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* A contestant plays ''Contact'' for £50K - essentially a "steady hands" game where you have to guide a ring along a long metal rod without it touching - and ''nails it'' on his first try, giving him 5 lives and both Lifelines available for the £100K game.
** Same for its other appearance as the very last game in Series 1, whose contestant had three lives for £20k. Goes down to the last life after two poor attempts. Out of nowhere, he somehow manages to clear all three metres and win.
* Series 3 add a new moment to the list: a contestant has three lives and a Trial Run to play ''Hit Rate'' for £50k (a game in which the player has to hit five pads on a curved table within half a second). He uses his Trial Run and gets a time of 0.588. He commits, to the shock of pretty much everyone in the studio. His first two attempts get him down to a time of 0.513. Cue the entire audience behind him cheering him on, as his very last life gets him a time of 0.494, winning the game (and £50,000) by just ''six thousandths of a second''.
* On a July 2012 CelebrityEdition, British runner Mo Farah managed to become the first person to ever beat the final round (a harder version of Barrier in this case) and win the £250,000 grand prize (for charity, of course), with only 6 lives remaining. But then he took things a step further and won Britain's first gold medal in the Men's 10,000m run at the UsefulNotes/OlympicGames in UsefulNotes/{{London}}. If you can beat The Cube, anything's possible!
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