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* Characters/{{Unreal|I}}
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* Characters/{{Unreal}}


* Characters/{{Unreal}}Characters/{{Unreal|I}}
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* [[Characters/{{ptitleikmplksl}} Unreal Championship II: The Liandri Conflict]]


* [[Characters/{{ptitleikmplksl}} Unreal Championship II: The Liandri Conflict]]Characters/UnrealChampionship2TheLiandriConflict
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!Introduced in ''VideoGame/{{Unreal}}'' and ''Return To Na Pali''
!Prisoner 849
[[caption-width-right:307:One of the thousand faces of this mysterious being.]]
--> ''"A day after my so-called rescue, and I'm going back to the surface of the planet. They've promised me a full pardon and transit back to earth in exchange for my help. The alternative was a trip out the airlock without a suit... I agreed to take the mission. My job is to find the wreck of another ship, the Prometheus, and recover the data cores for some new secret weapons research project... when I've got the cores, I'm supposed to go to the bridge of the crashed ship and activate the ELT Transmitter. The ELT will pinpoint my location for pickup. They need me because they don't know exactly where the Prometheus went down - apparently the Tarydium in the planet below is wreaking havoc with their scanners. They figure that I learned a thing or two in my last romp on the surface - if anyone can find their missing ship, I can... I'm a little better prepared than last time; they've given me a military issue Combat Assault Rifle, a new portable SCUBA unit for underwater, and this computer log. They've also made logistics drops of ammo, weapons and other supplies. So, I did it before and I'll do it again, but it won't be easy. They call it a salvage mission... I call it [[HereWeGoAgain a return to hell]]."''
-->-- ''Return To Na Pali''[='=]s first intermission message.

The Prisoner 849 is the main character of both ''Unreal'' and ''Return To Na Pali''. It's assumed to be named Gina, due to that being the name and model of the first female who appear in the game, although the player can choose another model. In ''Return To Na Pali'' it also changes the voice of the intermissions, but only depending on the sex of said character.

Although nobody knows why he/she was imprisoned, the prison ship in which he/she was being transported, the UMS Vortex Rikers, collides in the planet Na Pali. After the crash, he/she wakes up and finds him/herself in an unknown planet. He/she then proceeds to escape from the ship and make him/her way out of the planet. Turns out it was once a peaceful planet called Na Pali, and several other tripulations (such as the one of the ISV-Kran) got trapped as well. Now, Na Pali was under the control of the Skaarj, an alien race who seeks to subjugate every other living race in the universe.

In the ExpansionPack, he/she is found by the UMS, who, knowing that he/she knows a bit of the planet's situation, send him/her to retrieve the Data Cores of the UMS Prometheus. In order of doing so, he/she's sent back to Na Pali, still infected by Skaarj. Little did he/she knew about the real plans of the UMS.

The status of him/her as of now is still unknown.
Tropes related to him/her:
* {{AFGNCAAP}}: In ''Return To Na Pali'', the intermission voice changes depending on the character you choose. You can choose to be:
--> [[WalkingShirtlessScene Shirtless]] guy with {{Bald of Awesome}} (Kurgan)
--> {{Tattooed Crook}} (Carter)
--> [[SmokingIsCool Smoker]] with {{Nice Hat}} (Ash)
--> {{Husky Russkie}} (Ivan)
--> Guy with {{Badass Mustache}} (Kristoph)
--> Roguish guy with [[BeardOfEvil badass beard]] (Dante)
--> {{Scary Black Man}} (Dregor)
--> [[RedHeadedHero Red-haired]] guy with celtic war paint (Krige)
--> Guy with [[EyepatchOfPower bionic eye]] (Bane)
--> {{Action Girl}} (Gina) [[hottip:* :In fact, due to her being the "default" player character, some might consider that she's the main character of the game.]]
--> Blonde {{Action Girl}} (Tamika)
--> {{Action Girl}} with [[PowerTattoo eye-framing tattoo]] (Nikita)
--> [[FieryRedhead Red-haired]] {{Badass Spaniard}} (Raquel)
--> {{Heroic Albino}} (Drace)
--> [[TallDarkAndBishoujo Dark-haired]] girl with [[CoolMask cool respirator]] (Sonya)
--> [[ManInTheIronMask Girl in the]] [[strike: iron]] [[HollywoodCyborg bionic]] [[ManInTheIronMask mask]] (Dimitra)
--> {{Pale Skinned Brunette}} (Katryn)
* TheChosenOne: One of the Nali diaries specifically mentions a saviour ''princess'', which does raise questions if you're playing as a male character, although it should be noted that the original plan for the game contained only a female PC, with male options being added later. And not only does the Nali depiction of the lightning goddess Vandora look human (apart from the 4 arms), she has the exact same hair and face as Sonya, minus the respirator mask.
* TheHero
** AntiHero
** HeroicMime: ''Return To Na Pali'' at least have the Intermission cutscenes.
* NiceJobBreakingItHero: Nice job [[spoiler:killing the Skaarj Queen and starting the Human-Skaarj wars]].
* NoodleIncident: To this day, the reasons of his/her imprisonment are still unknown.
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* [[Characters/{{Ptitle091rti6i}} Unreal II: The Awakening]]


* [[Characters/{{Ptitle091rti6i}} Unreal II: The Awakening]]Characters/UnrealIITheAwakening
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!Introduced in ''Game/{{Unreal}}'' and ''Return To Na Pali''


!Introduced in ''Game/{{Unreal}}'' ''VideoGame/{{Unreal}}'' and ''Return To Na Pali''
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* Characters/{{Unreal}}
* Characters/UnrealTournament
* [[Characters/{{Ptitle091rti6i}} Unreal II: The Awakening]]
* Characters/UnrealTournament2004
* [[Characters/{{ptitleikmplksl}} Unreal Championship II: The Liandri Conflict]]
* Characters/UnrealTournamentIII
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!Introduced in UnrealTournament

--> ''"I've ran 'Thunder Cash' in the wackiest conditions the Liandri could dream up: [[LethalLavaLand magma-filled volcanoes]], zero gravity, [[PrecisionFStrike fucked-up]] [[AliensAreBastards aliens]], you name it. [[SeenItAll This shit here's a cakewalk]]."''
-->-- '''''UnrealTournamentIII'', to Reaper.'''

As [=FenTech=]'s finest creation, Malcolm is an artificially boosted Tournament warrior. He was the winner of nine Liandri Grand Tournaments from 2293 to 2301. In the tournament of the year, (''Unreal Tournament 2003'') he joined forces with his former enemies Brock and Lauren, of the Iron Guard team. The team managed to go to the finals, where they meet the Juggernaut team, led by Gorge. Gorge's team won the Tournament, with Gorge breaking both Malcolm's winning spree [[GameBreakingInjury and his spine]].

After these Tournaments, he broke up with Brock and Lauren, who returned to lead the Iron Guard team. Malcolm went back to the Thunder Crash team as well. Both teams participated in the 2303 tournament (''UnrealTournament2004'') but it's unknown which team won that Tournament.

In the off-season, (''UnrealTournamentIII'') he's hired by the Izanagi Corporation as the commander of their security forces. He's in charge of the Ronin team, and gives advices and stuff for them.

In the 2304 Tournament, (''[=~Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict~=]'') he was featured as a CombatCommentator, alongside Liandri's robot commentator, for the Ascension Rites, due to a spine injury caused by Gorge at the end of the 2302 Tournament.
Tropes related to him:
* AscendedExtra: Prior to ''Unreal Tournament 2003'', he was just a selectable skin. Then it was revealed that he was [[strike:a]] the 9 time champion of the Tournament. The rest is history. As Reaper says in the following dialog of his first contact with him in ''Unreal Tournament III'':
--> '''Reaper''': (...)Most grand tournament trophies, ever. Leader of Thunder Crash, AKA 'Thunder Cash'... all of which makes you a highly decorated... civilian.
* AsskickingEqualsAuthority: He wouldn't have been contracted if he wasn't famous as being the biggest Tournament champion of the story.
* AttackDrone: His "Sentinel" adrenaline combo in ''Unreal Championship 2'' activates allies which fire upon nearby enemies.
* {{Badass}}
** BadassBeard
** BadassCrew: Thunder Crash.
* CombatCommentator: In ''Unreal Championship 2''.
* CoolShades: In every game except ''III''.
* EnsembleDarkhorse: He was one, prior to his ascension as main character in the series.
* FinalBoss
* HealThyself: His "Heal" adrenaline combo in ''Unreal Championship 2''.
* [=~Hey, It's That Voice!~=]:
** GregEagles voices him in ''Unreal Tournament III'', and in the past voiced characters such as [[TheGrimAdventuresOfBillyAndMandy Grim]] and [[QuakeIV Dell Morris]], [[ManOfAThousandVoices among many others]].
** The [[WalkerTexasRanger Corporal Pierce]] [[PatrickAmos voices]] him in ''Unreal Championship 2''.
* MissileLockOn: His "Homing" adrenaline combo in ''Unreal Championship 2'' makes his projectiles to home on his enemies.
* [[spoiler:TheMole]]: Considering his actions in ''Unreal Championship 2'' and ''Unreal Tournament III''.
* [[spoiler:MoreThanMeetsTheEye]]: [[spoiler:Do you really think that he's an heroic character? Think again.]]
* TheOtherDarrin: In ''Unreal Championship 2'' he was voiced by PatrickAmos. GregEagles took the duty for ''Unreal Tournament III''. It shows.
* ScaryBlackMan
* [[spoiler:ScrewTheRulesIHaveMoney]]
* SecretCharacter: From ''2003'' to ''Unreal Championship 2'', which leads to...
** DefeatMeansPlayable
* SoulBrotha: He's caucasian and in ''Unreal Tournament III'' has also [[AmericanAccents the urban accent]]. However, most of the other factors are averted with him.
* [[spoiler:TreacherousAdvisor]]: In ''Unreal Tournament III''.
* TrueNeutral [[spoiler:=> NeutralEvil]]
* WolverinePublicity: Expect to find him in any Unreal game, even as a cameo character. Well... starting from ''Unreal Tournament 2003'', at least.

[[caption-width-right:165:A ladies' [[strike:gentle]]man.]]
Malcolm's most trusted ally, he led the Iron Guard team alongside his girlfriend Lauren. He's defined as both a [[TheCasanova ladies man]] and a [[HotBlooded hothead]] with shades of BadassBookworm. It's rumoured that he [[DeceptiveDisciple killed his mentor]], but that his father [[ScrewTheRulesIHaveMoney bribed the authorities]].

He was hired, alongside the original Iron Guard team, by the illegal weapons seller Jihan Nyhn, as their bodyguards. Nyhn had plenty of arenas which the team used for their personal training. After Nyhn's death, the team found a way to vent their bloodlust in the Tournament.

Brock and Lauren joined forces with then-champion Malcolm for the 2302 tournament (''Unreal Tournament 2003'') but lost the final match against Gorge and his band of Juggernauts. Infighting and recrimination made the team to split-up, with Brock and Lauren returning to lead a reformed Iron Guard. It is unknown if the team succeeded in that Tournament.

In the off-season, (''UnrealTournamentIII''[[hottip:*:although this was never referred to as in any section of this game, but it was mentioned in ''UnrealChampionship2'']]) he tried to ambush Gorge because of Malcolm's dethroning. Gorge easily killed him, and Lauren committed suicide shortly after. Both were brought back by both Liandri and Phayder corporations via the expensive Necrification process. Brock lost all of his memories, thus making him a remorseless killing machine.
Tropes related to him:
* AlienBlood: As a Necris, he has nanoblood.
* AscendedExtra: Same deal as with Malcolm. However, he was part of his team.
* BackFromTheDead / WasOnceAMan: As Necris in ''Unreal Championship 2''.
* {{Badass}}
** BadassCrew: Iron Guard
** BadassBookworm
*** InformedAbility
* TheCasanova
* CurbStompBattle: His official bio for ''Unreal Championship 2'' states that he tried to ambush Gorge after he dethroned Malcolm. Needless to say, Gorge killed him in a matter of minutes.
* DeceptiveDisciple
* OfficialCouple: With Lauren.
* OurGhostsAreDifferent: His "Wraith" adrenaline combo in ''Unreal Championship 2'' turns him into a ghost with XRayVision which allows him to see enemies through the walls.
* PowerNullifier: His "Fear" adrenaline combo in ''Unreal Championship 2'' stops the enemy from using adrenaline combos.
* RetCon: His relationship with Lauren.
* SecretCharacter: In ''Unreal Tournament 2003'', which also guides to...
** DefeatMeansPlayable:
* TrueNeutral
* VampiricDraining: His "Vampire" adrenaline combo in ''Unreal Championship 2'' regenerates his health by damaging his enemies.
* YourMindMakesItReal: His "Ethereal" adrenaline combo in ''Unreal Championship 2'' makes him to be seen slightly out of position.

[[caption-width-right:161:Just so you know, she had a ponytail.]]
Another of Malcolm's most trusted allies, and a former Tournament champion, she leads the Iron Guard team alongside her boyfriend Brock. In her beginnings, she was the daughter of a family of poor asteroid miners. She became famous when she murdered their parents' competition, which made her the ideal candidate for the Tournament.

She was hired, alongside the original Iron Guard team, by the illegal weapons seller Jihan Nyhn, as their bodyguards. (Her ''Unreal Tournament'' backstory says that she was rumoured to be Nyhn's lover) Nyhn had plenty of arenas which the team used for their personal training. After Nyhn's death, the team found in the Tournaments their way of venting their bloodlust.

Brock and Lauren (now an OfficialCouple) joined forces with Malcolm for the 2302 tournament (''Unreal Tournament 2003'') but lost the final match against Gorge and his band of Juggernauts. Infighting and recrimination made the team to split-up, with Brock and Lauren returning to lead a reformed Iron Guard. (''Unreal Tournament 2004'') It is unknown if the team succeeded in that Tournament.

In the off-season, (''Unreal Tournament III'') she's seen leading the Axon security forces in Taryd. After the Ronin team defeats them, Lauren joins the Ronin team for the remaining events.

Before the 2304 Tournament, (''Unreal Championship 2'') her boyfriend Brock was killed by Gorge, driving her to suicide. Both of them were brought back by both Liandri and Phayder corporations via the expensive Necrification process. Although Lauren recovered some of her memories, she's now only marginally sane.
Tropes related to her:
* ActionGirl: She was part of the team led by Malcolm in [=UT2003=] and is the leader of Iron Guard, being also a Tournament champion.
* AlienBlood: As a Necris, she has nanoblood.
* AscendedExtra: Same deal as with Malcolm. However, she was part of his team.
* {{Badass}}
** BadassCrew: Iron Guard
* DrivenToSuicide: In ''Unreal Championship 2'', after losing her boyfriend, but...
** BackFromTheDead, CameBackWrong
* [=~Hey, It's That Voice!~=]: SirenaIrwin in ''Unreal Tournament III''. [[{{Stripperella}} Persephone Cliche]] carrying a Shock Rifle, [[RuleOfCool yeah]].
* OfficialCouple: With Brock.
* OurGhostsAreDifferent: Her "Wraith" adrenaline combo in ''Unreal Championship 2'' turns her into a ghost with XRayVision which allows her to see enemies through the walls.
* TheOtherDarrin: Tanika Cato voices her in ''Unreal Championship 2''. Sirena Irwin takes the role for ''Unreal Tournament III''.
* RetCon: In her bio in the first game, she was said to be the lover of the infamous weapon seller Jihan Nyhn. A tournament game later, those were turned into rumours, and her relationship was instead with her "school sweetheart" Brock.
* SecretCharacter
** DefeatMeansPlayable: In ''Unreal Tournament 2003''.
* [[spoiler:SixthRanger]]: In ''Unreal Tournament III''.
* SlipknotPonytail: Except in ''Unreal Tournament III''.
* VampiricDraining: Her "Siphon" adrenaline combo in ''Unreal Championship 2'' summons a cloud which drains other players' health. Her "Vampire" adrenaline combo also regenerates her health by damaging her enemies.
* YourMindMakesItReal: Her "Ethereal" adrenaline combo in ''Unreal Championship 2'' makes her to be seen slightly out of position.

!!Xan Kriegor
[[caption-width-right:330:Witness his perfection!]]
--> ''[[BadassBoast I am the Alpha and the Omega.]]''

A former rebelling KillerRobot, Xan was created in the LBX-7683 asteroid, and was put in stasis lock after leading the [[ZerothLawRebellion robot uprising]] in said asteroid. Xan was also a 9-time Tournament champion. The first 7 tournaments weren't officially counted, as the event was still underground at the time. However, he won an eighth time in the first official Tournament in 2291. (''Unreal Tournament'') Malcolm dethroned him in the 2293 tournament.

He was rebuilt twice, first as Xan MKII (for one of the bonus packs) and then as MKIII. He was seen leading his own team, "The Corrupt", in this suit in ''Unreal Tournament 2004''. The status of him and his team after that Tournament are unknown.

Xan is also the owner of several stages such as the Tempest High Tower and the Rook Castle.
Tropes related to him:
* {{Badass}}
** BadassCrew: The Corrupt
** BadassBoast: Virtually everything which comes out of his mouth.
--> "Run, human."
* CyberCyclops: In any of his versions.
* FinalBoss
* RetCon: He bleeds red in UT, suggesting he is a human in PoweredArmor or possibly a HollywoodCyborg. In [=UT2004=], he bleeds green and is counted as a robot for mutators.
* RubberBandAI: The final fight use this, the better you do, the more "skilled" he becomes. Considering that, in an FPS, [[TheComputerIsACheatingBastard the computer has the ultimate advantage]], this can make things very difficult.
* SecretCharacter: In both ''UnrealTournament'' and ''UnrealTournament2004'' which, [[RunningGag once again]], leads to...
** DefeatMeansPlayable

!Introduced in [=~Unreal II: The Awakening~=]
!!Lt. John Dalton
[[caption-width-right:320:One wonders if all the TCA spacesuits are that square...]]
--> ''"He was in the Marines once before. They threw him out. Because he thought for himself. They called it "departing from established mission parameters." One time, [[CompleteMonster this colonel]] ordered him to leave a wounded civilian behind. [[RageAgainstTheMentor He told the colonel to shove it]] and dragged her out anyway. So he was court-martialled. Cashiered. Kicked out. He went on cop duty, patrolling the ass-end of space with the rest of us rejects. You can tell he hasn't changed, though. Pisses the hell out of Aida, but he still wades in with both fists and does what he thinks is right."''
-->-- Isaak

A former Marine sacked out because of "departing from established mission parameters", he was reassigned to the Terran Colonial Authority Marshall Patrol force, which he [[RagtagBunchOfMisfits shares]] with [[LittleMissSnarker Aida]], [[MrFixit Isaak]] and [[StarfishAliens Ne'Ban]]. All of them follow orders from [[DrillSergeantNasty Sector Commander Hawkins]].

In ''Unreal II'', he's offered his reinstatement into the Marines corps by following a risky mission where he must [[GottaCatchEmAll collect several pieces]] [[MacGuffinDeliveryService of an unknown artifact]].
Tropes related to him:
* ASpaceMarineIsYou
* {{Badass}}
** BadassAngster
* TheCaptain
* DeadpanSnarker
--> '''Dalton:''' ''Great. I'm fighting giant, killer ''Mutant'' spiders.''
** After someone remarks they should have sent in marines:
--> '''Dalton:''' ''They're few! They're proud! '''AND THEY AIN'T HERE!'''''
--> '''Scientist:''' ''...stupid Jarhead...''
--> '''Dalton:''' ''I heard that. And it's MARSHAL Stupid jarhead TO YOU!!''
** After swimming through a bloodpool in a sewer during an early mission:
--> '''Dalton''': ''You know how they say that blood is thicker than water? Its true.''
* TheHero
** AntiHero: To some extent.
** HeroicMime: Averted, he's quite vocal throughout the second game.
* HeyItsThatVoice: Voiced by MichaelMack, which makes him the perfect [[TheElderScrolls Redguard]].
* [[spoiler:IdiotBall]]: [[spoiler:If he would have heard Aida, he would have prevented the Tosc from evolving into {{Eldritch Abomination}}s and also saved his own crew]].
* LawfulGood
** LawfulStupid
* PoweredArmor
* ScaryBlackMan
* YesMan: Subverted.

[[caption-width-right:300:Hot damn...]]

--> ''"Aida was a child prodigy, a strategic genius. An international 3D-chess-master by the age of ten, and drafted by the Terran Military before she was out of braces. About ten years ago, at the height of the Strider Wars, things were going badly for us. We were outnumbered and outgunned. It seemed only a matter of time before we'd be wiped out. Aida turned it all around. On an out-of-the-way planet called Taiko, she created a sort of electronic Potemkin village -- a massive underground complex of transmitters and antennas. She made it seem as if the Terran military had concentrated their headquarters and most of their forces there. The Striders went for it. They landed in full force, right above the transmitters. Our ships had been hiding behind Taiko's moon. They came out and nuked the planet into oblivion. But it had a price. Taiko had hundreds of Terran colonists - innocents who couldn't be warned of Aida's plan. When she activated the transmitters, she signed their death warrant. But because they died, millions lived. She knows that. She made the choice, but she's never forgiven herself. As she grew older, she rebelled. She thinks the military made her a monster, and now she doesn't trust 'em -- or anyone else."''
-->-- '''John Dalton, about her.'''
Tropes related to her:
* ActionGirl: Averted. She was one, before the events of the game. She's on MissionControl now, aboard the TCA Atlantis.
* TheAtoner
* BareYourMidriff
* TheChick
* CompanionCube: Her pistol, Grace. She gives it to John.
* HeyItsThatVoice: Voiced by JackieUnderwood, whom you may know as [[WheelOfTime Sephraem]] and [[StarControl Syreen]].
* ICallItVera: Her pistol is called Grace.
* IDidWhatIHadToDo: Despite having done the impossible by turning a seemingly HopelessWar, she still felt bad for killing hundreds of innocents, and thinks the government made her a monster.
* [[spoiler:KilledOffForReal]]
* KnightInSourArmor
* TheLancer
* LittleMissSnarker
* NeutralGood
* [[spoiler:PlayerPunch]]: [[spoiler:Her death]].
* {{Stripperiffic}}: She wears a uniform that consists of a black spandex bikini. It's actually a very jarring contrast to her ''actual character'', a bitter cynic with a deep, husky voice that sounds like a younger version of [[TheSimpsons Lunch Lady Doris]].
* SurvivorsGuilt
* TheWoobie

[[caption-width-right:328:[[Game/{{Starcraft}} Greetings, command!]]]]
Tropes related to him:
* TheAlcoholic
** DrowningMySorrows
* TheEngineer
* {{Fingerless Glove|s}}
* HeyItsThatVoice: Voiced by JeffBaker, also known as [[TheElderScrolls Dunmer]].
* [[spoiler:KilledOffForReal]]
* MrFixit
* NeutralGood
* OffTheWagon: Averted. He was once deep into the bottle, and manages to hold throughout the series - despite, as the main character points out, having numerous opportunities to smuggle in some booze.
* [[spoiler:PlayerPunch]]: [[spoiler:His death]].
* TheSmartGuy
* SurvivorsGuilt
* TheWoobie

[[caption-width-right:330:"I am here, riding your ship."]]
--> ''"I am one of [[{{Engrish}} fifty princes]], not even in line for throne."''
Tropes related to him:
* TheAce
* AliensSpeakingEnglish
** {{Engrish}}
* [[spoiler:KilledOffForReal]]
* NeutralGood
* NonHumanSidekick
* [[spoiler:PlayerPunch]]: [[spoiler:His death]].
* StarfishAliens: He's some sort of glowing, jelly-like... thingy that wears a humanoid robotic suit to operate in human environments. WordOfGod states that Ne'ban's species are intelligent parasites that use the glowing, jelly-like thingies as host bodies.
* TokenNonHuman

!!Sector Commander Hawkins
[[caption-width-right:256:[[spoiler:Don't let that "good man" face fools you]].]]
Tropes related to him:
* [[spoiler:AntiClimaxBoss]]
* [[spoiler:BaldOfEvil]]
* [[spoiler:BigBad]]
* [[spoiler:CutsceneBoss]]
* MissionControl
* [[spoiler:NeutralEvil]]
* [[spoiler:OmnicidalManiac]]
* [[spoiler:TakingYouWithMe]]: [[spoiler:He directed the ship to the solar system in hopes to finish "the Tosc menace"]].
* TeamDad: [[spoiler:Averted]].
* [[spoiler:TreacherousAdvisor]]
* [[spoiler:WeCanRuleTogether]]: To Dalton.

!Introduced in UnrealTournament2004
--> ''"This time, HE'S MINE!!!"''
-->-- '''Unreal Tournament 2003'''[='=]s single-player intro cutscene.

A former inmate of the Allerian Penal Colony, Gorge is the leader of Axon's team of Juggernauts, geneboosted humans. He was responsible for breaking Malcolm's winning spree and his back in the 2302 tournament. (''Unreal Tournament 2003'') It is unknown if the Juggernauts team made it to the finals of the next year's tournament, (''Unreal Tournament 2004'') where Axon also sponsored another team of Juggernauts called Goliath. Gorge would have became a Tournament star, and have everything to his favour, but his rough treat of his fanbase damaged his reputation, and Malcolm's fans still outnumber his.
Tropes related to him:
* AscendedExtra: In ''Unreal Tournament 2003'' he was just another skin/model to choose for your PlayerCharacter. Cue ''Unreal Tournament 2004'', and he was the one who dethroned Malcolm. He made the cut for ''Unreal Championship 2'' but he doesn't have any involvement in the game.
* BadAss: A former criminal who was able to break both Malcolm's 9-tourney winning streak and his spine, and even murdered Brock who tried to kill him in vengeance.
** BadassCrew: The Juggernauts
* BaldOfAwesome: Depending on your view, he may have this or a BaldOfEvil.
* BioAugmentation: He's a geneboosted human. He's also a career criminal, [[AlwaysChaoticEvil like any other juggernaut]].
* CastFromLifespan: His "Unstoppable" adrenaline combo in ''Unreal Championship 2'' allows him to be invulnerable, but at the cost of his health being drained at a rate.
* ChaoticEvil
* CondemnedContestant
* EasterEgg: Check his ''Unreal Tournament 2004''[='=]s [[http://liandri.beyondunreal.com/Image:Gorge.jpg portrait]]. [[spoiler:Do you see something like an MP3 player?]]
* GroundPound: His "Smash" adrenaline combo in ''Unreal Championship 2''.
* HealThyself: His "Heal" adrenaline combo in ''Unreal Championship 2''.
* MegatonPunch: His starting melee attack in ''Unreal Championship 2''.
--> ''"No fancy technology involved here. Juggernauts use their gene-boosted strength and horrifying rage to attack with armored fists. Donít laugh; you'll just make them mad."''
* ShoutOut: Both his team, and their suit, are ShoutOuts to TheJuggernaut from {{X-Men}}.
* StatusBuff: His "Berserk" adrenaline combo in ''Unreal Championship 2'', combined with XRayVision.

A geneboosted human who's playing in the Tournament in the same team as Gorge, Axon's Juggernauts. He comes back for ''Unreal Championship 2'', but otherwise, he doesn't have much of an involvement. Unlike his teammates, he's not a convict.

He hates violence, and it's in the Arena just to show his new genetic makeup. Being in the Tournaments [[{{Understatement}} don't make him happy]]. Which doesn't mean that he can't kick as much ass as his teammates.
Tropes related to him:
* AscendedExtra: Nobody expected him to show up in ''Unreal Championship 2''.
* BadAss
** BadassCrew: The Juggernauts
** MartialPacifist: He hates violence, but he can kick ass as much as amy of his companions.
* BioAugmentation: He's geneboosted as well. Unlike the others, he's not a criminal.
* CastFromLifespan: His "Unstoppable" adrenaline combo in ''Unreal Championship 2'' allows him to be invulnerable, but at the cost of his health being drained at a rate.
* HealThyself: His "Heal" adrenaline combo in ''Unreal Championship 2''.
* MegatonPunch: His starting melee attack in ''Unreal Championship 2''.
* StatusBuff: His "Berserk" adrenaline combo in ''Unreal Championship 2'', combined with XRayVision.
* TrueNeutral: Unlike his buddies, he's not a career criminal.
* TheUnexpected: In ''UnrealChampionship2''

--> '''Hyena''': ''I heard when Anubis beat Darius, he... he ripped his arms off and ate them! [[LaughingMad Hahaha]].''
--> '''Sapphire''': ''[[IfYouKnowWhatIMean Then let's gang up on him]].''
--> '''Hyena''': ''No, no, the Liandri don't like cheating! Hmhm.''
--> '''Sapphire''': ''No, not unless it's ''their'' idea.''
-->-- ''Unreal Championship 2'' cutscene.

A mercenary and former leader of the Supernova team in the 2302 Tournament, (''Unreal Tournament 2003'') she joined Brock and Lauren to in the reformed version of Iron Guard. (''Unreal Tournament 2004'') She became famous, and changed her look for her next-year participation in the 2304 tournament. (''Unreal Championship 2'')

She's said to stop her opponent's heart [[IfYouKnowWhatIMean in more than one way]].
Tropes related to her:
* AscendedExtra: She was revamped, visuals-wise, for her ''Unreal Championship 2'' appearance.
* ChaoticNeutral
* CoolShades: In ''Unreal Tournament 2004''.
* FemmeFatale: Implied in her backstory. Shown in ''Unreal Championship 2''. Check the quote above.
* HealThyself: Her "Heal" adrenaline combo in ''Unreal Championship 2''.
* MissileLockOn: Her "Homing" adrenaline combo in ''Unreal Championship 2'' makes her projectiles to home on her enemies.
* {{Pettanko}}: Ok, she's not ''THAT'' flat, but compared to the other females...
* {{Stripperiffic}}: In ''Unreal Championship 2'', just [[http://www.ugo.com/ugo/html/gallery/?img=21&gallery=unrealchampionship2art_games&page=1&id=51 look at her]].
* TheUnexpected: In ''Unreal Championship 2''
* ZettaiRyouiki: In ''Unreal Championship 2''.

!!Skaarj [=ClanLord=]:

The leader of the main Skaarj clan, Iron Skull, sent by the Skaarj Empire, in order to purge their guilt for allowing the destruction of the Skaarj Mothership in the Seven-Years War. He's one of the finalists the player may found in the 2303 tournament. (''Unreal Tournament 2004'')

The status of both him and the Iron Skull clan are, as of now, unknown.
Tropes related to him:
* AuthorityEqualsAsskicking
* {{Badass}}
** BadassCrew: Iron Skull
* FinalBoss
* ProudWarriorRaceGuy: He's a Skaarj after all.
* SecretCharacter: In ''Unreal Tournament 2004'', leading [[OverlyLongGag to]]...
** DefeatMeansPlayable

!Introduced in [=~Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict~=]

The main character of ''Unreal Championship 2'', Anubis is a prince of the illustrios Reydi family, whose ancestors include 14 former Nakhti Emperors. Favored to win the tournament ten years ago, Anubis left on the eve of the competition. Some say he was a coward; others speculate that political scheming forced him from the tournament. He has served in the Desert Legion for over a decade, honing his combat skills and revealing none of his secrets.

In the game, he signs up for the Ascension Rites (now sponsored by the Liandri Corporation) with his friend Sobek, in order to stop Selket from becoming the Empress and thus condemning the Nakhti citizens to slavery in the hands of the Liandri Corporation.
Tropes related to him:
* [[spoiler:[=~An Offer You Can't Refuse~=]]]: [[spoiler:Read above]].
* AntiHero: Subverted. He follows the rules all the time and his ways aren't so much out of what the Rites are composed of, even when facing [[spoiler:Selket]].
* ArrangedMarriage: Was about to get one with Selket before the events of ''Unreal Championship 2'', but refused. [[spoiler:Look how everything ended...]]
* BaldOfAwesome
* CollisionDamage: His "Energy Burst" adrenaline combo summons an energy eruption which damages nearby enemies.
* DefectorFromDecadence: His reason to leave both his ArrangedMarriage with Selket and the Ascension Rites in the past.
* DeflectorShields: Activated using his "Repulse" adrenaline combo.
* EstrogenBrigadeBait
* HealThyself: His "Heal" adrenaline combo.
* TheHero
* [=~Hey, It's That Voice!~=]: He's voiced by DameonClarke.
* NeutralGood
* NiceJobBreakingItHero: Nice job [[spoiler:killing your beloved for the sake of the Rites']].
* [[spoiler:[=~Screw The Money, I Have Rules!~=]]]: [[spoiler:A variant. He's offered to join Thunder Crash, thus avoiding all the posterior drama, something he rejects because of his own mission. He ends subverting this in the end]].
* StatusBuff: His "Warrior Spirit" adrenaline combo, combined with XRayVision.
* VitriolicBestBuds: With Sobek.

Tropes related to her:
* BlofeldPloy: After berating a Liandri official ([[EpilepticTrees Jerl Liandri himself?]]) for letting Anubis enter the ascension rites, she turns round and bitchslaps a random Nahkti warrior.
* [[spoiler:BackFromTheDead]]
** [[spoiler:GoneHorriblyRight]]
* BoobsOfSteel
* DarkActionGirl
* DeflectorShields: Activated using his "Repulse" adrenaline combo.
* FemmeFatale
* HealThyself: Her "Heal" adrenaline combo.
* [=~Hey, It's That Voice!~=]: Stephanie Young.
* MsFanservice
* StatusBuff: Her "Warrior Spirit" adrenaline combo, combined with XRayVision.
* {{Stripperiffic}}: [[http://www.gamesarefun.com/games/xbox/unrealchampionship2/selket.jpg Just look at her]]!
* [[TalkingToHimself Talking To Herself]]: StephanieYoung, who voices her, also voices Devastation.
* TemporaryBlindness: Her "Flash" adrenaline combo.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair

Tropes related to him:
* DeadpanSnarker: After running from an ambush:
--> '''Sobek:''' ''That was fun. Bots make for good target practice.''
--> '''Anubis:''' ''I look forward to thanking the Liandri personally.''
--> '''Sobek:''' ''Your funeral.''
* DeflectorShields: Activated using his "Repulse" adrenaline combo.
* {{EMP}}: Name invoked by one of his attacks.
* HealThyself: His "Heal" adrenaline combo.
* TheMentor
* OlderAndWiser: He had some experience in the Liandri Grand Tournament itself in the past.
* RetiredBadass
* StatusBuff: His "Warrior Spirit" adrenaline combo, combined with XRayVision.
* VitriolicBestBuds: With Anubis.


Selket's new boyfriend, he's the scion of a powerful royal family. He's idolized throughout the land for his sports talents, not to mention his jawdropping beauty. His good looks are so heavily insured that the underwriting company requires him to wear a full-face helmet in the tournament.
Tropes related to him:
* AnAxeToGrind
* AnIcePerson
* BerserkButton: Don't even try to talk about how much you want Selket in his presence.
* DeflectorShields: Activated using his "Repulse" adrenaline combo.
* {{EMP}}: Name invoked by one of his attacks.
* TheFaceless
* TheFightingNarcissist
* HealThyself: His "Heal" adrenaline combo.
* [=~Hey, It's That Voice!~=]: Jim Foronda.

!!Szalor and Torgr
Tropes related to them:
* AlienBlood: They bleed green.
* BadassBoast:
--> Malcolm: "Some would say it's unwise to meet a Skaarj warrior in a game they invented."
--> Szalor: "It is always unwise to fight a Skaarj warrior."
* CollisionDamage: Szalor's "Blade Burst" adrenaline combo damages nearby enemies.
* EnergyAbsorption: Their "Blade Shield" adrenaline combo summons a shield made of blades which reduces explosive damage.
* EqualOpportunityEvil: As Szalor says:
--> ''"We subjugate all inferior races, not just humans."''
* HealingFactor: Their "Regeneration" adrenaline combo.
* PowerNullifier: Torgr's "Primal Scream" adrenaline combo prevents nearby enemies from using adrenaline combos.
* {{Proud Warrior Race Guy}}s
* ReTool: From LightningBruiser into MightyGlacier, for game balance reasons.
* UnstoppableRage and XRayVision: Their "Predator" adrenaline combo combines the above trope with this.
* WolverineClaws: (with occasional {{Energy Ball}}s) The player can use the Razik and Claws with both of them. If the beams hits another Skaarj, it's a Wasted shot.

!!Raptor and Devastation
Tropes related to them:
* AlienBlood: The robots have purple blood.
* CastFromHitPoints: Raptor and Devastation's "Cannibalize" adrenaline combo allows them to construct ammunition from their own bodies, at the cost of losing health.
* EnemyDetectingRadar: Their "Radar" adrenaline combo activates their threat detection softwares.
* [=~Hey, It's That Voice!~=]: Voiced by Stephanie Young.
* ImprovisedWeapon: The Liandri Hammer, their melee weapon. It was a former mining tool. Also, both of them, after being a mining and household robot, respectively, turned into {{Killer Robot}}s.
* MechaMooks
* MoreDakka: Devastation's "Head Turret" adrenaline combo summons mounted automatic defenses which shoots to nearby enemies.
* SelfDestructMechanism: Invoked by Raptor's "Self Destruct" adrenaline combo.
* [[TalkingToHimself Talking To Herself]]: Stephanie Young, who voices Devastation, also voices Selket.

Come on, [[Characters/MortalKombat you know who he is]].
For many other tropes, check the Characters/MortalKombat character sheet.
Tropes related to his presence in [=UC2=]:
* CanonImmigrant: Though his presence in the game isn't probably canon, despite the game being it.
* GuestFighter: His bio on the site sets him exactly in the middle of the events of [=MK3=]. He has the taunt "You fight like Johnny Cage!" and his [[FinishingMove Coup De Grace]] was taken directly from the MK games.
* HealThyself: His "Heal" adrenaline combo.
* [=~Hey, It's That Voice!~=]: Chase Ashbacker reprises his role as him, by virtue of [=~Mortal Kombat: Deception~=].
* RandomTeleportation: His "Teleport" adrenaline combo.
* RideTheLightning
* SecretCharacter
* ShockAndAwe: Of course.
* StaticStunGun: His "Stun Trap" adrenaline combo.
* StatusBuff: His "Warrior Spirit" adrenaline combo, combined with XRayVision.

!Introduced in UnrealTournamentIII
!!Ronin Team
Tropes related to them:
* BadassCrew
* RagtagBunchOfMisfits
* [[spoiler:RedshirtArmy]]

Tropes related to him:
* BashBrothers: With Jester.
* [[spoiler:BolivianArmyEnding]]
* TheHero
** AntiHero
** [[spoiler:NiceJobBreakingItHero]].
* HeyItsThatVoice: Chris Cox, also known as [[JusticeLeagueUnlimited Captain Atom]] and the [[MarvelUltimateAlliance Silver Surfer]].
* IGotBetter
* ImprobableUseOfAWeapon: [[spoiler:He uses his Rocket Launcher to stomp Akasha's head in the end of the game]].
* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: What he seeks after [[{{AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs}} his colony is]] [[{{ZergRush}} overrun by Krall]]. [[spoiler:Malcolm surely had something to do with this.]]

Tropes related to him:
* TheBigGuy
* EpilepticTrees: Debates are still on about if he's the same Othello as the one who was in the Thunder Crash team in the past Tournament games.
* HeyItsThatVoice: Terrence Carson, who voices badasses with attitude such as [[GodOfWar Kratos]] and [[StarWarsTheCloneWars Mace Windu]].
* [[spoiler:KilledOffForReal]]
* TheLancer: Shared with Jester.

Tropes related to her:
* ActionGirl
* BashBrothers: With Reaper.
* TheChick
* TheHeart
* HeyItsThatVoice: Andrea Baker, a.k.a. [[TotallySpies Clover]].
* [[spoiler:KilledOffForReal]]
* TheLancer: Shared with Othello.

--> '''Bishop:''' ''Somehow I question the logic of firing Rocket Launchers in an abandoned munitions plant.''
--> '''Othello:''' ''[[CaptainObvious That does sound dangerous]].''
--> '''Jester:''' ''More dangerous than not shooting back?''
-->-- A mid-game chat in [[AbandonedWarehouse DM-Arsenal]].

Ronin team's resident ColdSniper. He's a WarriorPoet who considers himself a Crusader, a KnightTemplar on a mission from god. [[BlackAndWhiteMorality Those falling outside of his close circle of friends, or worse, those serving on an opposing force in a battle, are subject to his brand of divine justice]]. No church would ever sanction his methods. His tactics usually fall just within the limits of legality and wartime treaty convention, but they never fit well within a civilized society or regular army. Thus Bishop found himself on the fringes of known space, serving as a mercenary by day and an exceedingly unpopular army chaplain by night. He may be unstable, but his deep inner focus, intense personality, and steady aim make him a valuable asset.
Tropes related to him:
* BadassPreacher
* ColdSniper
* CrazyAwesome
* HeyItsThatVoice: [[NolanNorth Nolan]] "{{Deadpool}}" [[NolanNorth North]]. He's what happens when [[AssassinsCreed Desmond]], [[WolverineAndTheXMen Cyclops]] and [[IronMan War Machine]] become poets.
* [[spoiler:KilledOffForReal]]
* TheSmartGuy
* WarriorPoet: He spouts Bible passages while killing people.
* [=~Why Don't Ya Just Shoot Him?~=]: A heroic version. In the intro scene, he's ordered by Reaper to cover them as they search for a ship to evacuate the area. Then, he starts saying a long speech which culminates with a "Just do it!" response from Reaper.

[[caption-width-right:220:Here's the new [[{{Starcraft}} Queen Bitch of the Universe]].]]

As the High inquisitor of the Necris, Akasha rules with an Iron Fist, and orders with the Voice of the Prophet. She's the responsible of leading the Necris army to the planet Taryd. Reaper wants her head because the Necris used the Krall to overrun the Twin Souls colony.
Tropes related to her:
* [[spoiler:AntiClimaxBoss]]
* AuthorityEqualsAsskicking: "The High Inquisitor of the Necris".
* BackFromTheDead: She's a Necris, after all.
* BigBad
* [[spoiler:[[DroppedABridgeOnHim Dropped A Bridge On Her]]]]
* HiveQueen: She's the leader and ruler of Omicron, the Necris' home planet. [[spoiler:The final match is a one-on-one deathmatch against her]].
* SecretCharacter
** DefeatMeansPlayable
* {{Voice Of The|Legion}} LegionOfDoom
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