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24th Sep '13 9:46:54 PM Dingbot
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* One of the crew shows their "O face."
15th Aug '12 7:52:11 PM cocolanglands
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* Aaron is told to go somewhere by himself that was previously said to be dangerous.
8th Apr '12 4:14:37 PM Otaku_X
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Added DiffLines:

Take a sip when...

* An EVP is played more than twice.
** Two if the EVP is unclear.
* Evidence is reviewed in real-time.
* Zak's hair is spikier than in the previous episode.

Take a shot when...

* Aaron says "Oh my God!" or some variation.
* Zak threatens or challenges a spirit.
* They have a strange or socially awkward informant or guide.
* Zak has a hammy moment.
* The investigated area is haunted by a child spirit.
** Two if it is heard in an EVP.
* They use a new piece of technology.
** Two if it does not pick up evidence.
** Three if it gets good evidence.

Take a drink when...

* They capture visual evidence.
* Evidence is debunked.
** Two if a huge "DEBUNKED" sign is stamped on the screen.
* Zak says something clueless.
* The investigated area is a hospital or an asylum.

Down your drink when...

* Visual evidence is clear and/or scary.
* They re-visit a previous location.
* Somebody is physically harmed by a spirit.
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