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* {{Badass}}: Pretty much any character who has more than two or three sentences worth of screen time.



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*CrowningMomentOfAwesome: Too many to list, but here's a few examples:
--->'''Roy:''' "Fate holds no power over me. I refuse to accept whatever hand fate deals me. I will forge my own path, one no one has ever tread before. That path is my own; a path of light through the darkness."
--->'''Charon:''' "So, is it atonement you seek, or is it revenge? [[spoiler: You are responsible for the deaths of all your friends. Guardian, murderer, pacifist, warrior. You are all these things, yet you are none of them.]] You tread a unique, lonely path, alone in the void. You have always stood alone, just as you always will."
--->'''Roy:''' "...I want to be forgiven. Knowing who and what I am..." I said, looking down at my hands, "Atoning is all I can do. So, for them, I'll kill you...and save the world!" I shouted, charging at him.
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