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* Any of Carla Goodwin's confrontations with Gus Cramer. Any of them. Seeing her utterly deny Gus on all of his demands while pointing a shotgun at him is insanely satisfying after everything that monster got away with over the years.

* Jean's plan to get Peter and Sarah back together. She clearly knew what she was doing, and her plan, while... unorthodox... worked perfectly, playing to Sarah's psyche and getting the right response. First she did an epic rant on Sarah about how immature she had been acting and how she had unknowingly broken up with Peter for ''being raped''. Then when she started getting it on with Peter right in front of her, she simultaneously forced Sarah to wolf out due to hormones (thus putting her unfiltered true feelings in front) ''and'' watch as Peter was taken from her right before her eyes, forcing her out of her crummy guilty depression and into action. And ''then'' Jean actually managed to ''intimidate'' the massive Mega-Wolf-Sarah by growling, to the point where Sarah actually leaped into Peter's arms.

* Page 271 in the adult section. You can see the anger in Peter's eyes, but he manages to keep his cool and shut the guy up without even saying a word.
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