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* Kaya's good end has two back-to-back moments of awesome: [[spoiler:During her final fight with Munetsugu, when it seems like he's getting the upper hand, she fakes her usual attack, switches hands, and knocks him out with her scabbard]]. The second comes moments later when [[spoiler:Munetsugu--who had been left unconscious in the underground sanctuary--appears out of nowhere to slice Ba Rouryuu into pieces, asks Syouko to take care of his daughter, smiles, and [[HeroicSacrifice sacrifices himself to close the Gate]]]]. Talk about a show stealer...
** Heck, all the characters have one. Pretty much anytime [[SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic Michiyuku Shi wo Koe]] starts playing (like in the above) you know awesome is about to occur.
** The Grand Route is essentially just a series of crowning moments for pretty much every character. Even the ''monk'' (though his awesomeness is only briefly related after the fact).
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