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* The Fellowship [[FetchQuest finding the keys]], summoning [[MacGuffin the Yostwell's Light]], and taking down the most [[EvilSorcerer evil]] [[BigBad sorcerer]] in the world. * [[TheChessmaster The Lord of Angels and Demons]] [[ChronicBackstabbingDisorder stealing the keys from under the heroes' noses]]. * [[WaifFu Mei's]] SwordFight with [[EldritchAbomination the Prince of Shadows and Illusions]]. * Really, the Fellowship's existence is this trope. They go from a bunch of [[RagtagBunchOfMisfits inexperienced, vaguely-suspicious misfits]] to a [[BadassCrew group of heroes]] who [[TrueCompanions genuinely care for one another]] and don't hesitate even when faced with [[WeDoTheImpossible impossible odds]].
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