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Besides the comic book series the character has appeared in a few other iterations such as a [[Film/SwampThing live action film]] and its [[Film/TheReturnOfSwampThing sequel]], a live-action TV series and a short-lived AnimatedAdaptation that had its own toy line.


Besides the comic book series the character has appeared in a few other iterations such as a [[Film/SwampThing live action film]] and its [[Film/TheReturnOfSwampThing sequel]], a [[Series/SwampThing1990 live-action TV series series]] and a short-lived AnimatedAdaptation that had its own toy line.
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* BadFuture: [[CrapsackWorld Rotworld]], in which the Rot has taken over the Earth, most heroes and villains are dead and the few left alive are dying in resistance,and Anton Arcane controls nearly everything


* BadFuture: BadFuture:
[[CrapsackWorld Rotworld]], in which the Rot has taken over the Earth, most heroes and villains are dead and the few left alive are dying in resistance,and Anton Arcane controls nearly everything
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* ArmorPiercingQuestion: The Swamp Thing stops Woodrue's rampage by asking [[spoiler:What plants will breathe without animals to exhale carbon dioxide]]. Woodrue has a VillainousBSOD.
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** AlanMoore completely ignored the plot of our heroes trying to get to Washington D.C. to confront the people that have been trying to kill them. Liz and Dennis suddenly decide to go hide in Florida, not even caring what happens to their friends. Abby and Matt go home. The Swamp Thing is the only one who ends up confronting Sunderland, and that happens completely by accident!


** AlanMoore Creator/AlanMoore completely ignored the plot of our heroes trying to get to Washington D.C. to confront the people that have been trying to kill them. Liz and Dennis suddenly decide to go hide in Florida, not even caring what happens to their friends. Abby and Matt go home. The Swamp Thing is the only one who ends up confronting Sunderland, and that happens completely by accident!
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[[caption-width-right:250:There are people. There are stories. The people think they shape the stories, but [[TheoryOfNarrativeCausality the reverse is often closer to the truth.]]]]

-> ''"...you can't kill a vegetable by shooting it through the head."''
-->-- '''Jason Woodrue''', ''Swamp Thing v2 #21''

Swamp Thing is a comic book character created in 1972 by Len Wein and famed horror artist Bernie Wrightson. The Swamp Thing first appeared in a one-shot horror tale in ''House of Secrets'' #92 (June-July, 1971). He was then reworked as a character suitable for series appearances in ''Swamp Thing'' vol. 1 #1 (November, 1972). Both stories were co-created by Wein and Wrightson. He later appeared in [[Film/SwampThing two live]] [[Film/TheReturnOfSwampThing action movies]], a TV series, and a syndicated action cartoon. He has undergone numerous {{retcon}}s over the years by various authors looking to rejuvenate the series, but the definitive one came during Creator/AlanMoore's run on the series, which was also his first American title, and his first for DC.

As an untested author, Moore was given a book slated to be cancelled. However, since no one cared about the title, there was no ExecutiveMeddling, so Moore used the book not to explore inhuman monsters in spandex, but human ones. He introduced mysticism and sexuality into the series, as well as [[SlidingScaleOfIdealismVsCynicism gray moral tones]].

The book was among the first to abandon the Comics Code, and paved the way for the DarkerAndEdgier comics of the eighties and nineties, including Moore's own ''ComicBook/{{Watchmen}}'' and DC's [[Creator/VertigoComics Vertigo]] imprint, where the series eventually ended up, outside the main DCU. Swamp Thing also showed publishers that holding comics to a higher literary standard did not necessarily mean a drop in sales.

Originally, Swamp Thing was a scientist named Alec Holland who gets turned into a monster in the swamps near the town of Houma, Louisiana after his lab equipment is sabotaged and his wife Linda killed. Creator/WesCraven followed this plot with his mildly successful film adaptation, about your standard modern-day Prometheus doing good and lamenting lost love.

Moore, however, retconned the character's origin, turning him into GaiasVengeance. It was revealed that the Swamp Thing was really a separate entity from Alec Holland, a plant elemental who had taken on his memories during its fiery birth from the ashes of Holland's lab. Holland's ghost even showed up. Moore's experimentation ranged far and wide during his run, and kept the comic from going under. In fact, a number of other notable writers have taken up the pen since (Creator/GrantMorrison, Creator/BrianKVaughan, Creator/MarkMillar, Creator/ScottSnyder and most recently Creator/CharlesSoule). The character of John Constantine originated on ''Swamp Thing'' during Moore's run and was spun off into his own title, ''ComicBook/{{Hellblazer}}''.

Eventually, the Swamp Thing and his long-time love Abby Arcane-Cable got together (common law marriage) and they had a daughter named Tefé, after the river in Brazil. John Constantine was the biological father. The first Vertigo revival of ''Swamp Thing'', by Brian K Vaughan, focused on Tefé as the central character; the next series shifted it back to her father again.

The climax of ''ComicBook/BrightestDay'' saw Swamp Thing returned to the main DCU, along with Alec Holland, resurrected by [[Franchise/GreenLantern the White Light of Life]]. He got a new series as part of the ComicBook/{{New 52}} where Alec discovered he was supposed to have been Swamp Thing, perhaps the greatest Swamp Thing of all, but had died before he could be transformed, and as a result, the Parliament of Trees had decided instead to try and replicate him, see if that would work. With the replica gone, however, the Parliament needed a new avatar... namely Alec himself. After much struggle, Alec embraced his fate, deciding to become the Swamp Thing for real.

Besides the comic book series the character has appeared in a few other iterations such as a [[Film/SwampThing live action film]] and its [[Film/TheReturnOfSwampThing sequel]], a live-action TV series and a short-lived AnimatedAdaptation that had its own toy line.

!!Works this character has appeared in:
* ''ComicBook/BrightestDay''
* ''ComicBook/New52''
** ''ComicBook/{{Rotworld}}''

!!''Swamp Thing'' provides examples of:

* AbortedArc: Tends to happen when there is a change of writers or creative team.
** Right before LenWein left the Swamp Thing had discovered something very important about the swamp where he was born and the biorestorative that he's worked on. The reader is never told what it was (though it somehow related to the chemicals that had been inadvertently dumped into the swamp causing wildlife to mutate), and it's never mentioned again.
** AlanMoore completely ignored the plot of our heroes trying to get to Washington D.C. to confront the people that have been trying to kill them. Liz and Dennis suddenly decide to go hide in Florida, not even caring what happens to their friends. Abby and Matt go home. The Swamp Thing is the only one who ends up confronting Sunderland, and that happens completely by accident!
* TheAlcoholic: Matthew becomes this after he receives his PsychicPowers.
* AlliterativeName: Anton Arcane and his niece Abigail.
* AnthropomorphicPersonification
* BadassBoast: As Swamp Thing [[CurbStompBattle utterly dismantles the Brujeria]]:
-->'''Swamp Thing: Fools'''. You are in a '''cave'''... beneath the '''clean earth'''... in the center... of a '''rainforest'''.... You... do not even... have a chance."
* BadFuture: [[CrapsackWorld Rotworld]], in which the Rot has taken over the Earth, most heroes and villains are dead and the few left alive are dying in resistance,and Anton Arcane controls nearly everything
** Also in the Swamp Thing: Future's End tie-in, in which Arcane has usurped control of Avatar of the Rot from Abby and Swamp Thing [[HeroicSacrifice turns himself into a bomb to destroy him]].
* BeastAndBeauty
* BeautyIsNeverTarnished: Arcane, in hell for a day, experiences an eternity of torment. Abby, in for the same time, is untouched. Possibly justified in that he's evil -- i.e., Hell's rightful prey -- while she's an innocent. Even so, she's pretty traumatized.
* BerserkButton: Don't touch Abby. Really, just don't.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: Swampy is one of the [[AllLovingHero kindest and most peaceful beings]] you could ever meet. But don't piss him off, if you don't want to have a tree grow inside [[LudicrousGibs your intestines.]]
* BigBad: Anton Arcane.
* BigDamnHeroes: Swampy is the one to thwart Woodrue's planned destruction of all animal life, after spending days in a catatonic state thanks to Woodrue's [[TomatoInTheMirror revelation]].
* BizarreAlienSenses: In the "vegetable sex" scene, Abigail temporarily experiences Swamp Thing's ability to sense life force, and perceives the wetlands as a shimmering field of glowing vegetation, dotted with bright life-sparks of animals.
* BloodierAndGorier: [[spoiler: The reboot series. Just... so damn much... especially... Abigail's severed head [[NauseaFuel and her spinal column, esophagus, and wind pipe being held by Anton Arcane...]].]]
* BreakoutCharacter: John Constantine.
* CaptainErsatz: For a ''house''. The haunted mansion Swamp Thing visits in the American Gothic arc is clearly meant to be the Winchester Mystery House. Swamp Thing himself is a CaptainErsatz of the Golden Age monster The Heap.
* ChainsawGood: Subverted, as "Evangeline's" wielder is easily disabled by Woodrue.
* ChosenConceptionPartner: [[Comicbook/{{Hellblazer}} John Constantine]] has Swamp Thing possess his body so that a child can be conceived with Thing's wife. Swampy ''did not'' ask permission first, but John doesn't take it too hard as he'd actually intended to propose it to Swampy before his consciousness was simply forced out of his body.
* CosmicHorrorStory: Issue #8 of the original run by Len Wein has an obvious Creator/HPLovecraft homage, featuring Swamp Thing visiting a [[TownWithADarkSecret mining town whose natural treasures have run out years ago, leading its mayor to commit a dark ritual summoning an evil god M'Nagalah, who absorbed him and started absorbing others to grow, hiding in the town's abandoned mine,]] claiming to have actually inspired Lovecraft and other horror writers. The town's people tricked Swamp Thing into going to him to be absorbed, [[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu but he defeated him]] and went on his way, [[TheEndOrIsIt with the story showing one of the town's people possessed by the god.]] M'Nagalah would later show up in ''ComicBook/ChallengersOfTheUnknown'' (where Swampy was guest-starring after his first series was canceled), ''Trenchcoat Brigade'', ''[[Comicbook/TheAtom All-New Atom]]'' and most recently, the New 52's ''Comicbook/SecretSix''.
* CrazyPrepared: Subverted. In one issue, Batman shows up to try to take down Swampy. He does his usual thing, sets traps, loads up with plant killer, etc. He still gets his arse handed to him by the titular Thing. In his defense, he was prepared to fight the pre-Moore Swamp Thing, not the incredibly powerful elemental he had become, with the ability to reform from any plant life after his body was destroyed, and even manifest multiple bodies at once.
* CurbStompBattle: Swamp Thing vs [[RealityWarper Anton Arcane]], Swamp Thing vs [[ReligionOfEvil the Brujera]], and Swamp Thing vs Franchise/{{Batman}}.
** In the Moore run, ComicBook/TheSpectre ''receives'' one of these from the Original Darkness's ''thumb''.
* CutLexLuthorACheck: Actually the TropeCodifier. During the arc where Swamp Thing holds Gotham City hostage until Abby is freed, enemies from the Sutherland Corporation bring in Luthor as a "consultant" who maps out how to destroy Swamp Thing. Luthor finishes his presentation 10 seconds early, just so the Sutherland people have enough time to write out his check.
* DarkIsNotEvil: [[spoiler: The Rot is the elemental force of Death and Decay, in opposition to The Red (the collective life force of animal life) and The Green (the collective life force of plant life). It's never going to win any popularity contests, but its avatars are ''not'' normally evil. They detest the use that Anton Arcane has put the Rot to, and they assist in taking him down at the first opportunity.]]
* DemonOfHumanOrigin: Anton Arcane was considered so evil as to be transformed into a demon after he died and went to Hell.
* DigitalDestruction: A 2009 hardcover collection cuts short the last sentence of issue #24, changing "I want to be alive and meet the sun", to, "I want to be alive..."
* DiscoveringYourOwnDeadBody: Swampy eventually retrieves the skeleton of the real Alec Holland from the swamp, guided by the spirit of Alec himself and proving once and for all he's not really Alec.
* DoingInTheScientist: Moore's {{Retcon}} of the hero's origin, which was also based on a theory (about planarian flatworms supposedly absorbing the memories of other flatworms which they ate) left behind as ScienceMarchesOn.
* DoingInTheWizard: Anton Arcane was a sorcerer in the comics, but multiple adaptations have made him a MadScientist instead.
* EldritchAbomination: The Monkey King, M'Nagalah... Swamp Thing tends to encounter a lot of these.
** Special mention should go to the Original Darkness, which was so massive that the heroes could only see the tip of its claw and was not even moving under the combined powers of ComicBook/ThePhantomStranger, ComicBook/DoctorFate and ComicBook/TheSpectre.
** The ''ComicBook/{{New 52}}'' series introduces The Rot, which acts as the natural force of death and decay.
* ElementalPowers: Though not the usual classical elemental types
** [[GreenThumb The Green]]
** [[{{Animorphism}} The Red]]
** [[MakeThemRot The Rot]]
** [[{{Cyberspace}} The Metal]]
** [[FesteringFungus The Grey]]
** [[UnderTheSea The Clear]]
* EvenEvilHasStandards: When the live-action show was airing, the network sometimes showed PSA's where Swampy and Arcane said there's one thing even they can agree on: DrugsAreBad.
* EvilCounterpart: Jason Woodrue
* EvilSorcerer: Arcane.
* EvilUncle: Anton Arcane
* FailureIsTheOnlyOption: Originally, Swamp Thing wanted to 'cure' himself'; once he knows he is an Elemental, this is no longer an option.
* FrankensteinsMonster: Patchwork Man.
* GaiasVengeance: Has the outline of this but Moore subverts the most basic form even while establishing it. Floronic Man ''thinking'' he was and trying to kill humanity saw Swampy point out he was thinking like a human and not even a bit like a vegetable.
* AGodAmI: Anton Arcane when he confronted Swamp Thing with Matt's RealityWarper powers. Swamp Thing was... [[CurbstompBattle not impressed.]]
* GoMadFromTheRevelation: Several characters.
** Swamp Thing when he realizes [[spoiler: he not only can't revert his transformation, there never was one in the first place.]]
** Abby, when she realizes who she's actually been sleeping with after she thought she had reconciled with her husband.
** Arcane, when he finds out how "long" he's been in Hell.
** Woodrue, after Swamp Thing gives his ReasonYouSuckSpeech.
* GothicHorror: The original Len Wein series was entirely GothicHorror, to the point you expect to see a Creator/HammerHorror logo up front. To wit: In his second and third issues, he gets kidnapped to the Balkans, where he meets a Dr. Frankenstein expy and his monster, complete with castle, villagers, pitchforks, etc. In his fourth issue, he fights a Scottish werewolf. Issue five, he stumbles into a town where they're about to burn a witch -- in ''1970s Maine,'' mind you. And so on.
** It helped that the original artist was Bernie Wrightson, recognized as one of the greatest horror artists of his generation and a master of the Gothic style.
* GreenAesop: Though Alan Moore likes his Aesops Subverted, or DoubleSubverted.
** Was the order of the day in the short-lived AnimatedAdaptation, especially with it coming out during the time of ''WesternAnimation/CaptainPlanetAndThePlaneteers'' and ''WesternAnimation/WidgetTheWorldWatcher''.
* HappilyMarried: Swamp Thing and Abby, though not legally married, consider themselves this, and have a really touching and loving relationship.
** Later runs did have them go through a rough patch or two which led to a HeroicBSOD for Alec where he joined forces to merge all elemental powers... and destroy the world.
** During the New 52 series, however, they end up as StarCrossedLovers, [[spoiler:being avatars of the Green and the Rot respectively]].
* HeelFaceTurn: Anton Arcane, of all people. [[StatusQuoIsGod It doesn't last]].
* HeroicBSOD: Swamp Thing undergoes a major one after learning that he is the TomatoInTheMirror. Abby also has one after she realizes the AwfulTruth about her husband.
** Abby's BSOD at one point involved [[OutDamnedSpot scrubbing herself with]] ''[[OutDamnedSpot steel wool]]'' until she passes out due to having just realised she'd been [[spoiler: [[BrainBleach sleeping with, and making love to, a rotten, fly infested corpse]] that only made itself look normal]]--and which was [[spoiler: possessed by her uncle,]] to boot. And she'd been doing this for ''months''.
* HigherUnderstandingThroughDrugs: Swamp Thing shares his point of view with Abby (as well as GRatedSex) by giving her a hallucinogenic fruit spawned from his "body".
* HiveMind: The Metal, though individual agents express a certain amounts of individuality.
* HorrifyingHero: Swamp Thing.
* HotSkittyOnWailordAction: As mentioned, Swamp Thing is captured and raped by a sentient alien island floating through space.
* HumansAreSpecial: The New 52 title brings up the idea that what human avatars bring to the Green is restraint, because humans have a conscience and thus can make decisions that the rest of the Green cannot.
* IAmNotLeftHanded: Swamp Thing in his battle with Arcane: [[ThatManIsDead "No, Arcane... You... Have never... Encountered...]] '''[[BoldInflation Me]]''' [[GaiasVengeance before...]] [[TookALevelInBadass This... is our... first battle..."]] Cue epic beatdown by Swampy.
* InspectorJavert: Matthew Cable starts out as one of these.
* IntercontinuityCrossover: It's never directly stated, but there are enough hints to figure out that [[spoiler:Matthew the raven from ComicBook/TheSandman]] was [[spoiler:Matthew Cable]] before he died. Gaiman owes a lot to Moore in getting his career started; there are several nods in ''Sandman'' to Moore's work in the DCU. This was confirmed by Gaiman in an interview, and later made explicit in an arc of ''The Dreaming''. Swamp Thing also encounters quite a few well-established DC characters, including Franchise/{{Superman}}, Franchise/{{Batman}}, ComicBook/{{Etrigan}}, ComicBook/TheSpectre, Deadman and ComicBook/AdamStrange. Arguably only intercontinuity by way of ExiledFromContinuity: both Swamp Thing and ComicBook/TheSandman were originally part of the DC universe. However, Swamp Thing ends up reintegrated with the main DCU with ''ComicBook/BrightestDay'' and the New 52.
* InterspeciesRomance: Plant/human with Swamp Thing and Abby. When Abby gets jailed for it, the entire legal system still wants to prosecute her for it even as an enraged Swamp Things threatens to destroy Gotham. It's left to Batman to point out the legal hypocrisy in the DCU when he notes that the courts would have to jail the likes of ComicBook/{{Starfire}}, [[ComicBook/MartianManhunter J'onn]], and... oh, [[Franchise/{{Superman}} that guy in Metropolis]].
* JuryOfTheDamned
* LawyerFriendlyCameo: "Pog", whose title character was ComicStrip/{{Pogo}} in a spacesuit. Amusingly, Pog had a brief cameo in a later issue by another writer who didn't seem to recognize the reference.
* LegacyCharacter:
** Tefé in Brian K Vaughan's volume, in the author's intent. Apparently [[FanDumb some people didn't get this]] and criticized this volume for not featuring her father enough.
** Alec himself in the New 52, taking over for his replica. A few previous Swamp Things also play a part in the series.
* LoveMakesYouCrazy:
** During the time that Swamp Thing was exiled from Earth, he first lands on a blue-tinted world (the acclaimed issue "My Blue Heaven"). At first marooned there, he begins making clones of himself to keep company... and then creates his love Abby. By issue's end, his multiple-personality-disorder drives him to madness, and he forces himself to flee to another world.
** During that same story arc, Swamp Thing runs into Metron and the ComicBook/NewGods. Later, Metron barters with ComicBook/{{Darkseid}} using memories he acquired from Swamp Thing. Darkseid watches the lonely despair Alec feels being separated from Abby... and learns that "love" is something he needs to learn [[OhCrap to finish]] his Anti-Life Equation...
* MeaningfulName: The Sunderland corporation, who were not friends of nature.
* MistakenForOwnMurderer: Government agent Matthew Cable, encountering the title character for the first time, believes that he's Alec Holland's murderer. Eventually the Swamp Thing manages to convince him that he is Holland - or so he and everyone assumes prior to the Alan Moore retcon.
* MuckMonster
* NoSuchThingAsWizardJesus: One of Rick Veitch's scripts would have averted this, by portraying Jesus as a White Magician; quoth the executives: "No." The CreativeDifferences resulted in Veitch not working with DC for about fifteen years following.
* OhCrap: Usually the expression most villains developed after they realized they angered the Swamp Thing.
** In the first ever issue, the main thug responsible for killing Alec Holland tries to shoot Swamp Thing, not realizing he's ImmuneToBullets. "Die! (BLAM) (Swamp Thing approaches) Why won't you DIE! (BLAM BLAM) (Swamp Thing is face-to-face with him) DIE! (Click) Oh...my...God..."
* OurHeroIsDead: Swamp Thing was shot. Through the head. Fortunately for Moore, DeathIsCheap.
** Then subverted: Our hero finds out he was ''already'' [[TomatoInTheMirror dead]].
* OurVampiresAreDifferent: During the American Gothic story arc, Swamp Thing fights underwater vampires who have evolved to inhabit a flooded town.
** Crazy averted when said vampires first show up in the series. Before the flood, the vampires were hurt by crosses and holy water, and many met their end via a stake to the heart.
** Notable in that rather than simply being unable to cross running water, these vampires were fatally vulnerable to being immersed in it. This proved their undoing when Swamp Thing decided to drain their hometown.
* OurWerewolvesAreDifferent: The werewolf in "The Curse" is an expression of feminist rage.
* PaintingTheMedium: Panels were drawn sideways during the semi-cannibalistic hallucinogenic sweet potato sex scene. Because without a representative artistic mode, you wouldn't realize that something new and different was going on.
* PinocchioSyndrome: Like everything else, subverted by Moore's run.
* PlantPerson
* PlotHole: An important part of Alan Moore's changes to the origin of the character depends on the fact that Alec Holland's bio-restorative doesn't work on animal cells, only plant ones. However when Swamp Thing returns to the swamp where he is born for the first time, he finds it's filled with creatures that have been mutated by the bio-restorative that had been dumped into the swamp by the explosion. (see AbortedArc).
* PopularityPower: Subverted; when Batman takes on Swamp Thing, he gets demolished.
* PowerPerversionPotential: Matt Cable was a RealityWarper, and he used this power mostly for ''entertainment'' purposes.
* PrimordialChaos: The "Original Darkness" is summoned up in Moore's run.
* PsychopathicManchild: Napalm specialist Paulie Skinner, one of the D. D. I. goons who shot the Swamp Thing with a bioelectrical pattern-jamming device and then napalmed his body in an attempt to permanently kill the group's longtime enemy. The middle-aged Skinner is shown still living with his mom in a boyishly-decorated bedroom, with his mom tucking him into bed and bringing him hot cocoa. His happy dream in that scene shows him as a five-year old (with his balding, mustached, wrinkled head on the dream's toddler body) contentedly waving a rattle on his mother's lap though the dream suddenly turns into a nightmare of his mother smothering him as the Swamp Thing, newly returned from space and seeking vengeance for being separated for months from his home and wife, suffocates Skinner under a massive pile of peach blossoms.
* RageAgainstTheMentor: Needless to say, Alec and Constantine don't get along very well anymore.
** Not that they ever really did.
* RealityWarper: Matt Cable, and later Anton Arcane when he possessed Matt.
* ReedRichardsIsUseless: After discovering that he's an intelligent plant instead of a mutated human, Swamp Thing steadily develops an array of abilities that put him quite comfortably in PhysicalGod territory, GaiasVengeance-style. [[spoiler:In the penultimate arc of Creator/AlanMoore's run, he turns a major city into a rainforest in less than three hours; "two hundred years of civilization reduced to jungle in as many minutes".]] In the final issue of Alan Moore's run, he considers turning the world into a green version of ComicBook/{{Miracleman}}'s... but realizes that his predecessors had the opportunity to do the same for themselves, the fish and/or the dinosaurs but decided against it to permit other forms of life to follow them - and because Nemo and Dino really hadn't done anything to justify it... and neither has humanity ([[spoiler:not to mention the whole assassination/exile thing he went through for the previous nine issues]]), so he decides simply to live out Abby's life then retire to the Parliament of Trees.
** Jason Woodrue tries using the power of the Green to serve human purposes in the New 52 run, but doesn't understand what he's doing with it comes at the expense of another part of the Green, so people still end up suffering.
* ReptilesAreAbhorrent: Subverted when Killer Croc moves in with Swamp Thing, and lives HappilyEverAfter (well, until the next time Croc appeared in an issue of Batman where he [[StatusQuoIsGod left the swamp and returned to villany]]).
* RhymesOnADime: Etrigan
* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: Volume 2, Issue 63. During Moore's run, Swamp Thing returns to Earth after planet hopping using the Green. Despite missing his lover terribly the entire time, he starts things off by killing four executives of the Sunderland Corporation, the company responsible for sending him off planet to begin with, and the source of a great deal of grief the entire comic's run.
* SinglePaletteTown: An issue where the protagonist goes to an alien world in blue and remakes it to look more like home... with the worst case of multiple personality disorder ever seen in a comic book.
* SkunkStripe: Inverted; Abigail has black on white.
* SpinOff: [[ComicBook/{{Hellblazer}} John Constantine]] first appeared during Alan Moore's run.
* StarfishAliens: The eponymous hero encounters a sentient biomechanical planetoid, which then rapes him. Did I mention?
* StoryWithinAStory: Creator/MarkMillar wrote an arc entitled ''River Run'', which had Swamp Thing helping the ghost of a writer complete her book of short stories by traveling inside them and acting as the link to tie the stories together and successfully complete them.
* SweetAndSourGrapes: When Alec Holland relentlessly sought to regain his humanity, he was CursedWithAwesome; a "muck-encrusted mockery of a man" with superhuman strength and invulnerability. When Swamp Thing discovered he was merely a "[[TomatoInTheMirror plant doing its level best to be Alec Holland]]", he (after a rather gross HeroicBSOD) discovers his true power as [[GaiasVengeance a sapient extension of Earth's ecosystem]], with [[PhysicalGod all the powers thereof]].
* TomatoInTheMirror: Swamp Thing learns that he was never Alec Holland -- physically, at least. He still retains Holland's consciousness, and Abby still calls him Alec. And then he ''meets Alec's soul in Heaven'', the final nail in the coffin of the idea that he's anything more than a copy of Holland's memories.
* TooDumbToLive:
** When the Swamp Thing manages to enter Brujera's cave, they seem pretty confident that they can take him, since they are on their home turf. The problem was however [[IdiotBall that said cave was]] '''[[IdiotBall in the middle of a rain forest]]''', and [[GreenThumb Swampy]] proceeds to instantly butcher the lot of them. Actually, the mystics had protected their underground cave to where Swamp Thing couldn't get in as Constantine planned... but [[spoiler:the traitor [[MeaningfulName Judith]] had accidentally brought in a rainforest flower that Swamp Thing ''could'' possess]].
** Also applies to the escaped convict in Issue 10, who sees Swamp Thing coming when he's caught attempting to strangle an old black woman, so he can steal her soup, and immediately thinks he can take him. Swamp Thing is over seven feet tall, weighs 547 lbs, and it is all "muscle."
* TraumaCongaLine: Anna of the ''River Run'' story arc was put through the wringer by the Parliament of Waves in their determination to make her their champion. They manipulated events so that she lost her job, boyfriend, house, and her sister in that order (Anna also had an abortion, but that had nothing to do with them). Finally, after feeling unable to complete her collection short stories, the only thing she had left at that point, she killed herself. The Parliament of Waves was counting on this, unfortunately for them ''and'' Anna, her spirit became trapped in the ''River Run'' book. The only way she could be freed was if she could complete the stories and find someone else to be the champion of the Parliament. That's where Swamp Thing entered the picture.
* TricksterMentor: Constantine.
* {{Ubermensch}}: Tefé regards herself as one, until she's BroughtDownToNormal.
* WhamLine:
** "But you see, if he read my report, he'll know that just isn't true. He never will be Alec Holland. He isn't Alec Holland. He never ''was'' Alec Holland."
** "You [[OhCrap can't kill a vegetable by shooting it]] in the head."
** "Just say '''uncle'''."
* WickedCultured: In the cartoon the evil henchmen usually derisively called Swamp Thing "muck man". Arcane tended to go for the more erudite "muck-encrusted mockery of a man".
* WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity: Matthew Cable.
* WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds: In the New 52, William Arcane.
* YearInsideHourOutside: Swampy visits hell, where he finds Anton Arcane, who died in the last issue. Arcane asks how many years the spiders have been laying eggs in his body and eating their way out. Turns out it's been a day. Arcane screams in horror.
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