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* The end of the film:
--> '''Alfredo:''' ''(after Michelle grabs a shotgun)'' "[[TemptingFate Now what are the chances a brainless bitch like you knows how to use that thing?]]"
--> '''Michelle:''' ''(pumps shotgun)'' "Pretty goddamn good, you backwoods motherfucker!" ''(blasts him)''
** The fight between Leatherface and Benny also at the end of the film while they're in a pond with a ''running chainsaw'' still on was pretty awesome too. [[spoiler: Leatherface]] wins by [[spoiler: shoving Benny's head into the chainsaw blade]]. Though, the end result depends if you go by the released ending where [[spoiler: Benny [[ExecutiveMeddling somehow survives]] with just a flesh wound.]] or the alternative ending where [[spoiler: Benny does die]].
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