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* ''ThePhantomOfTheOpera'' - Although the Phantom has the previous day dropped a heavy backcloth on the Opera House's Prima Donna, the [[WhatAnIdiot managers]] still think it's be a really great idea to completely ignore his demands that Christine is cast, and instead choose a singer who is much inferior to her. The Phantom promises that "if these demands are not met, a disaster beyond your imagination will occur." Let's just say these aren't empty words...
** They do wise up by the second act, however, when the Phantom crashes the MasqueradeBall and says, in effect, "Hey, here's the score for this opera I just wrote; I think you guys will know what to do with it. Oh yeah, that FallingChandelierOfDoom a few months back? That was me ''being nice''." The managers, albeit ''very'' reluctantly, realize open defiance is not the safest of options.
* ''Theatre/CyranoDeBergerac'': The people in this list know the guy who they are bullying is dangerous, but they did not care. Christian ends well, [[DisproportionateRetribution but the others... ]]
** Act I Scene II, Ligniere brags about his song, where he exposes the persecution of Roxane by De Guiche. Ligniere himself admits De Guiche is a powerful noble who is wedded to the niece of [[TheManBehindTheMan Richelieu]].
--> Ho! he must rage at me! The end hit home… Listen!
** Act I, Scene IV. A bore bluntly mentions Cyrano that he cannot pretend to humiliate Montfleury, an actor protected by the Duke of Candale, and not to have himself a protector.
** Act I, Scene IV. After [[DisproportionateRetribution seeing Cyrano dealt with the bore]], De Valvert mentions Cyrano nose.
** Act II Scene IX. After some comments about Cyrano’s murdering ways by the cadets, Christian makes a HurricaneOfPuns about Cyrano’s nose.
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