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3rd Feb '14 2:05:15 AM SeptimusHeap
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Drinking game for ''VideoGame/{{X-COM}}: UFO Defense''. Start a Terror or Alien Base mission, preferably with early-game equipment. Take a shot when: * [[RedShirt A soldier dies]]. * A soldier gets mind controlled. * A soldier or tank runs out of ammunition. * You manage to kill an alien. Take an extra shot when: * The first soldier takes one step outside the craft and dies from reaction fire. * A mind controlled soldier kills another soldier. * An alien accidentally kills another alien. * A soldier dies from friendly fire. * Your tank is destroyed. * A soldier is mind controlled three turns in a row. * A soldier that is a MauveShirt (i.e. is above [[RedShirt Rookie]] in rank) dies. Empty the bottle when: * [[TotalPartyKill Everybody dies.]] * You somehow manage to win.
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