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The practice of viewing queens--particularly those who exercised political power and weren't just consorts--as evil goes back to a time when monarchies were more common. It has played heavily into the lives of real life queens in history--even if their rule might have been decent or competent.

The idea that "only a fool would want to be ruled by a woman" meant many queens tended to be viewed with suspicion or contempt by their male underlings. This is particularly true [[DoubleStandard if the queen's manners and sexual habits were similar to those of powerful]] ''[[DoubleStandard men]]''.

Thanks to AltarDiplomacy, queens were very often foreigners to the countries of which they became queens. They therefore became victim to xenophobic prejudices, ''especially'' if there arose a conflict of interests or even a shooting war between the queen's native and adopted countries.
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