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* Mr. Knightly (again) putting Mrs. Elton in her place when she tries to railroad him:
-->'''Mrs. Elton:''' "You must allow me to help! Married women are the best organizers."
-->'''Mr. Knightly:''' "I'm afraid there is only one married woman in the world whom I will allow to direct my affairs."
-->'''Mrs. Elton:''' "Ah. Mrs. Elton..."
-->'''Mr. Knightly:''' "No. Mrs. Knightly. And until she is in being, I shall manage my own affairs."
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** Mr. Knightly's WhatTheHellHero speech to her afterwards is also awesome. The man does ''not'' give a pass to unkindness or snobbery, even when the person doing it is [[spoiler: the woman he loves.]]

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* Mr. Knightley, when he offers to dance with Harriet after she is snubbed by the pompous and mean-spirited Mr. Elton. Even more awesome since she regards this as more exciting and memorable than being rescued from [[SarcasmMode very scary]] gypsies by Frank Churchill.
* Mr. Knightley when he admits his own faults during [[spoiler:his proposal to Emma]] and says he loves her, believing her "faultless in spite of her faults" and that she has borne his rather frequent lectures "as no other woman in England would have".
* Emma herself in her epic, chapter-long epiphany near the end of the novel, in which she not only realizes how wrongly she has thought and acted, but also that she is [[spoiler:in love with Mr. Knightley]]. That level of intelligent self analysis by a spoiled child is really impressive -- all the more so as she directly decides to do the right thing instead of scheming to supplant her rivals.
* Emma's post-Box Hill thoughts and actions are also highly awesome. She genuinely regrets what she did and she knows how to make amends.
* Emma's brilliant answer to Harriet who wonders why Emma, charming as she is, is not married yet. Why, Emma would have to find other people charming and be charmed by them!
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