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[[folder: Common Wham Lines]]
Wham Lines include, but are not limited to....
* "So-and-so is dead" or a variant. Sometimes subverted if the character has a DisneyDeath.
* "ILied"
* "I'm pregnant", "I'm adopting" "so-and-so is pregnant/adopting" or any other line that lets you know a baby is on the way.
** "The baby's coming"
* Any sort of confession if the viewers/readers don't know the confessor did it.
* "Yes" as a response to a proposal.
* [[SamusIsAGirl "I'm no man"]]
* "Eureka! We thought it was so-and-so, but it was so-and-so all along!"
* (before revealing a disguise) "I'm not really so-and-so"
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