iruka is often also described as having Kotetsu and/or Izumo and/or Anko as close friends and even part of his Genin team in his younger days, even though they are never seen together and Anko was Orochimaru's student in canon.
** In Yaoi fanfiction in particular there are a number of very popular pairs seen in most works, those being Iruka/Kakashi, as described above, Genma/Raido (with Raido being incredibly nice and respected by everyone and Genma being a CasanovaWannabe and total playboy), and Kotetsu/Izumo, who can vary in portrayal but are usually relatively easy-going/normal by comparison.
** Also, in response to Jounin being 'batshit crazy' and that's often the ''exact words'' used, fanon has it that you take a Jounin test to be made a Jounin. In canon no test has been mentioned, and you'd think one would have been.
*** RE: Jonin test - before Road To Ninja (iirc) there hadn't been any reference to how people ''did'' get promoted, so it's not unreasonable to think that it would be a similar process to Chuunin promotion.
* A popular concept is that Naruto's clones are different entities such as there a difference between the clone and that the clone has no idea what to do until Naruto tell him. The clones will know everything that Naruto knows and will instantly know what it is they have to do, but only if Naruto thought of it before he made them. If his plans change in any way he would have to tell them, as they do not share a mental link, and Naruto will only know what the clone even did after he disperses the clone. He is never really shown doing this, probably because the clones typically last about 2 seconds before he gets them killed, but this is how it is explained.
** And then there's the idea that Naruto can modify the durability of his clones by putting more or less chakra into them, when canon states it splits a ninja's chakra evenly between the clones and creator.
* When you become a ninja, you are an adult and therefore allowed to drink. Both Lee and Naruto have stated that they are to young to drink, which makes sense considering the drinking age is based on physical, not mental maturity.
** Related to that, there is the adage often stated in Naruto/older women fics, [[{{Squick}} old enough to kill, old enough to fuck]].
** This was probably born from the more [[{{squick}} disturbing]] [[FridgeHorror realization]] that by following the belief of "pure and chaste" genins, it would mean sending [[ChildrenAreInnocent immature]] children to fights to the death than small adults. Believing killing, spying and [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown brutally]] fighting against other assasins is more acceptable, upright and mentally safe activities than [[HarmfulToMinors drinking and fucking]] is a very... [[ValuesDissonance odd idea]].
* Danzo, the guy who believes that emotions are key to hatred, smiles (smugly) way too often..
** Also, a few stories believes that he wants Naruto dead just along with the OmniscientCouncilOfVagueness, usually he is the leader.
* Naruto tends to have a lot of unfortunate InSeriesNicknames,
** Sasuke ''always'' calls him a Dobe despite only calling him that once in the series. He usually calls him a Usura Tonkaichi. Usually they have Naruto calling him a teme.
*** 'Teme' in itself being a form of fanon. It is actually just a rude form of the word 'You', yet the fans would have you believe it was a noun or an Honorific. A far more accurate nickname to convey the 'sentiment' would be 'bastard' or 'jerk'.
*** Apparently Dobe aka (Dead last/ Bottom Feeder) is treated like an affectionate Nickname but when he calls Tsunade, [[LostInTranslation Baa-chan it's treated like a grave insult]].
** Tsunade and Jiraiya calls him gaki/brat and they never called him that after they got to know him.
** Also the Villagers calls him a demon brat/scum.
** And of course Kyuubi's infamous Kit.
* Mei Terumi (sometimes Ao & Chojuro) is the leader of a resistance faction against Yagura. This could be true, but there is no hard evidence except the fact that Mei speaks with disdain about the Bloody Mist.
* Naruto is often the opposite of [[BornUnlucky Tsunade]]: i.e. [[BornLucky very lucky with gambling.]] Mostly used for RuleOfFunny, but some attribute this to being the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi.
** This is undoubtably inspired by a brief throwaway gag in chapter 156 when Jiraiya and Naruto are looking for Tsunade in a casino- Naruto finds a single coin on the floor and experimentally puts it into a nearby slot machine. One GilliganCut later and he's grinning over his wallet which is stuffed to bursting with money, with Jiraiya noting that Naruto seems to have "a real talent" at that sort of thing.
* Usually it's stated that a village leader's worst enemy is paperwork.
** Apparently Hiruzen, who was Hokage for several decades, hates it so much that it became the bane of his existence, beating out ''Orochimaru''; and then it turns out that one can beat paperwork by use of the Kage Bunshin, which will then cause the Sandaime Hokage to slam his head on his desk repeatedly while chanting "stupid" over and over again. This fanon gag is ''everywhere''.
* Tsunade and Hiruzen tends to get annoyed whenever someone comes in from a window when in truth they're rather indifferent too it.
* Tsunade is usually portrayed as the Naruto's godmother.
** And sometimes it's taken one step further and making Minato a HeroicBastard with Jiraiya as the father.
* According to some crossovers Jutsu (Techinque) in a completely foreign word.
* Having a StoryBreakerPower equals every girl genuinely and instantly falls for one person despite the [[ParentalIncest relations]], [[{{Shotacon}} age]], the fact that it's [[DidYouJustRomanceCthulhu a demon who killed your parents]], or is in a [[CrossoverShip completely different universe]].
* There's a trend in many fics to portay Sasuke as having a very low opinion of Sakura's skill as a ninja, believing her to be weak and useless and being absolutely shocked when she demonstrates her post time skip abilities. This tends to happen both in stories where he's portrayed as a jerk but also in shipping fics between the two. In canon, Sasuke showed healthy respect to Sakura as a fighter in their two encounters after the time skip, especially during the second encounter when he lied to her to get her unaware so he can strike her from behind, despite Sasuke usually being very up and front if he's trying to kill you.
* The reason behind the SchizoTech of the series is that ninjas use a variation of the usual summoning techniques to summon technology from other universes.
** Another consensus is that it takes place in a modern day AlternateUniverse but the fact that ninja exist is holding them back in certain technological ways, which is why their world seems like such a mix of times.
* Probably the single most [[{{Egregious}} egregious]] and persistent piece of fanon has to do with Naruto's clothing, of all things. Fanfiction would have you believe that Naruto's outfit in part one is a jumpsuit. It isn't. His jacket and pants are separate articles of clothing. This should be obvious to anyone who ''looks'' at him.
* Another common misconception in fanfiction has to do with elemental ninjutsu. Apparently ninja can learn to use jutsu of any element without having to do training exercises in the basics of manipulating that element first, despite this ''explicitly'' not being the case. One of the qualities of the Rinnegan is that it grants its wielder the ability to use all forms of elemental ninjutsu, which would indicate that ordinary ninja ''cannot'' do this. Naruto has to go through extensive training just to be able to use wind ninjutsu. Kakashi remarks that it usually takes months to learn how to use an element at all without shadow clones. It would probably have taken Naruto even longer to learn how to use an element that wasn't his affinity. Yet in fanfiction it's annoyingly frequent to see Naruto spamming elemental ninjutsu without any prior training. This is forgivable when it comes to stories that were started before Naruto did his training in wind chakra, but for those written after that point, there's really no excuse. MagicAIsMagicA, people!
** {{Fanfic/Team8}} has this as part of the plot, with Naruto learning elemental jutsus of multiple different types (so far, he knows, Water, Lightning and Earth jutsus), although this part was written before Naruto's elemental manipulation training.
** Canon seems to take the approach that "simple" elemental manipulation can be done (as seen when Shikamaru asks for the seals for an earth jutsu that "anyone can do" during the War, but is told that a jutsu like that won't be very effective) by any ninja without need to practice, but something on the scale of Rasenshuriken and Chidori (A-rank + jutsu) would require training/elemental affinities.
* A lot of fanfiction states that Konoha is the strongest of the Hidden Villages. This is never stated anywhere in the manga (although this may come from Konoha being the village with the most entrants in the Chunin Exam and by far the most finalists), and there are several things that contradict it, for example, sacrificing Hizashi rather than going to war with Kumo, which is not necessarily indicative of someone negotiating from a position of strength, although losing one person is a serguably preferable to having another war. In fact, the databooks list both Kumo and Iwa as having greater military strength than Konoha.
* Another thing that pops up a lot in fanfic is everyone being able to sense chakra, which is actually a fairly rare ability in canon. While characters can sometimes feel particularly potent chakra, such as that of a bijuu, only specialist sensor ninjas have ever displayed the ability to detect a person by their chakra. If everyone could do it, techniques that block vision- like Zabuza's mist jutsu- would be useless, and they quite clearly aren't.
* A lot of fans seem to think that a bijuu dies if it's jinchuuriki is killed, which leads to a massive case of FridgeLogic, as all nine of the bijuu are still around, so that would mean that no jinchuuriki had ever died before the bijuu was extracted, which is... improbable, to say the least.
** It has since been revealed that the bijuu will in fact die with their jinchurriki, but will eventually be revived. How this actually occurs hasn't been revealed, but it is clear that the bijuu will not be permanently killed in this manner. Some characters believe that killing the remaining jinchuuriki will thwart Akatsuki's plans, only to have it pointed out that it would not be a permanent setback.
* One common mistake is the assumption by a lot of fans that genin are "rookie ninja", usually fresh out of the academy and that the natural progression for most ninja is from genin to chuunin then eventually to jounin. As is made quite clear during the Chuunin Exam arc, chuunin are ''squad leaders'', not simply more experienced ninja, while jounin are elites, a rank only the ''best'' ninja can reach. Genin aren't rookies, they're simply 'rank-and-file' ninja- you could consider them equivalent to privates in a modern military force, with chuunin being roughly equivalent of sergeants and jounin being closer to captains or lieutenants. This is partly due to many cases of teams in the series consisting only of chunin or jonin.
** To be fair, Kakashi does say early on that to battle other ninjas would make a mission B-ranked at the least (Tazuna lied about how dangerous the mission was because he couldn't afford a higher-ranked mission request, which unfortunately resulted in him getting lower ranked ninja as his escort), and there was a whole explanation on which ranked missions go to which ninja. Also supporting this idea of Chunin as a natural progression is how everyone gets promoted after the time skip. Also of note is how to data books credit Chunin characters with having multiple A-ranked missions and even S-ranks.
* Similar to the ''Anime/DragonBallZ'' and ''Manga/InuYasha'' example below, that jinchuuriki can mark their love interest.
* Hyuga are usually painted as too arrogant to use anything other than the Gentle Fist. Despite that other clans specialize in their family style as well (the Aburames mainly use insects, with taijutsu a last resort).
* Usually every evil ninja (Kumo in particular) is portrayed as a [[RapeIsASpecialKindOfEvil rapist]] outside the Akatsuki and surprisingly Orochimaru, though Orochimaru's soldiers are a different story.
** ''Outside'' of [[MemeticMolester Orochimaru]]?
* Another common bit of fanon is that Sakura's parents are civilians, usually part of the evil civilian council. Until very recently we were given practically nothing about them, in contrast to most of the other Rookie Nine, who had at least one parent as a ninja with similar abilities, but they were introduced in the latest movie, which revealed that they are both ninja.
** Neither of them are actually revealed to be ninja, the one time we see her mother use taijutsu was an Anime-only scene, and the Road to Ninja movie, develops in an alternate universe where Sakura's father was the fourth Hokage, and both of them are deceased, so far there is absolutely no evidence of neither of them being either ninjas of civilian.
** Also in these kinds of fics, or indeed any with Sakura's parents in them at all, Sakura's mother has pink hair and hates Naruto more than anything. While the last point could be true, because of Naruto's [[AllOfTheOtherReindeer treatment]] by the people of Konoha, the sixth movie shows that she has blonde hair; Sakura got her hair colour from her dad.
* Tsunade constantly losing her temper at Naruto falls into Fanon, when in the manga she's more patient with him than most of the rest of the cast, and than you would expect of someone with her temper. She only tells him not to demand a high-ranked mission soon after coming back and telling him to show respect to Fukasaku[[note]]which, along with her using -sama on him despite typically not using honorifics, is indicative of how much she respects Fukasaku[[/note]], notably refusing to get angry and insisting that Naruto get some space when he blames her for [[spoiler:in his mind, allowing Jiraiya to go to his death]].
* The Nibi is often very perverted, too the point of embarrassing Yugito with its comments.
** When Kyuubi isn't a female, it's often portrayed as perverted or as a DeadpanSnarker.
* Lots of fanfictions like to go into the potential mental trauma of a first kill.
* It's commonly believed that Kushina is a {{katana|AreAlwaysBetter}} specialist.
* One idea which shows up fairly often in fics detailing Minato and Kushina's lives is that Kushina's genin team was trained by Sakumo Hatake.
** Or that Minato and Hiashi (or Fugaku) are teammates and best friends. Minato's teammates under Jiraiya have so far been unnamed.
* It's also commonly believed that Hinata's mother dies sometime after the birth of Hanabi.
** Seeing as she has never appeared outside of a family photo when Hanabi was a baby, the thought isn't all that off
* The Byukugan's PowerPerversionPotential has led fans to believe all Hyuuga are CovertPerverts. In particular, Hinata is given this hard (And often fans will point out 'ever wonder why the girl with X-Ray vision isn't a [[TeenieWeenie Sasuke]] fangirl). As hilarious as a Hinata more perverted than Jiraiya would be, outside of Road to Ninja Neji, no Hyuuga has ever shown this behavior
* The Sound genin from the chunin exam arc are often portrayed in fanfiction as generally worthless, at least without their augmentations. This is despite the fact that the augmentations in question were noted as tools for generating soundwaves, which the trio were then able to control with their own power. Furthermore, they were portrayed in canon as possessing formidable speed for genin, having been trained primarily to test a curse-mark-enhanced Sasuke's limits, ''not'' just entered to die for Edo Tensei.
* The same Sound genin are often referred to as "Team Dosu," despite Dosu only appearing to be the most wary of the trio, never an official leader. A disguised Orochimaru serves as their sensei.
* According to fanon Naruto is extremely well muscled and "well endowed" while in canon he is seen as moderately muscled and nowhere does it imply the size of his genitalia is large.
* That there's a heavy bias toward becoming a ninja. Most, if not all, of the important characters we see are shinobi and that we rarely see kids who aren't ninjas or training to be ninjas. Civilians appear as background filler most of the time and have more "boring" lives than the ninja. Clans always talk from an early age about how their kids will become ninjas; it's expected from you to become a ninja and there are even clans like the Aburame who give infants insects after birth, no matter whether they'll become a ninja or not.
** "My mom is a ninja, my dad is a ninja, all the kids I play with are becoming ninjas, so why not me?" Fans tend to see being a ninja, in the eyes of someone young enough to go to a Ninja Academy, as comparable to being a police officer. A lot of children want the authority and respect that comes from it, or they think it's cool, without really realizing what the job requires. The difference is that in the Naruto world you can become a ninja at a young age while in RealLife you have to wait until adulthood, when you can actually realize the reality of it. This is supported by Team 7's general lack of knowledge and naivety about being a ninja in the early chapters.
* It's a rather common belief that Gai and Lee's clothes are spandex or leotards. Firstly, if they were spandex, anyone watching would be seeing much more of their bodies than they would ever want to see. Secondly, looking at Gai's official art would show that you can see inside the sleeves, which would be impossible with a skin-tight outfit. In actuality, their clothes are more akin to loose jumpsuits.
* Good luck finding casual fans who don't realize that Karin's supposed "ravage" line is a mistranslation. Large portions of the fandom are convinced that she attempted to rape Sasuke, despite there being no canon evidence for it, due to [[UrbanLegendOfZelda a mistranslation that was then spread by people who either disliked her or disliked the threat she posed to their ship]].
* [[spoiler:Sasuke]] being a DotingParent or OverprotectiveDad toward his daughter is a common fanon.[[spoiler:In fact, chapter 1 of Naruto Gaiden shows that he has not been back home since Sarada is a baby. His actual attitude towards her remains to be seen, but the relationship is certainly not close.]]
* There's a general consensus with much of the fandom that at least the Hyuuga clan practices inbreeding. There isn't anything to support this in canon. [[spoiler:In fact no one bats an eye at Hinata, who is the heir, marrying Naruto.]] The issue comes from how Hinata's mother is never even referenced in the manga. An anime-only scene depicts her but her eyes are closed, so it's unknown if she was already a Hyuuga or not.
* We never hear of Rock Lee's parents so fans assume he is an orphan.
* KillingIntent is ''far'' more commonly used in fanfics than it is in canon, often being used as a "cool" way of saying "X was angry" and shortcutting ShowDontTell.
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* FushigiYuugi has a couple of typical Fanon elements that came up much more often in the high days of the fandom, but persist in the fanfic that still exists, despite most of it being Jossed by the addition of ''Genbu Kaiden'' and the novels published after the anime ended.


* FushigiYuugi ''Manga/FushigiYuugi'' has a couple of typical Fanon elements that came up much more often in the high days of the fandom, but persist in the fanfic that still exists, despite most of it being Jossed by the addition of ''Genbu Kaiden'' and the novels published after the anime ended.
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** Also the name "Masaharu" was used by fans for Yamato and Takeru's father for a long while. Later on, it was revealed that his real name is "Hiroaki", which is an example of TheDanza. [[TheyJustDidntCare A lot of people still like "Masaharu" better]].


** Also the name "Masaharu" was used by fans for Yamato and Takeru's father for a long while. Later on, it was revealed that his real name is "Hiroaki", which is an example of TheDanza. [[TheyJustDidntCare A lot of people still like "Masaharu" better]].better.
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* Half of the ''Anime/CodeGeass'' fandom believes that Lelouch became the now-immortal Code-''and-Geass-weilding RR (Japanese R = L) who lives happily ever with CC ala Spice and Wolf's Lawrence and Horo (Lelouch and Lawrence do have the same seiyuu after all), as allegedly shown in the "Cart-End" final episode. This mainly due to the fact during and after Lelouch's attack, C.C.'s mark is always covered by her hair, and thus unknown if it is gone or not.


* Half of the ''Anime/CodeGeass'' fandom believes that Lelouch became the now-immortal Code-''and-Geass-weilding Code-and-Geass-weilding RR (Japanese R = L) who lives happily ever with CC ala Spice and Wolf's Lawrence and Horo (Lelouch and Lawrence do have the same seiyuu after all), as allegedly shown in the "Cart-End" final episode. This mainly due to the fact during and after Lelouch's attack, C.C.'s mark is always covered by her hair, and thus unknown if it is gone or not.
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* KillingIntent is ''far'' more commonly used in fanfics than it is in canon, often being used as a "cool" way of saying "X was angry" and shortcutting ShowDontTell.
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*** For that matter, despite what people may claim, none of the other possible pairings are ever actually confirmed either. Some of the characters have expressed interest, but none of them ever get a RelationshipUpgrade onscreen, except for Chrono and Amy.


*** For that matter, despite what people may claim, none of the other possible pairings are ever actually confirmed either. Some of the characters have expressed interest, but none of them ever get a RelationshipUpgrade onscreen, RelationshipUpgrade, except for Chrono and Amy.Amy (which happened off-screen).
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** There was a belief that Aizen's speech on the role the Hougyoku played in giving Sado and Orihime their power is a {{retcon}}. Urahara stated Orihime and Sado were born with powers that they only manifested after coming in contacting with Ichigo's vast, uncontrolled reiatsu while he was in Shinigami form. Aizen later says the Hougyoku manifests people's desires, but can only manifest what people are already capable of. He states the moment their hearts cursed their own powerlessness, they manifested their powers. {{Fanon}} assumptions about Urahara's words including assuming that Ichigo's reiatsu didn't need any help to affect Sado and Orihime, and fans ignoring Urahara failing to explain the time-lag between exposure and manifestation.
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