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''Boner's Ark'' is a newspaper comic started by Creator/MortWalker under the pseudonym Addison on 11 March 1968. It depicts a menagerie of animals trapped on a boat (the "Ark") in search of land. Frank Johnson took over the drawing in 1982. The comic ended on 27 May 2000, with the final strip depicting the Ark finally reaching dry land.

!!This comic includes examples of:

* BiggerOnTheInside: The Ark. Even though it looks small on the outside, it somehow has enough room for sleeping quarters for all the animals, a cinema, a restaurant run by a hippo, a hospital, a pub and a golf course.
* TheDitz: [[MeaningfulName Dum-Dum]] the stupid gorilla.
* HaveAGayOldTime: The name of the strip. In the early 20th century, a "boner" was just a silly mistake. Nowadays it always means "erect penis".
* MeaningfulName:
** Dum-Dum the gorilla is TheDitz.
** Lookout the giraffe searches for land.
* TheMutiny: PlayedForLaughs. The Hyena frequently rebels against Captain Boner and forces him to WalkThePlank. This being a silly strip, Boner always ends up fine.
* NoNameGiven: The koala cub went unnamed for a while until the strip asked readers to suggest names for him. "Cubcake" was the winning entry.
* PunnyName: Dr. Quack's name is a reference to both his species and a fraudulent or incompetent doctor.
* UnfortunateNames: Captain Boner and Miss Boner. Even before HaveAGayOldTime set in, their names meant "silly mistake".
* WalkThePlank: In his frequent [[TheMutiny mutinies]], the Hyena often forces Captain Boner to walk the plank.
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