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* Adrian in ''The Shape of a Girl''.


* Adrian in ''The Shape of a Girl''.Girl''.
* Heather Chandler from ''{{Theatre/Heathers}}'' is the cruel, domineering, vain and manipulative "demon queen of high school." After she dies, [[BetaBitch Heather Duke]] takes over. [[spoiler:At the end, Veronica kicks Duke out of her position, and is determined to make the school less horrible for people who are different, though she admits, "I can't promise no more Heathers."]]
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* How Glinda initially appears in ''Theatre/{{Wicked}}'', down to the dizziness, fashion obsession, and sheeplike GirlPosse, until undergoing CharacterDevelopment in the first act. Later, as her social influence becomes outright political power, she becomes a StepfordSmiler and, finally, TheWomanWearingTheQueenlyMask.
* Alpha Bitch Michaels of Clifford Odets's ''Paradise Lost''. In [[OneSceneWonder typical Odets fashion]], she gets some interesting and dark depth: initially the frivilous fiancée of the Gordon family's athlete son Ben, she dumps him for his slimy social-climber "friend" who gets Ben fatally injured.
* Lucy in ''Theatre/{{Thirteen}}'' is the stereotypical Alpha Bitch, but she's only second in command after TheBrainlessBeauty Kendra.
* Amber Von Tussle from ''{{Hairspray}}''. She learned it from her mother Velma, who is an Alpha Bitch grown up. They both [[HeelFaceTurn get better]] at the end though.
* Adrian in ''The Shape of a Girl''.
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