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* Deshwitat, the main character from ''Manhwa/{{Rebirth}}'' is a dangerous Dark Power-loaded half-vampire bent on killing Kalutika, ''The God of Light'' because [[spoiler:he was once close friends with Desh when Kal was still human, and after a godly-powers-releasing HeroicBSOD cursed a mutual friend with immortality, killed Desh's girlfriend in front of him because of Desh's failure to rescue Kal's sister, turned Desh into stone for 300 years, annihilated the [[strike:[[StarWars Galactic Senate]]]] Council of the Gods, resurrected or cloned Desh's girlfriend and made her his consort, and is now plotting the destruction of the human and vampire races because of his [[FreudianExcuse really miserable childhood]]. LightIsNotGood indeed...]]
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