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29th Jan '12 4:04:38 AM tonagamu
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There are two different types of drinking games for Film/{{Metropolis}}:

This one consists of several different rules:
* Every time two male characters are getting uncomfortably close to kissing, take a shot.
* Every time Maria grabs her boob, take a shot.
* Every time the word "Mediator" is used, take a shot.
* Every time the Metropolis theme comes up, take a shot.

The other is strictly for the restored version. This one is notorious for somehow being even '''worse''' than the one listed above. Here it is:
* Every time there's a deleted scene, meaning every time it cuts to the 16 mm print take a shot. If you can survive this 2 and a half hour epic without puking your brains out, you deserve a gold medal.
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