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* {{Badass}}
** {{Badass Baritone}}
** {{Badass Bookworm}}
** {{Badass Longcoat}} : As with above, the 'badass' part can be rather conditional.


* {{Badass}}
%%* {{Badass Baritone}}
** %%* {{Badass Bookworm}}
** %%* {{Badass Longcoat}} : As with above, the 'badass' part can be rather conditional.

* {{Badass}}
** {{Badass Grandpa}}
** {{Badass Beard}}
** {{Four Star Badass}}
** {{Retired Badass}}


* {{Badass}}
%%* {{Badass Grandpa}}
** %%* {{Badass Beard}}
** %%* {{Four Star Badass}}
** %%* {{Retired Badass}}

* {{Badass}}
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* {{Blond Guys Are Evil}}
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* {{Elegant Gothic Lolita}}


* {{Elegant Gothic Lolita}}%%* ElegantGothicLolita

* {{Fashionista}}
* {{Flynning}}


* %%* {{Fashionista}}
* %%* {{Flynning}}

* {{Fragile Speedster}}


* {{Fragile Speedster}}%%* FragileSpeedster

* {{Gratuitous French}}


* {{Gratuitous French}} %%* GratuitousFrench

* {{Kicking Ass in all Her Finery}}
* {{Lady of War}}
* {{Ladykiller In Love}} : A rare female variant. Her flirtatious behavior departs once she begins to crush on Jezebel, reducing her to a blushing, stammery mess.


* %%* {{Kicking Ass in all Her Finery}}
%%* LadyOfWar
* {{Lady of War}}
* {{Ladykiller In Love}} :
LadykillerInLove: A rare female variant. Her flirtatious behavior departs once she begins to crush on Jezebel, reducing her to a blushing, stammery mess.
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* {{Designated Protagonist Syndrome}} : Undergoes this in the Post-Game.
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* {{Ax Crazy}} : Oh so very much.


* {{Ax Crazy}} : Oh so very much.:

* {{Hot Mom}}
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* {{Hot Dad}}

* {{Hot Dad}} : [[spoiler: To Adorea.]]
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A character borrowed from a sister fanwork, 'Disgaea Corruption of Innocence''. Because the two stories run on different timelines, the explanation given for his presence is that he and his brother Veneficus used Tick-Tock to travel back in time and stop Atropos, the denizen of time, from reforming the timelines.


A character borrowed from a sister fanwork, 'Disgaea ''Disgaea Corruption of Innocence''. Because the two stories run on different timelines, the explanation given for his presence is that he and his brother Veneficus used Tick-Tock to travel back in time and stop Atropos, the denizen of time, from reforming the timelines.
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A character borrowed from a sister fanwork, WebOriginal/{{Disgaea Corruption of Innocence}}. Because the two stories run on different timelines, the explanation given for his presence is that he and his brother Veneficus used Tick-Tock to travel back in time and stop Atropos, the denizen of time, from reforming the timelines.


A character borrowed from a sister fanwork, WebOriginal/{{Disgaea 'Disgaea Corruption of Innocence}}.Innocence''. Because the two stories run on different timelines, the explanation given for his presence is that he and his brother Veneficus used Tick-Tock to travel back in time and stop Atropos, the denizen of time, from reforming the timelines.
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Netherworld Chronicles plays host to {{Loads and Loads of Characters}}, both canon and original. For the sake of brevity and bandwidth, most of the characters mentioned here are OCs unless brought up for plot relevance.


!! Original Characters

!!Akimoto Infernus

Former leader of the Rebels and self-proclaimed Demon Lord. He begins the series as an antagonist until his humiliating accidental defeat at the hands of Almaz (and a conveniently-place wine glass). Forced to give up his cushy, hedonistic lifestyle, he's forced into the main party and travels alongside them on their journey. Self-centered and cocky, his apparent prowess in battle does little to compensate for his less-than-agreeable behavior.

!!! Tropes:

* {{Bad Boss}} : Treats his men pretty poorly - enough to have them desert him after only a few months of being hired.
** Doubles as {{The Neidermeyer}}
* {{Jerkass}}
* {{Hot Blooded}}
* {{BFS}}
* {{Eek A Mouse}} : Terrified of small rodents, most notably squirrels.
* {{Entitled Bastard}}
** {{Entitled To Have You}} : In regards to pretty much every woman he interacts with. His attempted rescue of Miyu is a particularly strong example.
* {{Fantastic Racism}} : Or a Fantastic Racist in this case. Hates all humans, claiming that they're all terrible and irredeemable...Despite being an [[TooDumbToLive ally]] of humans Almaz and Ariadne.
* {{Its All About Me}}
* {{Hypocrite}} : Again, seems to reflect back on his complete inability to acknowledge his own faults. Of particular note is him calling out Victoire's cousin for being arrogant, selfish, and entitled - all traits that Aki himself has demonstrated with aplomb.
* {{General Failure}} : Tauntus is more successful in rallying Aki's troops than Aki himself.
* {{Glory Hound}}
* {{I Am X Son Of Y}} : Makes frequent mention of his father Ensis and his overall lineage as a warrior.
* {{Incompatible Orientation}} : Has a fairly obvious crush on fellow commander [[LipstickLesbian Victoire]].
* {{Katanas Are Just Better}}: Despite being referred to as a 'Centurion's' blade, Aki's sword is still somehow a katana.
* {{Large Ham}} : Particularly prior to his defeat by Almaz.
* {{Never My Fault}} : Seems to be completely unable to own up to his own behavior.
* {{Rebellious Spirit}}
* {{Primary Color Champion}}
* {{Author Avatar}} : {{Word of God}} even states that Aki is intended to reflect some of the author's major traits.
* {{Mangst}} : Subverted. Aki's lamenting about his dead dad is played as this, but falls flat due to repetition.
* {{We Have Reserves}} : His style of commanding relies heavily on this. Of course, he only has said reserves thanks to borrowing from Victoire's own troops.

[[folder: Vent]]
!!Vent, Overlord of the Abyss

!!! Tropes

* {{Abusive Parents}} : [[spoiler: His father, the original Overlord of the Abyss, was a psychopathic despot who murdered his wife and drove his own son temporarily insane.]]
* {{Bishonen}} : For all his creepy and unpleasant behavior, he's reasonably good-looking.
* {{Butt Monkey}}
* {{Casanova Wannabe}}: The only way he seems to be able to get any girl is by forcibly stealing them away
* {{Heterosexual Life Partners}} : Also with Aki and Raz. Mostly Aki.
* {{Power Mullet}}
* {{Sensitive Guy And Manly Man}} : The sensitive guy to Raziel's manly man.
* {{Slimeball}}
* {{Those Two Guys}} : With Raz.
* {{We Used To Be Friends}} : With Akimoto
* {{Villainous Fashion Sense}} : While not as flagrant as some other trope examples, his almost exclusively black, excessively-zippered, ominously torn wardrobe in contrast to {{Foil}} Akimoto's brighter primary colors mark him as deliberately sinister.


[[folder: Fiona]]
!! Fiona

* {{Woobie}}: Certainly attempts this with her dramatic story. The overall sympathetic effectiveness is up for debate, however.
* {{Pollyanna}}
* {{You Gotta Have Blue Hair}}
* {{Cute Witch}}
* {{Tykebomb}} : [[spoiler: Albeit an unwilling one, considering she's a highly dangerous and unstable vessel for a malevolent entity.]]
* [[spoiler: {{Sealed Evil In A Can}} : This applies more to Arcana, the spirit of the vengeful overlord sealed inside her.]]
* {{Token Mini Moe}}
* {{Friend To All Living Things}}
* {{White Magician Girl}}
* {{Incorruptible Pure Pureness}}

[[folder: Tauntus]]
!! Tartarus Krichevskoy (Tauntus)

A character borrowed from a sister fanwork, WebOriginal/{{Disgaea Corruption of Innocence}}. Because the two stories run on different timelines, the explanation given for his presence is that he and his brother Veneficus used Tick-Tock to travel back in time and stop Atropos, the denizen of time, from reforming the timelines.


* {{All Love is Unrequited}}: Though he's got the hots for two girls, Helena and Alessa, neither of them like him and find him impossibly irritating.
* {{All Take and No Give}}
* {{Crouching Moron Hidden Badass}} : Despite his moronic appearances, Tauntus is entirely capable of destruction whenever angry.
** Demonstrated in one of his special moves, Typheus Overdrive, in which he literally destroys an entire volcano.
** At one point he angrily destroys the boundary around Akimoto's Tower, although the shield was rumored to be utterly impenetrable.
** Occasionally leans more toward the {{Lets Get Dangerous}} trope, remaining completely giddy while beating down enemies.
** In the future, his presence alone is enough to intimidate the rebellious Scarlet into submission. She seems to only be afraid of his threat to "drop a mountain on her" if she continued to argue with Alessa.
** He's the only one who has ever run headlong into the fray with a denizen without a second thought.
* {{Fluffy Tamer}}: Tartarus can calm almost any screaming beast.
** He calmed a manticore that was waiting in Asbael's den.
** Whenever squirrels were released onto the field in a battle as a distraction, Tart adopted all of them and now utilizes them as an extensive spy network that lets him know all of Aki's secrets.
** Actually does tame a mutant he names Fluffy.
* {{Hair Antennae}} : Fittingly given a haircut by his brother Adon, demoting him to simply {{idiot hair}}.
* {{Instant Awesome Just Add Dragons}} : Tauntus has no fewer than two pet dragons that the audience and cast are aware of. Considering his tendency to 'adopt' them, he may have more hidden somewhere.
** He used Aki's fridge as a water dragon hatchery, of course, without permission to do so.
* {{Jerk with a Heart of Gold}}
* {{Kidanova}} : Subverted. He thinks he's a real ladykiller, but girls around his own age find him irritating and women find him more cute and endearing than anything.
** Instead he tends to refer to attractive older women as "mom"
* {{Kill it with Water}} : Tauntus is a helpless hydrophobe, ridiculous enough that his antics can immediately be put to an end with a handy-dandy spraybottle.
** He is even more afraid of snow and ice.
* {{Killer Rabbit}}
* {{Obfuscating Stupidity}} : Although he's regarded as a none-too bright scamp by most of the cast, Tartarus is no stranger to behavior typically seen in Etna, [[spoiler: who he learned it from]].
** This front allows him to get away with nearly anything just because he's seen as childish and endearing. Suckers.
* {{Playing with Fire}}
* {{Professional Butt-kisser}} : To Laharl, mainly because [[spoiler: Laharl grows up to be his father.]]
** More than incidentally to Etna for similar reasons.
** Interestingly enough, Akimoto becomes one of these to Tauntus in the future, referring to the child as "My Lord."
* {{Red is Heroic}}
* {{Red Oni Blue Oni}} Tauntus plays the role of Red Oni.
* {{Team Pet}}


[[folder: Adon]]
!! Veneficus Krichevskoy (Adon)

A character borrowed from a sister fanwork, WebOriginal/{{Disgaea Corruption of Innocence}}. Because the two stories run on different timelines, the explanation given for his presence is that he and his brother Tartarus used Tick-Tock to travel back in time and stop Atropos, the denizen of time, from reforming the timelines.


* {{Blue Collar Warlock}}
* {{Cats are Mean}} : His pet housecat, Minerva, appears to be borderline homicidal.
* {{Child Mage}}
* {{Deadpan Snarker}}
* {{Deal With the Devil}} : Made a deal with Vindaego unknowingly as a child which allowed the universe's fabric to start to come apart.
* {{Green Thumb}}
* {{Hair Antennae}} : Keeps them hidden, somehow, in his hair. Resemble bunny ears.
* {{In Touch With His Feminine Side}}
* {{Nature Lover}}
* {{Pardon My Klingon}} : Shown to be able to communicate with Denizens by making strange guttural throat noises.
** Corruption's long-standing presence and presence in his mind probably allows him to do this.
* {{Red Oni Blue Oni}} : Adon plays the role of Blue Oni.
* {{Sarcastic Devotee}}
* {{Squishy Wizard}}
* {{The Shadow Knows}} : Except in this case, the shadow itself is a shapeshifting monster that knows all of his hidden secrets.
* {{The Tragic Rose}}
* {{You Are What You Hate}} : [[spoiler: An angel, or rather, fallen angel since a very young age.]]


[[folder: Archimedes]]
!! Archimedes Ydriss

* {{Abhorrent Admirer}} : To Axel.
* {{The Alcoholic}}
** {{Alcoholic Parent}} : Poor, POOR Jasper.
* {{Badass}}
** {{Badass Baritone}}
** {{Badass Bookworm}}
** {{Badass Longcoat}} : As with above, the 'badass' part can be rather conditional.
* {{Bunny Ears Lawyer}}
* {{Carpet of Virility}} : Of the Type One variety. Under those clothes, he's absolutely COVERED in hair.
* {{The Cobblers Children Have No Shoes}}
* {{Cuteness Proximity}} : {{Stoic}} or not, he turns into a puddle of baby-talking goo around cats and kittens.
* {{Cynical Mentor}}
* {{Herr Doktor}}
* {{Fanboy}} : Obsessed with Axel to the point of hero worship (and a borderline {{Celeb Crush}})
* {{Freudian Excuse}} : The memories of childhood abuse could have been dealt with if they'd been kept safely repressed. However, Mao reopening them - and the {{Mind Rape}} that followed - left Archi traumatized and lacking the emotional capability to deal with them. Or much else, for that matter.
* {{Germanic Depressives}}
* {{I Was Quite The Looker}} : Revealed to be a handsome, athletic {{Bishonen}} prior to his breakdown.
* {{Jade Colored Glasses}}
* {{Jerkass}}
** {{Jerkass Woobie}} : He's not exactly sympathetic, but there's at least a fair amount of explanation as to why he's so messed up.
* {{Knight In Sour Armor}} : As evidenced by his desire to continue his job because while he doesn't like the people he works with, he believes they still deserve help.
* {{Mind Over Matter}}
* {{Must Have Nicotine}}
* {{Psychic Nosebleed}}
* {{Really Gets Around}} : Bordering on {{Anything That Moves}} after the revelation that Corruption can shapeshift into Vyers.
* {{Sour Outside Sad Inside}}
* {{Troubled Abuser}}
* {{TV Genius}} : Subverted hard. While he's highly intelligent and one of the most analytically-talented people in his field of work, he's also foul-mouthed, prone to lapsing into {{Buffyspeak}} , and has a sense of humor on par with a twelve-year-old boy's. And his lack of common sense tends to drown out his high IQ on most occasions.
* {{Why Couldnt You Be Different}} : Less than impressed with how his shy, emotional son turned out.
* {{Your Cheating Heart}} : 'Serial philanderer' is putting it kindly. He's cheated on his wife countless times without a second thought, including two long-running emotional and physical affairs...And judging from his attraction to Grandpa Infernus, he's at least considered cheating on Vyers as well.
* {{Yaoi Guys}} : With Vyers.

[[folder: Raz]]
!! Raziel

* {{And I Must Scream}} : Arguably his fate post-series; while it's not as severe as some of the other examples, being trapped in a rotting, undead body and being forbidden to die so you can look after your high school buddy's kids is still pretty awful.
* {{Charles Atlas Superpower}}
* {{Deadpan Snarker}}
* {{Our Zombies Are Different}}
* {{Good Old Fisticuffs}}
* {{Only Sane Man}} : Often plays this to Akimoto and Vent.
* {{Those Two Guys}} : With Vent.

[[folder: Vayle]]
!! Vayle

* {{Battle Ballgown}}
* {{Black Mage}} / {{Necromancer}}
* {{Clingy Jealous Girl}}
* {{Costume Porn}}
* {{Goth}}
* {{Green Eyed Monster}} : Becomes instantly and disproportionately jealous of any girl Aki shows interest in.
* {{Informed Attractiveness}}
* {{No Social Skills}}
* {{Rich Bitch}}
* {{Satellite Love Interest}} : To Aki.
* {{Suspiciously Specific Denial}} : She'll firmly and repeatedly insist that the ghosts who make her dresses for her do it of their own free will, and aren't enslaved.
* {{Tome Of Eldritch Lore}} : Inherited from her mother; it apparently contains every spell known to demon, angel, and humankind. Or so we're told.
* {{Vain Sorceress}}
* {{Woman Scorned}}

[[folder: Asbael]]
!! Asbael

* {{Affably Evil}}
* {{Agent Peacock}}
* {{Ax Crazy}}
* {{Beware The Silly Ones}}
* {{Bishonen}}
* {{Blond Guys Are Evil}}
* {{Blue and Orange Morality}} : Asbael doesn't perpetrate most of his acts because he's evil so much as he does because he operates on an insane sort of alien logic.
* {{Chaotic Evil}}
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}} : A dangerous and highly unstable version.
* {{Crouching Madman Hidden Badass}}
* {{Did You Just Romance Cthulhu}} : [[spoiler: After the fake Miyu revealed 'herself' to be the {{Eldritch Abomination}} Nybras, Asbael was instantly smitten. The two went through with their marriage, and are now blissfully wedded and parents to a hideously grotesque creature of their own.]]
* {{Even Evil Has Loved Ones}} : Crazy or not, he adores his "wife" and dotes on his child.
* {{The Evil Prince}} : Moreso in his youth, just after his {{Start of Darkness}}.
* {{Fashion Victim Villain}}
* {{Fisher King}} : His realm and its inhabitants are inherently tied to his own madness.
* {{Go Karting with Bowser}} : Typically a villain, but after the Miyu incident, he seemed to appear almost casually.
* {{Happily Married}} : To a horrifying sack of fat covered in sentient faces.
* {{Hot Guy Ugly Wife}}
* {{Im A Humanitarian}} : One of his favorite foods is Servant's-Hand Pie.
* {{Large Ham}}
* {{The Mad Hatter}}
* {{Master of Illusion}}
* {{Mood Swinger}}
* {{Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant}}
* {{Papa Wolf}} : God help you if you so much as think about harming Newyn.
* {{Psychopathic Manchild}}
* {{Reality Warper}} : To a degree, though this is mostly based in illusion.
* {{Squick}} : [[spoiler: His penchant for disembowelling hapless servants and guests and using their entrails for interior decoration aside, there was also the whole matter of him falling head-over-heels in love with Nybras. And conceiving a child with it. And he's dropped hints that he wants to have more. Urgh.]]
* {{Used To Be A Sweet Kid}}

[[folder: Corruption]]
!! Corruption (Darkie)

A character borrowed from a sister fanwork, WebOriginal/{{Disgaea Corruption of Innocence}}. Because the two stories run on different timelines, the explanation given for his presence is that Atropos, Denizen of time, traveled to a time before Adon's birth to release denizens from their artifacts. Corruption was released by Atropos.

* {{Evil is Cool}}
* {{Living Shadow}}
* {{Body and Host}}: Currently acting as a parasite to Adon.
** Actually disproved in this storyline. While this is true in the future, possessing him again in a past timeline would [[spoiler: open up the cosmic barrier prematurely, allowing Vindaego's eventual escape to happen. Atropos and Corruption want Vindaego to remain imprisoned.]] Corruption has pretended to inhabit Adon's mind when in reality he has been lurking in his shadow.
* {{With Great Power Comes Great Insanity}} : Despite his power, he's shown to be extremely capricious in behavior. This can take him anywhere from {{Cloudcuckoolander}} to {{Ax Crazy}}, often in a matter of seconds.
* {{Guy on Guy is Hot}} : Seems....fascinated by homoeroticism.
** Morphs into Vyers at several points to attempt to woo in Archi. He succeeds.
* {{Oddball Doppelganger}}
* {{Did You Just Flip Off Cthulhu}} : Corruption is under employ, possibly a slave of {{eldritch abomination}} Vindaego, and is supposed to collect Adon's soul for the Denizens. However, Corruption appears determined to slack off on this goal because he considers Vindaego a horrible boss.
** He actually doesn't want to do his duty at all, as he is afraid of Vindaego and would rather join the cast than prey on them.
* {{Good All Along}} : [[spoiler: Whenever Ainoire collects enough Denizen artifacts to strengthen their power and becomes a servant of Vindaego, Ainoire nearly succeeds in sacrificing Adon, but Corruption leaves Adon's body and kills Ainoire first. Although he basically saved the universe, none of the party seem to appreciate his efforts.]] See {{Not Evil Just Misunderstood}}.]
** He joins the party later on.
* {{Morphic Resonance}} : No matter what shape or identity he assumes, he always remains the same dusky colors, has the same eyes, razor teeth, creepily long arms, large ears, and ultra-emaciated figure.
* {{Pardon my Klingon}} : Commonly interjects tidbits of R'lyehian into conversation.

[[folder: Nybras]]
!! Nybras

* {{Body Horror}}
* {{Eldritch Abomination}}
* {{Extreme Omnivore}}
* {{Face Stealer}} : Obtains the appearance and abilities of anyone it consumes, and can briefly borrow a person's form even without eating them.
* {{Happily Married}} : To Asbael.
* {{Horror Hunger}}
* {{Mama Bear}} : Doesn't exactly possess typical 'maternal instincts', but is still highly protective of Newyn.
* {{Trademark Favorite Food}} : Live orc piglets.

[[folder: Newyn]]
!! Newyn

* {{Body Horror}}
* {{Cheerful Child}} : When it's not hungry.
* {{Creepily Long Arms}}
* {{Creepy Child}}
* {{Did We Just Have Tea With Cthulhu}}
* {{Eldritch Abomination}}
* {{Extreme Omnivore}}
* {{Half Human Hybrid}} : Sort of.
* {{Horror Hunger}}
* {{Humanoid Abomination}}
* {{Hungry Menace}}
* {{I Am A Humanitarian}}
* {{Malaproper}} : Has a tenuous grasp on the English language at best, and often affectionately refers to living things as a "Meet".
* {{More Teeth Than The Osmond Family}} : In its EYES of all places.
* {{Rapunzel Hair}}
* {{The Family That Slays Together}} : Although it's hard to tell at this point, all signs indicate that little Newyn is already in the process of inheriting dear old Dad's complete lack of morals as well as 'Mom's' excessive and...Unusual appetite. Both Mom and Dad couldn't be more delighted, and this has only brought them closer as a family.
* {{Ugly Cute}} : Depending on how you view it, Newyn either falls into this category or {{Grotesque Gallery}}.

[[folder: Miyu]]
!! Marumine Miyu

* {{Berserk Button}} : Detests otaku and harbors a seething dislike towards most of her fanbase.
* {{Brainless Beauty}} : Averted. In spite of her public persona playing her up as this, she's actually pretty intelligent.
* {{Broken Bird}} : To a small degree - she's exceptionally bitter about the way her life and career turned out, though she's more angry than broken over it.
* {{Cat Girl}}
* {{Contractual Purity}}
* {{Cute Bruiser}}
* {{Cute Little Fangs}}
* {{Expy}} : Of Felicia from Darkstalkers and Hatsune Miku.
* {{Idol Singer}}
* {{Kawaiiko}}
* {{Mega Twintails}}
* {{Moe}} : Applies strictly to her stage persona. [[spoiler: Nybras used this to its advantage when stealing her identity, pulling off a {{Wounded Gazelle Gambit}} in order to deceive Akimoto and company.]]
* {{Nice Girl}} : Mostly applies to her public persona.
* {{Older Than They Look}} : Appears to be in her mid-teens, mostly due to every aspect of her appearance being micromanaged by her producers.
* {{Pet The Dog}} : She's actually quite fond of kids, and has a soft spot for her younger female fans.
* {{Purity Personified}} : A major part of her public image.
* {{Waif Fu}} : [[spoiler: Began taking self-defense classes after the whole Nybras debacle. As it turns out, she's something of a natural, thanks in no small part to her species.]]

[[folder: Mary]]
!! Marietta "Bloody Mary" Mjollnir

* {{Biker Babe}}
* {{Boisterous Bruiser}}
* {{Boobs Of Steel}} : She's easily one of the most sturdily-built women in the cast, and quite buxom on top of that.
* {{Cool Horse}} : Well, horse-motorbike.
* {{Headless Horseman}}
* {{Jerk With A Heart Of Gold}} : Revealed to be something of a bully, particularly to Archimedes, when she was still alive. She gets better after dying.
* {{My Horse Is A Motorbike}} : Half-and-half, in this case.
* {{Stout Strength}}
* {{Tomboy}}
* {{Whip It Good}} : Her weapon of choice is a spine whip.

[[folder: Jezebel]]
!! Jezebel Athame

* {{Classy Cat Burglar}}
* {{Cool Big Sis}} : Makes mention of having a little sister that looks up to her.
* {{Dude Shes a Lesbian}} :
* {{Femme Fatale}} : More in her head than elsewhere.
* {{Gaydar}} : She prides herself on having an exceptionally accurate one.
* {{Girls With Guns}}
* {{Muggle Born of Mages}}
* {{Obfuscating Stupidity}} : Her 'naive country rube' act is all intended to trick others into underestimating her - she's actually very clever.
* {{Plucky Girl}}
* {{Shes Got Legs}}
* {{Token Yuri Girls}} : With Victoire.

[[folder: Victoire]]
!! Victoire Chastain

* {{Action Girl}}
* {{Beauty Mark}} : Under her right eye.
* {{Combat Pragmatist}} : She's not above attacking someone when they're already down.
* {{Disappeared Dad}} : Her father is never mentioned, and it's often assumed that he's dead or abandoned her mother before Victoire was born. [[spoiler: It probably has more to do with that fact that she's Vyers' bastard daughter, the product of a one-night stand that he's all but forgotten about.]]
* {{Elegant Gothic Lolita}}
* {{Expy}} : A mismash of Utena Tenjou and Amy Sorel.
* {{Fashionista}}
* {{Flynning}}
* {{Foil}} : Her status as the young army commander from a well-to-do house makes her something of a {{Distaff Counterpart}} to Akimoto. However, every other aspect is turned on his head, and her femininity, level-headedness, and far more delicate and refined style of combat make her a polar opposite to him.
* {{Fragile Speedster}}
* {{Friendly Enemy}} : Seems to be forming this sort of relationship with Jezebel.
** This later blossoms into a {{Romantic Two Girl Friendship}}, and perhaps something even [[AmbiguouslyGay more]] than that.
* {{Gratuitous French}}
* {{Hypocrite}} : Claims to value the notions of honor and chivalry above everything else, but is clearly shown fighting dirty in one-on-one combat at least once.
* {{Kicking Ass in all Her Finery}}
* {{Lady of War}}
* {{Ladykiller In Love}} : A rare female variant. Her flirtatious behavior departs once she begins to crush on Jezebel, reducing her to a blushing, stammery mess.
* {{Like Father Like Son}} : [[spoiler: A foppish, flamboyant aristocrat with a penchant for French and hidden talent as a leader? Sounds pretty familiar.]]
* {{Lipstick Lesbian}}
* {{Meaningful Name}} : Victoire stems from Victoria, the Latin word for "victory". It becomes fitting when she beats Aki in one-on-one combat.
** {{Ironic Name}} : The surname Chastain is bastardized from "chastity", which pretty much [[IncorruptiblePurePureness explains]] itself. Meanwhile, Victoire is a female {{Handsome Lech}} who {{Really Gets Around}} and [[spoiler: happens to be half-succubus.]]
* {{The Ojou}}
* {{Regal Ringlets}}
* {{Royal Rapier}}
* {{Spoiled Sweet}}
* {{Token Yuri Girls}} : With Jezebel.
* {{Upper Class Twit}} : Has shades of this due to her extreme naivete and unintentional arrogance towards the lower class.

[[folder: Celeste]]
!! Celeste Ydriss

* {{Ax Crazy}} : Oh so very much.
* {{Berserk Button}} : Making a child uncomfortable. Period.
* {{Bitch In Sheeps Clothing}} : Mostly subverted. Celeste actually is a genuinely nice and sweet woman...She just can't stand seeing her 'babies' suffer. Played absolutely straight with her treatment of her husband.
* {{The Beard}} : To Archi, unbeknownst to her.
* {{Broken Bird}}
* {{Dark Skinned Blonde}} : Well, pink hair, but it's close enough.
* {{Dissonant Serenity}}
* {{Domestic Abuser}}
* {{The Empath}}
* {{Godiva Hair}}
* {{Good Girl Gone Bad}}
* {{Hartman Hips}}
* {{Invulnerable Knuckles}} : Packs an absolutely terrifying punch.
* {{Mama Bear}} : Harming one of her "babies" will lead inevitably to a {{Roaring Rampage of Revenge}}.
* {{Missing Mom}} : Her own mother abandoning her and her father was one of the reasons Celeste wanted to become a mom in the first place.
* {{My Beloved Smother}}
* {{Stepford Smiler}} : Type C.
* {{Verbal Tic}} : Calls others 'darling' or 'baby'.
* {{Woman Scorned}} : Poor, poor Archi.
* {{Yandere}} : A non-romantic variant - she's extremely possessive of her children (and any child she regards as 'hers') and won't hesitate to go after anyone who's creating a threat towards her 'babies', imagined or otherwise, and getting them out of the way.

[[folder: Jasper]]
!! Jasper Ydriss.

!!! Tropes:

* {{Abusive Parents}} : In spite of Jasper's attempts to placate him, Archi treats him like absolute crap, insulting and belittling him when he's not ignoring him.
** Resulted in an unintentional case of {{The Dog Bites Back}} when Jasper accidentally shot Archi in the leg during a prank.
* {{Adorkable}}
* {{Beware The Nice Ones}} : Timid and stammery or not, he turns into a {{Papa Wolf}} the instant his pets or family - usually pets - are threatened.
* {{Cowardly Lion}}
* {{Cute Kitten}} : Ends up with a small army of them after his pet catsaber Wiggly Pudding gives birth to a litter of wall-eyed, fluffy grey babies.
* {{Dude Looks Like A Lady}} : Repeatedly mistaken for a girl by both Aki and Vent.
* {{The Empath}}
* {{Friendless Background}} : Until he met Adon, at least.
* {{Guys Smash Girls Shoot}} : Reversed. Jasper is trained in firearms and prefers to use rifles, while his sister Alessa uses {{Good Old Fisticuffs}} and later graduates to telekinetically-controlled {{Power Fist}}s.
* {{Kind Hearted Cat Lover}}
* {{Megane}}
* {{My Beloved Smother}} : Has one in Celeste, who regards him as her "miracle baby"; it was so severe that she seldom let him play outside when he was little, and kept a months-long vigil over his cradle when he was a baby.
* {{Parental Neglect}} : Jasper's dad seems to show far more interest in training Adon than he does in spending time with his own son.
* {{Real Men Wear Pink}}
* {{Shrinking Violet}}
* {{Speech Impediment}} : Speaks with a severe stutter.
* {{Well Done Son Guy}} : Desperately tries to please his dad. Archi being the kind of [[JerkAss guy]] that he is, this goes about as well as you can expect.
* {{Woobie}}

[[folder: Alessa]]
!! Alessa Ydriss

!!! Tropes:

* {{Attention Whore}} : Revels in attention and acknowledgement, whether it's positive or negative.
* {{Big Brother Bully}} : To Jasper.
** Subverted later on as the two grow older and develop a healthier relationship.
* {{Bitch In Sheeps Clothing}}
* {{Bratty Teenage Daughter}}
* {{Eerie Pale Skinned Brunette}}
* {{Expy}} : Of Sicily in Disgaea Dimension 2, for also being the [[spoiler: deceased child of demonic parents reincarnated as an angel.]]
* {{Fallen Angel}}
* {{Freudian Excuse}} : Bullied and alienated by her peers in Celestia thanks to {{Fantastic Racism}} - being the child of demons - and her inability to adapt and fit in like her brothers. Her dad neglecting her and initially refusing to accept her as his own also messed her up pretty badly. While it doesn't excuse her behavior, it at least explains her callous attitude and desire for attention.
* {{Fille Fatale}} : Fancies herself as one.
* {{Girlish Pigtails}}
* {{Girly Bruiser}}
* {{Ill Girl}} : Has breathing problems and a weak heart. Occasionally plays this up as part of her {{Wounded Gazelle Gambit}}.
* {{Jerkass}}
* {{Little Miss Snarker}}
* {{Like Father Like Son}} : In this case, for both parents. She borrows her manipulative {{Stepford Smiler}} behavior and hideous temper from her mother, and her snarky sense of humor - and unfortunately, eventual drinking problems - from her father.
* {{Manipulative Bitch}}
* {{Mad Scientists Beautiful Daughter}} : Or more specifically, Slightly-Unhinged Psychologist's Beautiful Daughter. Either way, she heavily subverts this; the {{Ingenue}} act is all pretense, and she detests her father to the point of wanting to murder him in order to attain fallen angel status.
* {{Mind Over Matter}} : To a smaller extent than Archi.
* {{Nightmare Fetishist}}
* {{Older Than They Look}}
* {{Shes Got Legs}}
* {{Smitten Teenage Girl}} : Harbors a massive crush on Vyers. Understandably, he's quite disturbed by this, and doesn't reciprocate.
* {{Sociopath}} : Even if she doesn't fit the textbook definition, she certainly has the makings of one; she's manipulative, deceptive, and has little respect for the well-being and lives of others, going as far as blatantly lying about being kidnapped and abused by Akimoto and Vent in order to provoke Celeste into beating them. However, she does seem to genuinely care about a few people - namely her mother and Helena - so her moral compass isn't totally absent.
* {{Too Good For This Sinful Earth}} : Subverted - Her tragic death as an infant seemed to mark her as this, but she turned out to be something completely [[JerkAss different]] upon her return.
* {{Tsurime Eyes}} / {{Tareme Eyes}} : Depending on whether or not she's trying to manipulate someone.
* {{Zettai Ryouiki}} : Grade C

[[folder: Raiden]]
!! Raiden Krichevskoy

!!! Tropes:

* {{Action Duo}}: One-half of the duo, the other half being his best buddy Tauntus.
* {{Adorkable}}
* {{And Call Him George}} : Unfortunately, he doesn't always know his own strength.
* {{Antenna Hair}} : In {{Regal Ringlets}} , no less!
* {{Bare Your Midriff}}
* {{Berserk Button}} : Long-haired attractive men, particularly incubi. And Adon, for reasons that Raiden himself doesn't seem to understand. [[spoiler: It most likely has something to do with both things reminding him of his estranged father.]]
* {{Blade On A Stick}} : Dual-wields spears.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}
* {{Crouching Moron Hidden Badass}}
* {{The Ditz}}
* {{Good Is Dumb}}
* {{Hair Of Gold Heart Of Gold}}
* {{Long Haired Pretty Boy}}
* {{Love Freak}} : Of a more platonic variety. He loves friendship and revels in people becoming buddies.
* {{Mamas Boy}}
* {{Man Child}}
** Later shows shades of {{Psychopathic Manchild}} as well, particularly around Adon.
* {{No Social Skills}}
* {{Oedipus Complex}} : He's reeeally protective of his Mama.
* {{Squick}} : [[spoiler: His own parentage is potentially this; he's the result of a short-lived relationship between Flonne and Vyers in an alternate timeline, and the age difference alone might cause some people to cringe.]]
* {{Otaku}} : A huge fan of giant robot/mecha series - as well as magical girls and horror.

[[folder: Bellator]]
!! Bellator Infernus

!!! Tropes:

* {{Badass}}
** {{Badass Grandpa}}
** {{Badass Beard}}
** {{Four Star Badass}}
** {{Retired Badass}}
* {{BFS}}
** Combined with {{An Axe To Grind}}
* {{Big Eater}}
* {{Boisterous Bruiser}}
* {{Cool Old Guy}}
* {{Covered In Scars}}
* {{Eyepatch of Power}}
* {{Large Ham}} : Enough to make BRIAN BLESSED himself proud!
* {{No Inside Voice}}
* {{Screw Politeness, I'm A Senior!}}
* {{Vitriolic Best Buds}} : Shared an amiable, if violence-filled, acquaintance with Archi's father for a brief time after Adon and Jasper summoned him back to the world of the living.

[[folder: Adorea]]
!! Adorea Melusine

!!! Tropes:

* {{A Mother To Her Men}} : She works her girls hard, but she also treats them pretty kindly by her standards.
* {{Badass}}
* {{Bare Your Midriff}}
* {{Boyish Short Hair}}
* {{Cool Big Sis}}
* {{Eyepatch Of Power}}
* {{Eye Scream}} : Courtesy of an Overlord shoving his thumb into her left eye.
* {{Gadgeteer Genius}}
* {{Healing Factor}} : Recovers from most wounds at an abnormal pace due to her succubus blood. However, her left eye is still only half-formed, and will probably never regrow completely.
* {{Horned Humanoid}}
* {{Horny Devils}} : Subverted. While she is half-succubus, she's not terribly seductive-acting and doesn't seem to care much about sex.
* {{Humongous Mecha}} : Building and piloting them is her main obsession.
* {{Improbable Weapon User}} : Twin {{Sinister Scythe}}s modified into working shotguns. That can shift into missile launchers.
* {{More Dakka}}
** Combines with {{Macross Missile Massacre}} when she upgrades her weapons.
* {{Older Than They Look}} : She's 68 years old and looks to be in her late twenties/early thirties.
* {{Retired Badass}} : While she's still a merc, her days of campaigning to become Overlord are far behind her.
* {{Southern Fried Genius}}
* {{Supernatural Gold Eyes}} : Complete with {{Hellish Pupils}}.
* {{Wrench Wench}}


!! Cauchemaro
[[caption-width-right:350:Sexy is dumb.]]

Cauchemaro is an incubus, which one would presume to be the male equivalent of a succubus. However, Cauchemaro is not romance-loving, not a powerful hunter of the night, and certainly not a seducer. However, he's still virtually naked and very touchy-feely.

Cauchemaro is the youngest incubus in his specific group and though an adult only recently reached maturity (control over emotions) that enables him to leave the incubus horde. He works as a butler in Vyers's castle, seeing Vyers like an incubus alpha and looking up to him with utmost respect. Cauchemaro is very domestic, enjoying cooking, cleaning, socializing, playing games, and doting on his adoptive family. Delmonico is his actual older brother.

!!! Tropes:

* {{Battle Butler}} : Though usually [[SubmissiveBadass submissive and passive]], Cauchemaro is unbelievably strong and will tear through just about anything for his loved ones.
* {{Camp Straight}} : He has shown no interest in men and would like to have a girlfriend or even wife someday, as soon as he knows he can control himself.
* {{Cannot Talk To Women}} : Borderline gynophobic. Understandable, since he was raised in an all-male society, and is afraid of messing up and hurting anyone.
* {{Gender Flip}} : At least in his household roles.
* {{Getting Smilies Painted On Your Soul}} : The typical self-imposed incubus method of emotion control - for the greater good. Cauchemaro just tends to be more intense with this than anyone else.
* {{Godiva Hair}} : A mess of wavy hair falling all the way down his back.
* {{Hidden Badass}}
* {{House Husband}} : Unmarried, but...point still stands.
* {{Incubus}}
* {{Innocent Fanservice Girl}} : Guy, rather.
* {{Kindly Housekeeper}}
* {{Long-Haired Pretty Boy}}
* {{Naked People are Funny}}
* {{Nice Job Breaking It Hero}} : His strength tends to go underestimated, leading him to break things if he gets too distracted.
* {{Playing With Fire}}
* {{Reluctant Monster}} : His social class of incubus is at a level where he has a half-and-half possibility of going 'rogue,' or being puppeteered by instinct, and he's scared to death of the idea.
** He was attacked by a rogue when he was younger, the memory of which cemented itself into his brain.
* {{Socially Awkward Hero}}
* {{Stripperiffic}}
* {{The Clan}} : Seems to be forming one.
** Before they took up lodgings with Vyers, Cauchemaro and Delmonico wandered around as a pair.
* {{Too Dumb To Live}}
* {{Meaningful Name}} : It means 'incubus' in French, but not as much as it means 'nightmare.'
** Needless to say, Cauchemaro is the farthest thing from a nightmare.
* {{Youthful Freckles}}


[[folder: Delmonico]]

!! Delmonico

Del is one of the eldest members of the incubi clan working for Vyers. Older and fairly wiser than his inexperienced young relatives, he falls slightly more into the {{Horny Devils}} category than the rest, in that he's a cunning and persuasive seducer capable of charming men and women alike.

However, beyond that, he's kind and highly protective of his underlings, acting as sort of an older brother figure to them. He's also deeply respectful towards Vyers, frequently consulting him for advice. His level-headed and patient nature has lead him to become something of a second-in-command for Vyers, a role that he holds in high esteem. He is Cauchemaro's actual older brother.

!!! Tropes:

* {{Battle Butler}} : Much like his 'brothers', Del is extremely loyal to his employer, and will stop at nothing to defend him.
* {{Beauty Mark}} : Under his left eye.
* {{Berserk Button}} : God help the person who harms his vegetable garden.
** Can also be applied to anyone who makes Cauchemaro upset.
* {{Bi The Way}} : While it's not frequently mentioned, Del seems to have an equal attraction to men and women, and isn't above flirting with a few of Vyers' male guests.
* {{The Big Guy}} : Easily the tallest and most well-built of the incubi.
* {{Cant Hold His Liquor}}
* {{Cool Old Guy}} : Well, old compared to the other incubi.
* {{A Father To His Men}}
* {{Heroic Build}}
* {{Hot Men At Work}} : Has a tendency towards this due to his passion for gardening.
* {{Incubus}}
* {{Long Haired Prettyboy}}
* {{Mr Fanservice}}
* {{Nice Guy}}
** {{Beware The Nice Ones}}
* {{Papa Wolf}}
* {{Tall Dark And Handsome}}


[[folder: Ariadne]]
!! Ariadne

!!! Tropes:

* {{Antiquated Linguistics}} : Her speech pattern is very polite and old-fashioned, speaking like a cross between a Medieval knight and a character out of an old samurai movie.
* {{Badass Longcoat}}
* {{Black Eyes Of Crazy}} : When taken over completely by Enoch.
* {{Body And Host}} : Possessed by the denizen Enoch.
* {{Cannot Talk To Women}} : Gender-flipped. She considers any attractive man she stumbles across a threat to her vows of chastity and is terrified of them as a result, as witnessed in her interactions with Vyers and the incubi.
* {{Cute Little Fangs}} : Growing them as her transformation into a demon continues.
* {{Glass Cannon}}
* {{Hell Bent For Leather}} : Sports a very nice leather catsuit under her robes. It's standard-issue for both genders in the Holy Order.
* {{Honor Before Reason}}
* {{Iaijutsu Practitioner}}
* {{Knight Templar}} : Started out as one. Her possession by Enoch and time spent with demons has mellowed her out a little.
* {{Meaningful Name}} : Translates roughly to "holy woman" - fitting, considering her profession.
* {{Ninja Maid}} : Becomes one of sorts to Adon, though she's not actually a 'maid'.
* {{No Sense Of Humor}}
* {{No Social Skills}} : Due to spending most of her life in a monastary, she's pretty socially awkward.
* {{Tomboyish Ponytail}}
* {{Warrior Monk}}
* {{Youthful Freckles}}

[[folder: Ainoire]]
!! Ainoire

!!! Tropes:

* {{Apologetic Attacker}} : Takes this to the next level by apologizing while he's about to sacrifice Adon and his friends.
* {{Badass Longcoat}}
* {{Came Back Wrong}} : Arguably. There's debate to whether his choice to serve Vindaego was purely born of misguided free will, or if he went partially crazy upon returning to life.
* {{Gray Eyes}}
* {{Glasgow Grin}} : Has one leftover from his assault and murder by thieves.
* {{Long Haired Pretty Boy}}
* {{Hell Bent For Leather}}
* {{Incorruptible Pure Pureness}} : Horribly subverted. While he initially comes off as this, it turns out that he's already been corrupted for a while - his resurrection and assumed debt at the hands of an unknown god drove him to attempt to sacrifice a child, along with the child's companions and brother.
* {{Parental Substitute}} : To Ariadne.
* {{The Starscream}} : To Adon and company, but Ariadne in particular, after he reveals his loyalties to a god that turns out to be Vindaego.
* {{Tragic Villain}}


[[folder: Scarlet]]
!! Scarlet Infernus

!!! Tropes:

* {{Bad Boss}} : Beats up and threatens her father's own men for fun.
* {{Battle Ballgown}} : Her normal clothing consists of a {{Pimped Out Dress}} with a breast plate and a few pieces of leg armor, despite repeated assertions that she's a {{Tomboy}}.
* {{Bratty Teenage Daughter}}
* {{Boisterous Weakling}} : Claims to love a good fight, rebels to an excessive and seemingly pointless degree, terrorizes her father's much weaker men...And gets her ass kicked by every other challenger, including seemingly frail {{Ill Girl}} Alessa.
* {{Daddys Girl}}
* {{Dirty Coward}}
* {{Distaff Counterpart}} : She's basically Akimoto 2.0 with an XX chromasome.
* {{Enfant Terrible}}
* {{Faux Action Girl}}
* {{Generation Xerox}}
* {{Hair Trigger Temper}}
* {{Informed Ability}} : Her skills as a warrior. Outside of her pummelling a couple of her father's paid {{Mook}}s, her actual battle abilities are pretty lackluster.
* {{Jerkass}}
* {{Like Father Like Son}} : To an almost nauseating degree with Akimoto.
* {{Miles Gloriosus}}
* {{Rebellious Spirit}}
* {{Royal Brat}} : Well, not royal, but technically still counts; she uses her father's name to justify her actions and bolster her ego.
* {{Small Name Big Ego}}
* {{Unknown Rival}} : To Alessa, much to Scarlet's immense chagrin.


[[folder: Taven]]
!! Taven Infernus
!!! Tropes:

* {{Bitch In Sheeps Clothing}}
* {{Black Mage}}
* {{Extreme Doormat}} : Frequently enables his domineering and bratty sister, as his advice is shot down or ignored nine times out of ten.
* {{Fashionista}}
* {{In The Hood}} : Typically wears a hooded jacket.
* {{Jerkass}} : Of a more subtle variety than his sister.
* {{Mamas Boy}} : Or so we're told.
* {{Megane}}
* {{Passive Aggressive Kombat}}
* {{Shrinking Violet}}
* {{Squishy Wizard}}

!! Canon Characters


[[folder: Almaz]]

!! Almaz Von Almandine Adamant

!!! Tropes:

* {{Butt Monkey}}
* {{The Hero}} : Sort of.
* {{Unlucky Everydude}}


[[folder: Mao]]

!! Overlord Mao, Dean of Maritsu Evil Academy

!!! Tropes:

* {{Bad Boss}} : To Almaz
* {{Flanderization}} : His mad scientist tendencies are primarily focused upon, and he seems to have lost most of his character development from Disgaea 3.
* {{Mad Scientist}}
* {{White Hair Black Heart}}


[[folder: Laharl]]

!! Overlord Laharl

!!! Tropes:

* {{Brilliant But Lazy}} : Or immensely powerful but lazy in his case. He'll leap into a fight when he needs to, but he prefers to let Etna and Flonne do the more mundane dirty work.
* {{The Napoleon}}
* {{Parental Substitute}} : An unwilling one to Tauntus. [[spoiler: Most likely because he really is Tartie's father, just in a future timeline.]]


[[folder: Mid-Boss]]

!! Vyers, AKA the Dark Adonis, AKA Mid-Boss

!!! Tropes:

* {{Agent Peacock}}
* {{Bi The Way}}
* {{Bumbling Dad}}
* {{Chick Magnet}}/{{Even The Guys Want Him}}
* {{Crouching Moron Hidden Badass}}
* {{Disappeared Dad}} : [[spoiler: To Victoire and Raiden.]]
* {{A Father To His Men}} : His swarm of incubi idolize him, looking up to him as a father figure.
* {{Innocent Fanservice Guy}}
* {{Long Haired Pretty Boy}}
* {{Nice Guy}}
* {{Parental Substitute}} : To Adon and Tauntus, but mostly Adon.
* {{Yaoi Guys}} : With Archi.

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