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* How Glinda initially appears in ''Theatre/{{Wicked}}'', down to the dizziness, fashion obsession, and sheeplike GirlPosse, until undergoing CharacterDevelopment in the first act. Later, as her social influence becomes outright political power, she becomes a StepfordSmiler and, finally, TheWomanWearingTheQueenlyMask.
* Alpha Bitch Michaels of Clifford Odets's ''Paradise Lost''. In [[OneSceneWonder typical Odets fashion]], she gets some interesting and dark depth: initially the frivilous fiancée of the Gordon family's athlete son Ben, she dumps him for his slimy social-climber "friend" who gets Ben fatally injured.
* Lucy in ''Theatre/{{Thirteen}}'' is the stereotypical Alpha Bitch, but she's only second in command after TheBrainlessBeauty Kendra.
* Amber Von Tussle from ''{{Hairspray}}''. She learned it from her mother Velma, who is an Alpha Bitch grown up. They both [[HeelFaceTurn get better]] at the end though.
* Adrian in ''The Shape of a Girl''.
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