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* Mynx, from ''WebVideo/{{Arenas}}''.
* Almost every female character from ''Roleplay/DarwinsSoldiers'', though Snow, Dr. Joe, Aimee, Sharon and Aisha deserve special mention.
* Foxy from ''WebOriginal/DeadEnds'' is just as good at fending off the undead as the male characters. [[spoiler:She even decapitates a would-be rapist with a katana!]]
* Suprisingly for a game based on a LEGO theme with a cast consisting entirely of four men, ''Roleplay/DinoAttackRPG'' has had quite its share of action girls over the years of all kinds. To name a few specifically:
** Amanda Claw: A [[DarkActionGirl former bounty hunter]] who still put her old skills to good use.
** Andrea Jackson Orange: [[KillItWithFire Uses a flamethrower]]
** Aravis: A [[{{Telepathy}} telepath]] who is a member of the GAIA Squad.
** Cabin: A qualified helicopter pilot, practically second-in-command when it comes to taking action in the skies.
** Dromus: A [[ChainPain chain-wielding]] agent who SpeaksFluentAnimal.
** Holly Vinaya: A former cop, and a mighty ruthless one at that.
** Kara Wise: A pilot from [=UlTech=].
** Kat: A synthfig created by [=ShadowTech=].
** Maria: A [[spoiler: lesbian]] action girl with a firmly feminist attitude that came from growing up in a sexist society.
** Minerva Fabello: An avenger of her brother's supposed death.
** Sarah Bishop: Oh boy, where to begin. Bludgeoned a man in the head (plus Cabin- an innocent bystander), shot who knows how many mooks working for XERRD, and single-handedly fought off Spy Clops (a giant spider-like cyborg) in ''a burning room''... [[MamaBear all to protect]] [[ActionMom her daughter]].
** Zealot: Refused to leave the GAIA Squad's side in the battle for Mount Bricklake.
** Zelda: Wields two Katanas into action.
* Karen in ''Literature/TheDragonWarsSaga'' is an Action Girl, despite her clothes horse tendencies.
* [[LetsPlay/FreelanceAstronauts Dongs "REO" Speedwagon]].
* Since the ''Roleplay/GlobalGuardiansPBEMUniverse'' is all about superheroic action, pretty much all female characters were this
* In ''Literature/GreekNinja'', Sasha, Eleonora, Electra and demigoddess Danae Elliades, although it's more of an informed attribute in her case.
* ''ARG/ILoveBees'' (a ''VideoGame/Halo2'' ARG): Jan. Partly because she's a Spartan 1.1 born to two [[SuperSoldier Spartan-Is]].
* In ''Roleplay/{{Moonrise}}'', Many of the she-cats are just as strong, if not stronger than, the toms. In fact, at one point in time, literally every single Clan leader was female- in fact, most of both Flame Clan's leaders have all been female, most notably Robinstar, Dovestar, Skullstar, and Rowanstar.
%% * Kit Baxter from ''Podcast/RedPandaAdventures''.
* Mariza Audrea of ''Literature/RegistryOfTime''.
* Taz in ''Theatre/{{Starship}}''. She even declares herself leader by ripping off Up's BadassMustache and putting it on herself.
* A lot of ''Roleplay/SurvivalOfTheFittest'' characters, examples including Maxie Dasai, Trish [=McCarroll=], Shameeca Mitchell, Bridget Connolly and Hayley Kelly.
* Roleplay/TheTandyArena has too many to count.
* Faun in ''Literature/{{Tasakeru}}''. Sexy, sassy, an expert thief, and willing to stuff a TrickBomb in your face if you get on her bad side.
* Website/ThatGuyWithTheGlasses:
** WebVideo/MarzGurl in ''WebVideo/{{Kickassia}}''. Complete with [[RunningGag punching her troops into shape.]]
** And continued in ''WebVideo/SuburbanKnights'', while acting as [[Anime/PrincessMononoke San]]. She can swing a mean spear.
** Speaking of which, damn WebVideo/ObscurusLupa can work a gun.
** Rebecca Stone in ''WebVideo/DemoReel''. Quirky, NervesOfSteel, and would have been more than happy to beat a guy twice her size to death.
* ''Roleplay/ThisIsWar'' has several, including Rebecca "Tex" Church who works as the less-than legal debt collector for a less-than legal gang
* Most girls in ''Literature/TrintonChronicles'' fit this trope.
* Since the ''Literature/WhateleyUniverse'' is a {{superhero}} world, it's not surprising that every female main character is this. Except Summoner, who's a WhiteMage and SquishyWizard right now. Plus several auxiliary characters like the headmistress (who is Lady Astarte in her spare time) and a bunch of the female teachers.
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