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[[WMG: The Grim Ending Ruined The Entire Point Of The Film, Could Be Misinterpreted As Confirming Racism And It's Fatalistic.]]
* The ending is terrible because the two brothers are not allowed to escape and redeem themselves.
* The ending would only make Derek turn into a bigot again. Making it a ShaggyDogStory.
* The ending only reaffirms the MisaimedFandom among [=NeoNazis=].
* It should've just ended with Danny turning from his [=NeoNazi=] ways, writing his essay, and the brothers vow not to be bigots again. They meet the black kid from earlier but before he can kill Danny, there's a confrontation where the black kid's convinced not to shoot Danny and realizes he's being terrible, too.
* Again; Fatalism....The LIE that you can't escape a bad life, break the cycle or redeem yourself. Yes you can!
* As dark as the movie is; It needed a more uplifting ending to show that people can change for the better, racism can be defeated and the cycle of hate broken forever! That is the message the world needs! The real truth....Not TrueArtIsAngsty with CruelTwistEnding bullshit the world doesn't need!
* If your anti-bigotry flick gets fans among the bigots....you're doing it wrong!
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