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Ninjacrat: Pulling:

That is not what Author Avatar means do people not even read trope descriptions anymore aaaaaaaahhhhh.


There were two writers initally. One left. Largely in protest of the comic having a story element. There's some kind of a 'one day the True King will return' mythmaking going on here, and it weirds me out

Dalantia: I apologize if that's what it sounded like. >_> The first, I thought was appropriate, after reading it. It.. might fall under Write Who You Know, though. I disagreed, and felt it needed to be added. Sosumi.

For the second: The story I recall is that the original writer was given an ultimatum - let me have full creative control or I stop writing the comic. I do not feel that it's a case of "One day the true king will return", I feel it's an honest criticism to be levelled at the strip - the pacing of the series did slow (this doesn't mean it's a bad series at all - I still enjoy it, but I don't check it but once every few months), and it's slowed very fiercely. Considering how long it's been for some plot elements, I feel it does meet the Chris Carter Effect trope, honestly. ;p (later edit: crap, now that I'm actually reading the page more intently than I did last night.. *headdesk* ARGH. Kudzu Plot, not Chris Carter. *apologize.*)

Rogue 7: Respectfully, as I still enjoy the comic (even if it's moving slower than Molasses in January), I feel that the title of "Lost" of webcomics most definitely belongs to Gunnerkrigg Court.

Mike: Is this really the only webcomic out there with a fanatically active rescript community? They even have a monthly challenge to rescript the comic in a certain style. The original challenge was to rescript using only Shakespeare, while at the time of writing the current challenge is, um, tvtropes.

Apolloin: Whilst Megatokyo might have been open to this during the first year or so since Rodney Caston left, it's this troper's opinion that the circumstances of his leaving have now ceased to affect the degree to which MT is solely Fred Gallagher's work. Given, especially, that RC was largely against the inclusion of a larger story arc or character development and that is about 80% of what MT actually is now.
Rogue 7: With regards to that Wallbanger stuff- Isn't Ping a prototype that Ed has been tasked with eliminating? That would seem to indicate that Sony thought that they weren't that good of an idea.

Cpt Button: As to other rescripting communities, Irregular Webcomic! has recently invited people to do "remixes".

Michael: Ah, there we go, the trope is Remix Comic.
mvdwege: How about pulling that Chickification entry on Erika? On about her third appearance, in #71, she's already drawn in a mopy and dejected stance. I don't think it's counts as chickification if she starts out as an emotional wreck, even if she does have a few stronger moments in between. Any comments anyone, before I start editing?
  • Cody Fett: Actually, yes. I think you're absolutely right. Erika hasn't gone through a Chickification process, especially since the events in which she is emotional (which aren't many, especially in comparison to her flatmate) only happen over the course of a few days. Personally, I just think the whole thing is a case of Real Women Never Wear Dresses.

mvdwege: Ok. I pulled the Chickification entry, for the reasons given above, justifying edit and all.

Kalaong: I wonder if there's more behind Caston's departure from the series. Piro is Gallagher's Write Who You Know just like Largo is Caston's, yet Piro's life has become one long Humiliation Conga - even his Expansion Pack Past. But Largo just gets more and more Crazy, more and more Awesome and even more Crazy Awesome.

Discar: Do we have It Just Bugs Me! and Wild Mass Guessing pages for Megatokyo? It seems like we would, but I can't find them. Of course, the main search has been down, and all we've got is google...

Kalaong: Odd thought. The turning point in both the Erika/Largo and Kimiko/Piro relationships was an implication on the girl's part that the guy just wanted sex. Response? The guy gives the girl the cold shoulder. Once they got past that, they began to mesh. Is there a trope for that? Guys Are Not Just Dicks or something?

BrightBlueInk: I don't know if that latest strip is good for saying Miho's been Killed Off for Real. The wording is awfully vague, "no more" doesn't mean "won't ever come back".

Has Gallagher just stopped putting the strip in book form? Many years ago, I stopped reading Megatokyo, not because I didn't like it but because I just got so fed up with the ScheduleSlips that I decided to just wait for the books to come out and read it then. But according to Wikipedia the last one came out almost three years ago. Did his publishing deal just fall through or what?

Taelor: He recently posted the cover of the upcoming book, so I assume it's forthcoming. It's just very slow.