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* The gameís opening cutscene consists of the main characters LBX boarding Saturn in a out robot war between the CIO and the New Dawn Raisers before landing and the human soldiers come in, revealing the bots to be 6 inches tall.
** The mysterious woman escaping from the lab, knocking over and evading two security officers and electrical doors trying to stop her.
* The anime and video games open afterwards to Van and Kazu defeating their opponents in Artemis, showing us whatís to come from our main characters.
*Vanís first battle with the AX-OO has him kick the butt of the Moes LBX, finishing one of in a single thrust, whilst taking out the other two in a SingleStrokeBattle.
* Episode 2: Van, Amy, and Gabeís battle with Hanzí crew goes bad when Gabe gets K.O. ed, but AX-OO times Gillman movements to throw the lance straight into its chest, taking out Tank of the battle and later One Hit KO ing Ruby Queen.
** When Mad Dog[=/=]Chameleon uses its camouflage ability to hide from the others, Kazu goes BigDamnHeroes thanks to Gabe with a magnetic field to stun Benjiís LBX so Van can finish it off.
* Episode 3: Team Yamano vs Hanz.
** For starters, despite the trio initially holding their own, Hanz instantly uses his SignatureMove to cause a smoke screen, forcing Kazu to perform a Heroic Sacrifice to save Achilles. Destroyer straight up OBLITERATES Trooper in an awesome 3 hit combo, slashing it in half beyond repair.
** Following that, Kazu comes up with a plan for Kunoichi and Achilles to use Breath of Fire against Destroyer, but Hanz cancels it by being prepared and pausing the charge for his attack. However, Van outsmarts him by firing in the chest, rendering it unusable for the remainder for the fight.
** Then, Achilles and Destroyer engage in a SingleStrokeBattle with Achilles the victor.
* Episode 4: [[SuperMode V-Mode]] debuting for Achilles in a battle with a Egypt LBX brainwashing Kazu. By the end of the episode, Van is beginning Achilles to stop ripping the LBX into shreds.
* Sniper vs Sniper: Kazu finally gets over his doubts and destroys Hitman[=/=]Assassinís sniper rifle. The game makes it even better by just having Kazu do it in a calm manner, allowing Van and Amy to finish off Assassin at the building its at.
** In the anime, Van defeats Assassin through using a shield as a faint for Assassin to slash through, only for Achilles to win with a descending sword slash to the neck.
** Credit is due to Jackal & Assassin. They had a decoy LBX in case that could shoot just as well, had Kazu cornered, nearly came close to killing the minister, and when Kunoichi and Achilles come to confront him thinking that a LongRangeFighter, Jackal reveals Assassin can fight at short range too!
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