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* Eight F-22 Raptors obliterate Shongari starships on their way to land ground forces in a CurbStompBattle. Even better? Since [[EverythingIsOnline we Youtubed that shit]], it inspired other resistance fighters to strike back on the invaders since the video showed that they can be killed and we got a chance.
* The Shongairi try to convince some Humans to operate their capture vehicles to fight for them. Naturally, many refuse. However, some agree only to escape from their captors and some even hop into the vehicle and ''steal from right under their noses''.
* Shongairi troops close in on former [[SemperFi Marine]] Rob Wilson and his injured brother in law Dave Dvorak plus [[FromBadToWorse his Springfield M1A rifle just ran out of ammo]]. So out of desperation, he shows the Shongairi a new way to use a handgun, [[GunsAkimbo or rather handguns]]. He doesn't miss a single shot and manages to get Dave immediate medical attention before he bleeds out.
* With the alien bastards able to strike with kinetic weapons, [[HopelessWar Humanity realizes that there is no way to win a war against such a foe.]] Do we give up? [[DefiantToTheEnd FUCK NO!]] Humanity decides that if this is their DarkestHour, then they will take [[DoNotGoGentle as many]] [[LastStand of them]] [[IWillFightSomeMoreForever as we can]] [[BadassBoast to hell with us]].
* [[spoiler: Dracula and the vampires]] boarding the Shongairi ships and Thikar's VillainousBreakdown.
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